It seems Square Enix is dead serious about another sequel to Final Fantasy XIII

Posted on August 29, 2012 - 10:00am by Kaibaman41

While Square Enix loves to tease fans that want a remake of Final Fantasy VII by either denying it's existence or remaking its opening sequence once on the PS3. It’s clear, square seems to love Final Fantasy 13 even if it's fans hates the series or even critics for that matter. Despite the hatred Square Enix is prepared to show something from the FFXIII at an event on September 1st celebrating Final Fantasy's 25th Anniversary.

It definitely looks like Final Fantasy XIII-3 is going to be officially announced because Square Enix opened up a Twitter Account called the Lightning Room. This Twitter account is what appears to be used for what ever Square has for Final Fantasy 13's new installment, buuuuuut this is the first post you will see on this Twitter Account if you can read Japanese or use Google Chrome that is.

"Hello, it is FFXIII producer Kitase. This Twitter account is something that has been prepared for presentation to the new deployment will be announced on 9/1. During FF25th event, I muttered various things. Please follow us. (Kitase) # _L13"

Sooooooooooo yeaaaaah, they're really dead serious on this whole thing and I do not like it... Not one bit. Well g1s what are your thoughts?

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