Insomniac Games will no longer bother making single player only games in the future

Posted on September 14, 2012 - 4:00pm by King Meatball I

Insomniac Games, who has made plenty of single player games in the past, announces they don't think they will ever make another single player only game in the future, with the upcoming Fuse being the start of their new philosophy.

In an interview with GameSpot, the CEO of the company, Ted Price, states the change in direction is due to social technology and the state of the industry which no longer is favorable to single player-only games.

“I can’t imagine that any game we’d do from here on out will be single-player-only,” Price told GameSpot. “The [game industry] has changed. As gamers, we have always been social, but thanks to the way technology has evolved, it’s much easier for us to play together. And it’s much easier for developers to create experiences where you can play together. So we want to encourage that with all of our games because ultimately, in my opinion, it’s often more fun to play with a friend.”

He was careful to mention this doesn't meant Insomniac Games will only be making multiplayer only games since Fuse does contain a single player campaign. Instead they will switch the priority towards online multiplayer when developing new projects.

The decision itself might have also been influenced recently by EA who is the publisher for Fuse. EA stated they no longer will allow games to be released by them (developed or published) if they do not contain some form of online multiplayer.

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