IGN's Game of The Year Winners Released!

Posted on December 21, 2012 - 6:38pm by JCTheGamer


Read the list. Editor's Choice first, People's Choice in parentheses. Happy holidays.

I'm hoping everyone's having a fine gaming-related holiday season. As a (I think) gift, IGN has announced their Game of The Year Winners. There are WAY too many to count, so I'll just list the overall winners. It'll first list the site winner, than the People's Choice in parentheses.

Best Action Game: Dishonored (Dishonored)

Best Adventure Game: The Walking Dead (The Walking Dead)

Best Fighting Game: Persona 4 Arena (Playstation All Stars Battle Royale)

Best Platforming Game: New Super Mario Bros. U (New Super Mario Bros. U)

Best Puzzle Game: Crashmo (Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask)

Best Racing Game: Trials Evolution (Need for Speed: Most Wanted)

Best RPG: Mass Effect 3 (Mass Effect 3)

Best Shooter: Far Cry 3 (Borderlands 2)

Best Sports Game: FIFA 13 (FIFA 13)

Best Strategy Game: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (XCOM: Enemy Unknown)

Best Multiplayer: Halo 4 (Borderlands 2)

Best Graphics: Halo 4 (Halo 4)

Best Music: Journey (Mass Effect 3)

Best Sound: Halo 4 (Halo 4)

Best Story: The Walking Dead (The Walking Dead)

Game Of The Year: Journey (Borderlands 2)

If you want, check out the other system-specific (or TV/Comic/Movie/Tech) awards. What's your opinion? Do you prefer the Editor's Choice, People's Choice, or your own personal choice? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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