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The Infinite Video Game Playlist: All-Time Favorites Edition [Finale]

3/31/13 9:30pm

Welcome g1s to another edition of The Infinite Video Game Playlist! This week, I’ll finally be concluding the countdown of my Top 50 favorite songs from video games. I very much enjoyed sharing these tracks with you and the little stories that I’ve attached to them. 

I’m also thankful for all of the g1s who who’ve taken part and submitted their own favorites over the past few weeks. Getting together and sharing a genuine love of music is one of the reasons why I started this blog in the first place. Thank you all!
If you’ve missed out on the previous entries and would like to get caught up before checking out my final 15, you can check them out by clicking these handy dandy links:
And now, the grand finale!: 
  • HM10: Donut Plains: Super Mario World
  • HM11: Roof Top Battle: Shenmue II
  • HM12: Ancient Ruins: Gunstar Heroes
  • HM13: Dudley’s Theme: Super Street Fighter IV
  • HM14: Mystic Cave Zone: Sonic 2
  • HM15: Level 1: Super C
  • HM16: Wicked Child: Casltevania
  • HM17: Space Harrier Remix: Bayonetta
  • HM 18: Chai Kingdom: Super Mario Land
  • HM 19: Spider-Man Theme Song: Spider-Man 
  • HM 20: Jungle Rollers, Rolling Stones: Crash Bandicoot
  • HM 21: Ripper Roo: Crash Bandicoot 2
  • HM 22: The Streets of Whiterun : Skyrim 
  • HM 23: Cohen's Masterpiece: BioShock
  • HM 24: Battle with Magus: Chrono Trigger
  • HM 25: Clash on the Bridge: Final Fantasy V
  • Track 15: Cornered Themes: Ace Attorney Series 
  • Track 14: Airship and Chop Chop Master Onion: Super Mario Bros. 3 and Pa Rappa the Rapper
  • Track 13: Terra’s Theme and The Decisive Battle: Final Fantasy VI
  • Track 12: Moonsong: Cave Story 3D
  • Track 11: Wutai, Tifa’s Theme, Aeris’ Theme: Final Fantasy VII
  • Track 10: King DeDeDe and Dr. Robotnik: Kirby’s Dream Land and Sonic 2 
  • Track 09: Training: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! 
  • Track 08: Gym Leader: Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
  • Track 07: Shinra Inc.: Final Fantasy VII
  • Track 06: Zorra’s Domain & Kokiri Village: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Track 05: Corridors of Time: Chrono Trigger
  • Track 04: Time Travel: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future 
  • Track 03: The Scott Pilgrim Vs the World Soundtrack
  • Track 02: The Mega Man 2 and 3 Soundtracks
  • Track 01: Cosmo Canyon: Final Fantasy VII  
  • g1 choice #34: Welcome to Crocodile Isle: Donkey Kong Country 2 (chosen by g1 MKTANK_754)
  • g1 choice #35: Ending Credits: God Hand (chosen by g1 Meteo Dragoon)
  • g1 choice #36: Musique pour la tristesse de Xion: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (chosen by g1 LordoftheDerp)
  • g1 choice #37: Area 6 Defense Station: Star Fox 64 (chosen by g1 gamereviewerbr)
  • g1 choice #38: Low Health: Operation Win Back (chosen by g1 DumpsterM0nkey6)
  • g1 choice #39: Namco X Capcom: Morrigan Stage (chosen by g1 DaiSanSei)
Well, that does it my Top 50 countdown. Thank you all for participating and for allowing me to share these songs with you throughout the entire month. 
I’ll be giving the IVGP a break next week, given how big this project eventually became, but it will return on April 14 with a playlist of guilty pleasure tunes. So if you have a favorite song from a game you consider to be a guilty pleasure or if you happen to like a song which isn’t actually all that great, be sure to mention it in the comments below or tweet it to me @Newsman_Conway. 
Happy Easter g1s! 


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