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Posted on April 21, 2012 - 3:09pm by DarkPenguin

First things first. I'm not a huge Halo fan. I enjoy the games. They are reliable for a smooth gameplay experience. Whether you are playing online or off. The one thing that has always intrigued and yet frustrating was its storytelling. The universe is rich. But what I'm getting in game is a very generic story and little emotion. It's a story anyone can latch onto, like a summer blockbuster, but it's never going win any awards. As far as I know it hasn't won any story awards. This is really pretty depressing to me because, with such a wide audience, it could be so much more.

I was reading the newest Game Informer today. Specificly the article on Halo 4. My first thought, when it was originaly announced, was why? Today I found a reason. With a new team and a new story this is their chance to pull me into that Halo universe I wanted to, but couldn't quite, love. Like I said, the universe is rich. So I had an idea. This may be too bold for Microsoft or 343 but here it is. Here is what I would like to see.

We have the return of Master Chief and Cortana. These two have been through a lot together. Now, the article says AI's are likely to fall into madness before they die. This really set my imagination wild with what the new game will be like. That very personal relationship they have is something that's already been built through 3 games already. So the thought of seeing somebody you know and trust descend into madness is incredibly intriguing. What I would like to see is for this new team to explore this. And here is where I I'm not so sure on how far 343(or Microsoft) is willing to go. Cortana needs to die at the end of the 4th game. Not just die though. They've already set up that the new game(s) have to do with the forerunners. She could be reborn into the leader of a new forerunner army. That relationship could drive this whole new trilogy and really make the story a bit more personal than another war between aliens.

Maybe it's a wild idea. But it's fun to think about. 343 could just be making another new Halo or they could make something very special. I really do want to love this series. What do you guys think?

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