Iwata says the Wii U’s pricing is more important than beating the competition to market

Posted on July 22, 2012 - 2:00pm by Ryan Conway

During a recent interview with Gamasutra’s Chris Morris, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said the company doesn’t care about the Wii U beating the next generation Sony or Microsoft console to market but it does care about making its HD console as affordable as possible.

Iwata said, Nintendo learned a very harsh lesson from the financial hit it took after the initially poor sales and eventual price drop of the 3DS (which he's been saying a lot lately). 

"Our intention is to return to profitability after just one year of losing money. I just cannot say that it's a good thing for Nintendo at all to record an annual loss for two or more years in a row. … The [loss of the] past year is due to the 3DS hardware sales. We were selling hardware below the cost, so this year we are already recovering and improving the profitability of the 3DS.
"The pricing of Wii U is going to be one of the most important elements when it is going to be launched. The environment is different. Wii U is going to be launching in a different environment than when the Wii was launched. Also, the involvement surrounding [mobile and social] businesses is different than several years ago.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t give a specific price. However, Iwata did say this is a great time for the Wii U to launch as it will provide a cheaper alternative to those looking to play HD games on their high-def TVs, while also providing an alternative to those who can not afford a tablet.  

Can the cheaper price make the Wii U as much of a hit as its predecessor? I'd definately say so. I mean providing a HD gaming experience with interesting tech (the tablet) and an affordable price will give it a nice edge. But I don't think it'll appeal to those who just want a tablet, as an iPad or Sony tablet or what have you can be taken beyond your home. 

What do you think g1s ? Will the Wii U's cheaper price tag give it a leg up in the evolving console market?

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