The Infinte Video Game Playlist: Game Boy History Edition

Posted on May 12, 2014 - 1:40am by Ryan Conway

In the spring of 1989, the gaming landscape was changed forever, as Nintendo launched its revolutionary new handheld system, the Game Boy. This grey wonder brick allowed gamers to take all of their favorite "Nintendo approved" franchises on the go, thanks to its unique line of game cartridges.

While it didn't quite have the same graphical quality as the NES (even though it was technically 8-bit) and could only display two colors (black and yellow), gamers loved it just the same, as its stacked of library of classic titles was more than enough to keep players entertained for what was almost a decade-long run.

In the fall of 1998, the vintage Game Boy had just performed its swan song with the release of a little known game called Pokemon, and fans were looking towards the future of handheld gaming, and with a ton of momentum behind it, Nintendo delivered the Game Boy Color.

While it didn't exactly live up to expectations in terms of graphical advancement, as it failed to measure up to the SNES home console (which by that time was replaced with the N64), or even the SEGA Game Gear (the former rival of its predecessor), but it was great to finally be able to play Game Boy games in color. Not too mention it also had its own selection of exclusive content. The implementation of color and a stellar last run of games, was enough to revitalize the 8-bit Game Boy and keep it running for another five years.

However, just two years shy of becoming discontinued, the Game Boy Color stepped aside to make way for the true successor to Nintendo's handheld throne, the Game Boy Advance.

The GBA first arrived on the gaming scene in 2001 and boy, did it rock some socks! Not only did it surpass the previous Game Boy systems in terms of graphical quality, its 32-bit processor made it the most powerful handheld gaming device to be released up to that point. It was like a double charged Super Nintendo that could fit in pocket (not comfortably though. That was saved for the SP model), and it was amazing!

While the GBA only served as "The Big N's" flagship handheld for three years, it would act as a cheaper alternative to its successor for another four years, during that time, its library continued to grow into what would be among the best in gaming's rich history. In 2008, the Game Boy Advance was put to rest and the Game Boy name was put into retirement, after 19 years of service and over 200 million units sold between three consoles.

Tonight, in honor of its 25th Anniversary, we will celebrate the greatness of the Game Boy product line, with a playlist of 60 songs spanning across the classic Game Boy, the Game Boy Color, and the Game Boy Advance!

Now given how vastly large these three libraries are, there's a good chance I may have missed some of your favorite games (I know I missed a few of mine) but I think I've managed to compile a great list that truly captures the greatness of each least I hope so.

Anyway...without any further stalling, here's this week's playlist:    

The tracing of Nintendo's storied handheld lineage will continue next week, with a musical tribute to the modern Dual Screen product line. So be sure to list off some tunes from your favorite DS, DSiWare, 3DS, and eShop titles in the comments below or tweet them to me @Ryan_ConwaySA, and I'll add them to the list.

Until next week, be sure to stock up on those AA's g1s! 

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