The Infinite Video Game Playlist: Cartoon Cavalcade Edition

Posted on September 30, 2012 - 2:30pm by Ryan Conway

Welcome g1s to another edition of The Infinite Video Game Playlist! Last week, we fought the good fight to some killer boss themes but this week, we’re gonna kick back and relax to some sweet Saturday Morning nostalgia with some of the best tracks from video games based off of classic cartoons!

Here’s this week’s playlist:
  • Track 01: Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers Theme Song (NES version) (Suggested by g1 King Meatball 1)
  • Track 02: Quacker Jack Theme: Darkwing Duck (Suggested by g1 Earthworm James)
  • Track 03: Duck Tales Theme (NES version) (Suggested by g1 Flapperdoodle)
  • Track 04: Stages 1-3 and 3-3: Tiny Toon Adventures (Suggested by g1 snes64gamer)
  • Track 05: First Two-Face Boss Fight: The Adventures of Batman and Robin (Genesis version)
  • Track 06: The Tick Theme (Genesis version)
  • Track 07: The Pound Dungeon: Stimpy’s Invention
  • Track 08: Namek Theme /Challengers: Dragon Ball Z Budokai (Suggested by g1s EddieD129 and Sir_Luna)
  • Track 09: San Francisco: Mickey’s Speedway USA (Suggested by g1 Mach5Mike)
  • Track 10: Monster Mania (Ahhh Real Monsters!): Nicktoons Racing (Suggested by g1 Earthworm James)
  • Track 11: Salvage Chute: Bucky O’ Hare (Suggested by g1 snes64gamer)
  • Track 12: Slide: Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (Suggested by g1 Flapperdoodle)
  • Track 13: Moon Theme: Duck Tales (suggested by g1 BigJoe91)
  • Track 14: Fabulous Mansion: Bonkers (SNES version) (Suggested by g1 Earthworm James)
  • Track 15: Dash Towards the Final Battle: G.I. Joe Arcade
  • Track 16: TMNT Arcade Theme (Suggested by g1 King Meatball 1)
  • Track 17: Boss Battle Theme: Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo (Suggested by g1 The Stickman)
  • Track 18: The Pirate Fortress: Goof Troop
  • Track 19: Level J: Chip and Dale
  • Track 20: At the Hotel: TinTin in Tibet
  • Track 21: Anvilania: Animaniacs (SNES Version)

To listen to a particular track, just click on the images below and they will provide links to each song (think of them as buttons on a jukebox):

Considering next Sunday is the launch day for Pokemon Black and White 2, the next edition of the IVGP will be dedicated entirely to the Pokemon franchise. So if any of you die-hard Pokemaniacs have any song suggestions, please submit them in the comments below or tweet them to me (@Newsman_Conway).
Until next week, stay tooned g1s! 
PS: A big thank you goes out to g1 Flapperdoodle for designing two more banners for the show (or blog I should say), one of which is proudly displayed above. Thanks dude! 


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