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  1. Sequence
  2. Protogalaxy
  3. Wizorb

Writer: JustAKoopa

Editor: Ferret75

Hey everybody! I've been given permission to write the Indie Shack entry for this week. Who am I you ask? Why I'm that talking Koopa that exists here on ScrewAttack who is probably slightly unknown to you all. With my measly introduction out of the way, what games did I bring with me? Well I have a rhythm RPG, a space shooter adventure, and a retro breakout, so let's get this started.

Name: Sequence

Release Date: October 20, 2011

Platforms: PC (Steam) and Xbox Live Indie

Price: $5.00 ($1.99 during the Summer Sale!)

Ever just wondered what would happen if Dance Dance Revolution and RPG elements got together and created a game? Sequence is your answer. Created by Iridium Studios, Sequence is a game that, while the concept is hard to grasp, is exceedingly fun when you get into it. There's a vast amount of equipment and spells to collect and many recipes to get by killing monsters and getting the material so you can move on with the game. The characters are lovable and the dialog is perfect, spawning off pop cultural references while being very witty. And the music... oh the music...

So, I know you're wondering: How does this combination of game elements work? Well, it's not easy to explain but I'll try my best. During combat you actually play in three fields of arrows. One field is for enemy attacks, one field is for mana replenishment, and the final field is your casting field. The enemy attack field is... where the enemy attacks, duh. How it works is that when an arrow falls through and you miss the arrow you take some damage, but upon hitting the arrow you actually block the damage. If you are skilled enough to swap fast enough between fields, you can negate a lot of enemy damage to earn victory. The mana field is for gaining mana back from spells you've casted as every spell does take mana to cast. There are no penalties for missing arrows here as this field is rained with them. Now the spell field doesn't get any arrows until you activate a spell. When you activate a spell, a set of specific arrows fall down the spell field and you clear the arrows to cast your spell. However, one miss of an arrow when a spell is played will cancel the spell so be careful. Sequence  has quick field movement so swapping  between fields is fast, and you'll need fast hands to clear out arrows.

Throughout the game, you battle off monsters to gain material to forge into equipment, weapons, accessories, and The Key. The Key is important as that unlocks the next boss for you so you can go into the next level. You can see the drop rates of each monster you choose, and when you gain an item from that monster you will be able to see it every time. Each monster in each level drops 3 different items and there are a total of 3 monsters per level so that's 9 items to collect in each level. This however, does get tedious and repetitive as you may need an item from a monster with a really low drop rate, however the game provides excellent music to listen to by the ever famed Ronald Jenkees. Check him out on YouTube if you have not heard his music because it makes this game AMAZING.

So what is the main goal of Sequence? Well Ky, who is the character you are, is trapped in this “Tower” and has to make it to the top to get home. He's led through this weird twisted virtual world by Naia, who guides him through. The dialog between the two characters can get very amusing so pay attention as you may get a good laugh or two. Every single boss in the game also has fantastic dialog and everyone has a unique personality, such as a Mexican obsessed with Mexican food, and a person who does his dialog in complete role-play. All of them are likable in every aspect and will always make you sad when you leave because the hilarity between characters comes to a halt.

With all said and done, I highly recommend Sequence for anyone who likes Dance Dance Revolution, RPG games, great music, the Rhythm Heaven games, or just looking for a new indie game for their library as it's quite cheap!

Name: Protogalaxy

Release Date: October 16th, 2010

Platforms: PC (Steam)

Price: $10.00

Ahh the space shooter genre. A lovable genre that has been around since the dawn of video games. But at the same time... ugh another space shooter. Well, Protogalaxy  is different than what you would think. While it may be somewhat side-scrolling, it's more of an adventure puzzler in that during some parts of the levels you get free roam of your ship, sort of like a twin stick shooter. Levels also have a handful of puzzles to solve to try and find secrets that help you get blueprints to upgrade your ship. But the real amazing feature of this game is that it does have 4 player co-op which in my book is one of the best things this game could have. Interesting enough yet?

When beginning the game, you get a basic ship that can be upgraded through the store. Upon collecting blueprints in levels, the shop gets those items. Your ship can be upgraded with a ton of different weapons to assist you in combat, so everyone can play a little differently. This game also has one of the best weapons that other space shooters wish they had: The Tractor Beam. With this you can lock onto an object and control it around the screen. Grab a rock and fling it at enemies, or grab an enemy and have them shoot for you. It's a great weapon and it's also needed for carrying objects through the levels to solve puzzles. So there's quite a bit of customization that Protogalaxy has to offer.

I will say that some levels can get hectic as the game is a little difficult through the later stages. I recommend finding a few friends and taking them for the ride as more firepower is always better for clearing out waves of enemies. However.... the $10.00 is a bit much for the game. I found the game on sale at the time and I'm not sure why it isn't on sale now during the summer sale, but if this game does ever turn up on a sale, buy it if you're a fan of shooter games!

Name: Wizorb

Release Date: March 14th, 2012

Platforms: PC (Steam) and Xbox Live Indie

Price: $3.00 ($1.74 during the Summer Sale!)

An old school retro break out game created by Tribute Games. Wizorb lets you take control of Cryus as he uses his staff to bounce the orb back and break the blocks in each level. After clearing all the blocks you move on to the next level and so on and so forth. Some levels also have secret rooms where you can enter a shop or go to a bonus round for more points, lives, and magic. Yes, as a wizard you do get a few magic abilities in your arsenal that can affect how the ball works and moves. After you pass all the levels you fight a boss and then move on to the next world.

So is this it in Wizorb? Not exactly. There's a town in Wizorb that needs rebuilding and it's up to you to do so. Rebuilding the town can grant you keys to open chests and doors and extra lives... however, It's almost pointless to do so. It's just something to throw away money on really but there isn't really any benefit when it comes to saving the town. Sadly this is all I have to say about Wizorb really but I can at least say the game's retro music and sound effects have a great charm to it. Wizorb is still definitely worth its price if you enjoy the Break Out series or looking for a cool retro game to fill your library.

And thus ends this little Indie Shack entry brought to you by that talking Koopa no one knows about. I enjoy trying to find games that slip under the radar as I have a steam library of over 200 games. Thanks guys!

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