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Posted on July 25, 2012 - 1:39pm by JHawk99


Greetings g1's JHawk here with my review of Bastion, does it live up to my expectations? No, it blows them away entirely


Lets start with its story, you play as: The Kid a white haired child living in the city Caelondia. Some thing made everything go bang and you have no idea why so you head to the safe haven known as The Bastion, there you meet Rucks an old man who narrates your adventure, there he reveals to you that you must find the cores to complete the bastion.

While you do so you meet two others, Zulf a young man who was sent to Caelondia by his race The Ura for peace talks, and Zia a Ura girl who was born in Caelondia. The story seems simple at first but as I proggressed it actually became very deep with its fair share of plot twists, I found myself becoming very immersed in the story the world seems alive with little lore other than item descriptions its astounding to me.

Its safe to say Supergiant tells a good story but how well is it presented to you?


The answer is very, the art style is amazing its very colorful and has a hand-painted look to it enemies are easy to distinguish and look very impressive characters are unique and distinctive and the eviroments are very detailed. Its very impressive considering how many indie games are sprite based even a collection of stock objects lying around look like a part of the level.

The music is also fantastic composer Darren Korb did an amazing job creating memorable tunes that match the game perfectly. For example when you grab a core and the stage begins to fall apart or a battle becomes intense my personal favorite song (Terminal March) will play, have a quick listen to it if you want.

 The music can be like this it can be serene and calming and the few tracks with lyrics are down right tear jerking theres a reason Build That Wall got a VGA.The narrative is also top notch Rucks narrates your adventure but he's never really annoying his voice doesn't seem fitting at first but when the plot gets deeper it works really well with the tone.

So far so good but how is the...


Bastion is a top down action-rpg combat is frequent and fast paced you have four buttons to work with: A shield button, Two weapon buttons, and a Secret Skill button Levels are linear with hidden items you must fight you're way through a variety of enemies including Scumbags who shoot blue sludge everywhere, Windbags large pickaxe wielding gas beings, Squirts small melee creatures, and many many more. Each enemy is different with its own abilities and exploitable weaknesses making battle strategic.

After you get a core and complete the level you return to the Bastion where you can create one in six buildings in an order of your choosing these are: The Arsenal lets you change weapons, The Forge lets you upgrade, The Distillery lets you activate combat bonuses, The Shrine lets you invoke the gods to make the game more challenging for more money and experience, The Memorial lets you complete Vigils for money, And lastly The Lost-and-Found is a shop. If you're in to challenges there are plenty each weapon has its own proving ground where you can earn a prize based on you're score.

Speaking of as you unlock them you will be forced to use each weapon as you go each weapon at least once none of them are boring to use and all have something that makes them special, and they can gain more atrributes or effects through the three initial upgrades they can get in the forge which later doubles, the amount of loadout customization you can have is limitless.

The Verdict

Bastion proves you don't need a complex combat system or fancy graphics to make a fantastic game, all you need is a good art style a amazing narrative and equally amazing music and some easy to play but hard to master gameplay, Bastion is a work of art that in my opinion should be in everyones steam library. And with free DLC and a new game plus mode its MORE than worth the 14.99 dollar price point

9/10 BUY IT

Thank you for reading my first review I look forward to hearing you're opinion and constructive criticism in the comments this is JHawk99 Taking off.

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