The Infinite Video Game Playlist: Heat Wave Edition

Posted on July 19, 2012 - 9:30pm by Ryan Conway

This blog/gallery is a bit of an experiment on my part and if it succeeds, it could become a newly weekly feature. The premise is rather simple, I want to interact with the g1 community through a mutual love of video game music.

How I propose to do this is to create a weekly playlist consisting of classic video game tunes, which happen to relate to a certain weekly theme. For example, this week’s theme is Fire Levels because it’s summer and thermometers are on the rise because it’s hot as Hell outside!

Now as far as the song selection goes, a few of the tracks will be chosen by me, while the rest will be chosen by you guys!

Not that we’ve got straightened out, let’s kick out the jams!

Here’s this week’s track list:

Track 01: TMNT Arcade: “Fire!”
Track 02: Mega Man Powered Up: “Fire Man [Magma Dynamo]”
Track 03: Mutant Mudds: “World 3-1”
Track 04: Super Meat Boy: “Hot Damned”
Track 05: New Super Mario Bros. Wii: “Valcano”
Track 06: Banjo Tooie: Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
Track 07: Donkey Kong Country Returns: “Furious Fire”
Track 08: Crash Bandicoot Warped: “Bone Yard, Dino Might, and Eggipus Rex”
Track 09: Earthworm Jim (Sega CD version): What the Heck?

To listen to a particular track, just click on the images below (think of them as buttons on a jukebox):


Phew. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?



I’m sorry.

*Cough* Well anyway, if you guys like this concept and if the team back at HQ likes it, then you can expect to see The Infinite Gaming Playlist every Sunday at 3:00 PM CST.

And just in case a second episode happens, I’d like to cool things down a little bit with some nice, smooth
Tropical/water themed songs. If you want to offer up a suggestion, just write the name of the song and the game it’s from in the comments below.

See you later g1s!

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