A huge Street Fighter X Tekken re-balance is coming

Posted on October 13, 2012 - 4:21pm by Ryan Conway

Earlier this week during the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary panel at New York Comic Con, Capcom's Matt Dahlgren confirmed that Street Fighter X Tekken will be getting a large-scale re-balance later this year. 

While he couldn’t reveal too much about the free “Street Fighter X Tekken 2013” update, Dahlgren did say it will usher in some small and subtle changes such as a “Fight” text that won’t cover up any of the fighters before a match and the life gauge color will be changed in order to provide a better damage indicator.
There will also be some bigger changes coming in the update as well. Big changes that include the following the character re-balances:   
  • Ken: Extended the forward distance of Shippu Jinraikyaku with damage increased!
  • Kazuya: Becomes completely invulnerable when Demon God Fist EX is activated (until the attack ends)
  • Cammy: Hooligan Combination can take off to Cannon Strike EX
  • Julia: Increased the damage of Lashing Arrow EX with wall bounce damage
  • Julia: Extended in-air time on short distance heavy punch and can chain to Super Arts
  • Bob: Giga Jacker EX sends opponent to a hard knockdown state
  • Abel: Wall bounce on Counter Hit of Shoulder Tackle
  • Xiaoyu: Invulnerable frame has been added on Hakkesho EX
  • Balrog: Dash Swing Blow EX on crouched foes makes them fall on their backside
  • Heihachi: Increased damage on Chrome Dome! Also, MAX Chrome Dome can't be defended
  • Ibuki: While falling after Kunai EX, Canceling can be activated on Kunai EX
  • Paul: Invulnerable time on Shredder EX has been extended
  • Bob & Paul: Their walk speed has become faster
More details about the update will be announced before its launch, which will come sometime in December. 
What do you think SFXT players? Are the announced re-balances real game changers? What do you think the rest of the re-balances could be?

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