The Infinite Video Game Playlist: Mascot Mayhem Edition

Posted on January 19, 2014 - 11:11pm by Ryan Conway

Welcome back g1s to the Infinite Video Game Playlist! After a two-week hiatus, the IVGP has returned to bring you you’re weekly supply of quality video game tunes. This week, we’re paying a musical tribute to one of the gaming industry’s most tried and true staples, the mascots.
Whether they were made to sell consoles, boast a developer’s brand, move merchandise, promote cartoons, or endorse heavily salted and or fried junk food; mascots have been a proud video game institution for over three decades.  
Tonight, we’ve got 50 songs representing a wide range of mascots from those who’ve found moderate success to those who’ve become the stuff of LEGENDS…or failed miserably and fell of the face of the Earth.
Are you ready for this? Lets go!  
Sorry I didn’t include every Nintendo character. If had, this list would have gone on forever. 
That was certainly quite the trip through history. What the hell was Zool supposed to be anyway? A gremlin ninja or ninja alien? Also, are there enough animals on this? I wasn’t sure if I added enough animals. 
All joking aside though, this was a fun and very nostalgic list to put together, and I even learned a few things. Like for example, I learned the ultra rare Virtual Boy title Jack Bros. is a Shin Megami Tensei spin-off. I also learned that Cool Spot got a sequel. Was there really such a high demand for that? 
It’s great to be writing this blog again! 
Inspired by the news of the Outlands Kickstater campaign, I’ve decided to let this classic vibe blend into next week’s playlist, as it will be dedicated to classic arcade games. If you have any suggestions for pieces of coin-munching music that should be included, please suggest them in the comments below or tweet them to me @Ryan_ConwaySA. 
Until then…buy some stuff or something, I dunno. 

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