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Posted on December 29, 2011 - 5:41pm by Schmooblidon

So I just got done playing through Bastion and I felt compelled to write something about it. Bastion being Supergiant's debut game, published by Warner Bros. Wait, does that mean it isnt an indie game? Hmm anyways. This review will tell you whether or not you should pick it up for the £11.50 asking price.


Bastion has a very unique art style. It is a 2d hand drawn environment bursting full of colour and life. Its magnificient, it really is. Throughout the game you go through a few different landscapes, including jungles, hellish lava and towns. Its quite hard to explain exactly how it looks so ill let the screenshots do the work.
The character design is also superb, there are very few characters, but there is a nice range of twisted creatures to find in your travels. I can only think of one thing visually that let me down, the back drop. You dont really look at the backdrop in the game but when you do, your dissapointed.
Oh and the floor drops down when you move towards it.



Sound plays a big role in the game, and all in its favour. The most noticable is the narration. Its awesome, and its something I've never experienced before. Every step is narrated by a warming deep voice, and that may seem annoying, but you would be surprised how much you enjoy it. The music is stunning, it has a sort of wild west style with a lot of guitar, and its beautiful. There are moments when the music plays a direct role in the story, those being my favourite parts. Weapons and enemies are pretty basic sounds, nothing spectacular.



So theres this thing called the calamity and it, i guess, acted like a nuke or an apocalypse of some sort. The world is in shambles and you have to do something about it. The story is very clear thanks to the narrator and gets very involving at times. Id say its not the games strongest point, but its entertaining and exciting.


During your stay in this world you will be battering a sh*t tonne of enemies and what better way to do that with a huge arsenal of weaponry. During Bastion you gain access to a bunch of new weapons, all of which are unique and polished. The fighting is very satisfying and being able to block, dodge and counter makes it skillful. You can also upgrade your weapons with items you pick up on your way, giving your favourite weapons a reason to keep using. There are a few other elements of upgrades but ill leave that for you to find out.


Bastion is a breath of fresh air, it has introduced new elements to gaming, with the deep narration and the way the world drops down. The gameplay I wouldnt say is original but its polished what it tried to do. It is not a completely new genre, but it has done a fine job on the genre its in.


Brilliant game, cannot recommend it enough. Definiately worthy of the awards it was nominated for and the ones it won. I bought it on offer at 33% off, but I would pay the full price in a instant. I have played it for 6 hours, but with the new game plus and the challenges, ill be playing it for a lot more.

9.2 out of 10

Also I noticed in Ben's review, he complained about very long load times. He was playing on the xbox, but I am on the PC, and I must say, the load times are barely noticable, they literally take 2 seconds. :)

Hey guys, please leave feedback on the review, Im thinking of doing more. I have a load of indie games I would like to blab on about. :)

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