The Infinite Video Game Playlist: I've Not Seen Such Bravery Edition

Posted on February 9, 2014 - 11:09pm by Ryan Conway

Welcome g1s to another edition of The Infinite Video Game Playlist! Bravery comes in many forms in the world of video games. Some heroes save entire cities, kingdoms, and even whole worlds, while others fight for glory, personal salvation, or to save one special person. Some are strong and confident from the get go, while others are shy, awkward, timid, and afraid but manage to dig down deep within themselves in order to do the right thing. And some are legendary warriors, chosen children of destiny, or even super heroes, while others are merely ordinary people who make a difference through their commonplace job or through a single act of selflessness. 
This week’s playlist is a salute to all of the video game heroes who bravely put it all on the line during their finest hours. So sit back, relax, and enjoy an audible dose of courage! 
There’s your acknowledgement that the title is a Gauntlet reference…and here’s your brutalmoose plug…his stuff is neat. Go watch some of it after enjoying this playlist.  
And there you have it. We’ve conquered the odds, triumphed over adversity, and saved the day…through song. But next week in a very special edition of the IVGP, we’re taking things in a slightly opposite direction. 
It’s fair to say these heroes (well most of them anyway) are winners but there are those in the video game world who for one reason or another, whether it be a lack of popularity or they just so happen to be all-round terrible at everything, are just born losers. So this Valentine’s Day, let’s give these “duds” some love with their own special playlist! 
If you have a favorite loser, be sure to pick a song that best represents them and submit it in the comments below or tweet it to me @Ryan_ConwaySA. 

Until then, stay brave g1s!

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