Internet Reviews: Planet Poke Part 1

Posted on May 28, 2012 - 8:14am by YoungX


 Hello and welcome to Internet Reviews. I'm YoungX and this is a blog series where I review channels you may or may not know. Now, these aren't channels that most people know like Smosh, Nigahiga , and Epic Meal Time. These channels are those that are probably at 10 million or less. I am a Youtuber and I want others like me to get their name out there. If there is a channel I should review, then email me at

 Hello this is YoungX and today I'm going to review Planet Poke!!! This channel is actually the first network dedicated to Pokemon, and Pokemon only. So this channel has everything pokemon related, games, cards, creativity, etc. In this channel, there are some pokemon youtubers you might know such as Lueroi, spongmario, Diamond Dialga, PokeGuideHD, and much more!!! Also theres more, if you have a channel that does pokemon stuff and you think YOU have what it takes then apply to Planet Poke to join! Just go to their channel. It's kinda new to it doesn't have that many view, but I believe this channel will progress through the Youtube community.  This channel is something that ANY Pokemon fan should check out! That's all for today and check back next time for another Internet Reviews!!! Don't forget to Subscribee and see you later!!!

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