"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"

Posted on March 4, 2012 - 6:50am by Batman24


 Can anyone tell me why people have to result to childish, petty insults and name-calling just because they don't like someone else's opinion?

 When people are having discussions, you always get one who results to being nasty and insulting to those he/she disagree's with. Why do people do this, especially on things (such as screw attack) which are meant to be nice, friendly forums for people with common interests to enjoy...

Why can people not just agree to disagree? Why does one person always take it too far, with what started off as friendly discussion/ difference of opinion, ending up being taken too far.

It kills the discussion and it's not nice for those involved.
I don't undertand why people have to get so angry, and nasty, just because they refuse to accept other can have a differnt opinion to them.
Whether you are debating creation vs evolution; different dog training methods; which F1 team has built the best car; which gaming company has built the best consoles;  kindle vs iPad; ANYTHING... discussion and debates are not meant for people who refuse to accept another view, are very narrow minded. Swearing  at people because you disagree with them, chilidsh name-calling and insulting people because you disagree with them, and even just telling someone to "bugger off" because you cannot support your side of the argument enough is not nice, should not be tolerated, and is just childish.

Want to discuss things nicely? Want to be respected regardless of whether or not you agree with people? Want to be treated like an adult with at least an ounce of intelligence?
Then don't be a jackass to other when you disagree - no unnecessary swearing, and insults/ name-calling is always unnecessary.

If people who act like this online when "discussing" things, how do they act in real life? If they act in real life,  in the same way they do online, then I can't imagine them being popular people. Everone has the capacity to be calm, respectful, and friendly - especially online where nobody really knows you. Courtesy and respect cost nothing.


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