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Posted on May 31, 2012 - 5:47pm by YoungX


 Hello welcome to Internet Reviews, I'm YoungX and today we're going to look at farfromsubtle!

 Farfromsubtle is a youtube channel where they do a show called videogames are awesome where the members play a game live stream and show comments and actually call the playlist of the game is awesome such as Phoenix Wright is Awesome!!! I heard that they used to be on Screwattack 2006, but they changed due to negative comments from G1's. I went to their channel and saw that they also wear costumes according to the game they play and they MADE the costumes. How cool is that?!? If they used to be on ScrewAttack in 2006, then perhaps Craig can ask them to come back and hopefully won't have any negativity from today's G1's. This channel is unique and from most gaming channels I'd say that they should be even more popular then they are now. So give them a look, and if you like then subscribe by all means! These reviews are not bias based on who they are and what they do and etc. I look at channels and see if they are good and are worth getting more then what they get now. That's all for today's Internet Reviews and one more thing. I'm going to make a new series on Youtube and YOU Lucky G1's get to see the preview before it goes live! It's a debate series called Video Game Matchups, or VGM for short. This series is basically about picking a topic that can relate to MOSTLY gaming and perhaps some random, stupid things. I tell the audience the topic and then they can vote on my blog. I will be posting the link to the blog with the video! But, first I gotta study for finals and get that over with so YOU guys can get the content you deserve after such a long school year, or if you guys have jobs then you have something to look at after a long day. This is YoungX and see you next time for another Internet Reviews!!!

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