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Posted on February 29, 2012 - 8:00am by Ferret75

The next entry of the Indie Shack is up, and this time it's published under the g1 Features account. You can read it by clicking here, and I encourage you to check out the other entries sometime, including one which was recently made by Alpha Unit. Hopefully more people will be joining the community project soon so we can have some additional variety. Comments and feedback are much appreciated!

Let's talk about a smaller indie game though. Initially released as an Xbox Live Indie title, the game has since released across six other gaming platforms, and multiple levels have since been added. The platform game goes by the name of The Impossible Game, and it was developed by some dude who calls himself Fluke Duke.

The objective of the game has a simple concept, but it isn't particularly easy. You control an orange block, and your only controls are to jump in place. During gameplay, the screen rapidly approaches to the left, revealing more and more bits of a large level. Your goal is to avoid crashing into blocks and spikes. Rather, you need to time your jumping with the hold of a button in order to continue advancing forward.

Quick reactions become necessary to follow a set path, and if you hit an obstacle, you restart the level. Fortunately, there is also a practice mode available. You can place down flags which act as checkpoints, and these can help you become familiar with the level design. But the ideal goal is to complete an entire level without using any checkpoints.

Why? Because the music that plays during each of the levels is incredible. As you survive for longer periods of time, the songs that play in the background intensify and start to become extremely catchy. When you enter practice mode, the music gets all calm and simple, but if you try to beat the levels in one sitting, then you get to listen to some really great techno music.

Depending on which version of the game you purchase, you get access to up to four unique levels, and the level design is sometimes different across the separate platforms. Features like achievements also make an appearance. The prices range from a dollar (with additional levels bought separately) to several bucks. It's pretty cheap, so you might want to look at the official site and try out the free demo sometime.

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