[Japan] DQ Metal Slime figure sells for more than $3,200

Posted on January 9, 2012 - 2:00pm by Andrej

The Metal Slime is one of the rarest and most annoying monsters in the Dragon Quest series. As if the ridiculous amount of hitpoints wasn't enough, the stupid thing has a penchant for running away just when you think you're finally able to grab the huge EXP bonus you get for beating it. It's a sought-after monster...and apparently not just in videogames.

A metal figure of said monster has sold on Yahoo! Auctions for ¥250,000  (~$3,250). Is it made from gold? Doesn't look like it. Then why the hell was someone willing to pay this much moolah for what's basically a molten blob of metal?

Looks like C-3PO had a cold.

Well, there's this entertainment complex in Tokyo called Tokyo Dome City that has some Dragon Quest themed attractions. Apparently, one visitor per day is able to get his hands on such a figure when he finds a special card hidden within the park (taken from the description of the auction, I don't know the details.) Since there is only one card per day, the number of Metal Slime figures in existence is extremely low...thus making it very rare. You are able to buy these figures, but they're only silver - this one's gold (but again, it's never mentioned whether it's real gold, which leads me to believe that it's not.).

Well...at least it doesn't run away, I guess.

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