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Posted on October 5, 2012 - 3:06pm by drewstar412

Now to start this blog off i need to give a quick backstory about my self. now i have been a G1 since late 2010 being a fan of top 10s i stumbled upon screwattacks top !0s over on gametrailers. after watching there videos for a while i finally checked out there website and from there it went on to countdowns to hard news, hard news to sidescrollers, sidecrollers to clip of the week and so on, by that time i was a G1 and was checking screwattack every day. Now since then alot has changed, i was there when destin left i was there when jose left and while it sucked it never left a huge impact on me like jared getting fired has. This is a big deal to alot of G1s and i wanted to give my personal opinion on it.


So if anyone is confused of if jared left all was fired here is his quote he made on facebook.


"There seems to be a lot of confusion on the matter. it was not my decision to leave."

and on twitter he quoted


I was fired i wasn't happy with it, but i accepted it. i was civil, that was the mutual agreement."


So why did craig fire him, well of what ive gathered it was because he though that jared was putting to much effort into his side projects ( his own projects ) and not screwattacks, now that there is a valid reason to fire someone in some cases but not this one, jared seemed like he did more effort in screattack then most people there he hosted hard news he helped make newsroom he did most of the reviews edited alot of videos and was also on sidescrollers and screwin around, he may of been spending alot of time on his side projects but when he was still putting that much effort into screwattack that seems like a bad reason to fire him!


Craig has always stuck by the notion that his honest with the G1s but as of now he has said nothing about this rather then small things here and there on sidescrollers which are really just white lies in truth he has said nothing to the community honest let


Now im gonna end this short because i don't what this to go forever all though it easily could as i have very strong opinions about this.


So whats my final verdict on this all am i going to stop following screwattack because of this? no. not at all. i will continue to watch screwattack and support them as much as possible and as for jared? i will follow him in what ever he decides to do in the future, so really the only thing that has changed is i have lost a lot of respect for craig. i have always considered craig a good bloke and all though im only 15 i know that being the boss means you have to make some tough calls, and for the most part craig has made good calls but this is not one of them.


Ill end with this, Jared: you where one of my favorite members at screwattack and i will miss you  heaps but i wish you al the best for the future man!

and craig: In the last fews days ive lost a lot of respect for you, firing jared was one of the worse choices in screwattack history in my opinion but please at least do the right thing and give me and all the other G1s the full story


thanks guys for reading!

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