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Identity Theft Auto? Lindsay Lohan (allegedly) suing Rockstar Games over Grand Theft Auto V cover art

12/5/13 10:00am

People gonna sue. Whatcha gonna do. 

Do any of you guys see the resemblance between these two? Anything at all?

Well according to Lindsay Lohan there is, enough to sue Rockstar Games for such uncanny likeness. Lohan's attorneys are apparently preparing to file a lawsuit against the developers for "using her image in promotional material without her permission".

I find it very unlikely that they can really stick the defendants with anything concrete enough to actually win the case. Sure maybe one of the missions in the game involves snooping around a Los Santos parody version of where Lohan used to live to catch a photo of a Los Santos celebrity having sex with a pool boy. Sure maybe it's coincidental that another mission in the game involves chasing down the same blonde celebrity who's in the middle of a drunk car chase, resembles a similar incident that happened to Ms. Lohan in the past, but at best that's all these things are: Parodies that mock the recent lifestyle of celebrities, specifically child stars. Last time I checked, people cannot take Fair Use of Parody into court.

Besides, I don't even think it resembles her that much, at least not compared to something like this

Gotta hand it to redditor user "marcusa3000​" for coming up with this saucy goodness

Fun Fact: Despite the three images looking like three of the same person, Kate Upton isn't the one who inspired the artwork. It was in fact Shelby Welinder, a model hired by Rockstar for their 2012 ad.

Comment Question: Do you think this news is true? If so, do you think Lindsay Lohan and her lawyers have a case against the gaming juggernaut? After finding a particular response from one of Ms. Welinder's fans, Lohan may have a case after all:

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