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Posted on March 11, 2012 - 1:28pm by Ugly Bob


The sequel to Gold Knights on iOS Platforms. Essential for fans of the first!

Much was unresolved for our hero Arthur at the end of Gold Knights. Having lost Lancelot, Arthur sets out to do yet more rescuing. Luckily, the new badass hero Perceval (he hasn’t looked cooler since Capcom’s own Knights of the Round) is there to pick up the slack as well as give fans of the series a new type of character to play.

The graphics are similar to the first game, with some new stages and enemies to add some flavor. Perceval is well muscled and looks like he belongs in the game, not being too tough looking and with a touch of whimsy in his design as well. The stage bosses are mostly familiar, but the end boss is quite the sight, taking up 2/3 of the screen at one point and being a lot more mobile than Loki ever was. Fans will also be in for a rude awakening when they run into Astaroth again.


The music is similar to the first, but seems to be noticeable to these ears. I'm not sure what it is, except that it seems to fit the game's theme of battling against Hell better.

Sound effects are as classic as always, with Arthur whipping his lances at numerous enemies with the ever classic sounds that serve to remind of his NES past. The new character of Perceval has sword slashes that evoke power and energy, as he throws his sword and fireballs alike.


Gameplay is pretty much identical to the first Gold Knights but the character Perceval creates something different mostly because he doesn't have projectiles for attacks. Being able to use a sword obviously forces him to have to get closer to the enemies to hit them. The offset is a difference in power and power ups, with a little change doing a lot to make it feel like a different game.

Perceval might have fewer weapons but it is a very interesting change of pace; you want to play him first for something different and then you'll go back to the classic Arthur play for familiarity.

Much as in the first Gold Knights, you have an option to play in classic mode in which the big difference is you have only one-hit before you're in your boxers whether it's the gold armor or the regular. Boxer mode is exactly what you might think it is, one-hit and you're dead. Too bad it isn't Arthur in boxing gloves, now that would've been something worth playing. I don't know if I missed that Skeleton mode but I guess you can view that as something unique to the first game.


The oddest extra mode/bonus in the game is the ability to purchase upgrades. None of them are really expensive at $.99 but it really feels like nickel and dimeing gamers. Considering the game really isn't that hard, I don't know whom this is meant to be for, especially the unlimited lives as checkpoints are plentiful. The ability to swap weapons is kind of cool but it should've been in the game in the first place. I might even get it in the future but more than anything it feels like an insult to the iOS/casual gamers who like touch controls, it's like handholding and totally unnecessary.

Gold Knights II is essential for fans of the original. It's more the same true but gamers who enjoyed the first one will definitely be happy for it. Perceval is a good change of pace and something I like to see in future games of the series or similar Capcom titles. Check it out!


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