Judge Dredd vs The Punisher

Posted on November 10, 2013 - 2:53am by Darth Plagueis.

Both of these men have the urge to do justice. Dredd being one truly going by the book of the law, and being a loyal officer, and The Punisher making his own law on who he judges and kills without the authority law. These two are very skilled in guns, hand to hand combat, and gain experience through one with law enforcement experience and the other military experience. 


The Punisher/Frank Castle


Judge Dredd/Joseph Dredd



The Punisher

Frank Castle born in New York with Italian ancestry was once in the Marines where he develop combat and gun handling skills, but before that he has once thought of becoming a Catholic priest however, he stop due to not being able to forgive others for their evil. He develop a since of wanting to cleanse evil away. One day him his wife and children were walking in the park, then witness a mafia gang execution. They were spotted and his wife and children were murder there, but Frank survived, and The Punisher was born with vengeance for evil by his own book by any means necessary. 


Skills, Powers, and abilities

  • Strength and endurance

Punisher haves no superpowers, but he is in really great shape, and is shown to have incredible strength and endurance, but nothing superhuman. He can take a good beating and continue to fight. 

  • Gun, explosive, and knife handling

Boy you must love his arsenal of pretty shiny guns. As a ex-marine and sniper schooling he knows his guns and haves plenty of them. From automatics, semi-autos, grenades, the whole mullah. He constantly changes weapons so it would be random on what he brought with him when he ran into Dredd. How ever he did like his ballistic knife, M16, Browning Llama automatic pistols, and Sterling Mark 6 9mm, semi-automatic rifles. So we will go with that for now.  Last to add he wears Kevlar uniform to protect him from most fire arms. 

  • Hand to hand combat

 As he got his hand to hand combat skills from the military, but not just from the Marines but also the U.S Army, Navy(by Popeye jk lol), He does many power blows and take downs. Would do good do to him being a really built person with his strength. What was more impressive about his hand to hand training it was made to take down and kill opponents much stronger than him so a guy like him 200lbs could easily overwhelm someone under his weight class. But brute force wasn't all he does he was trained in stealth and forms of camouflage. He is a great assassin due to those skills which is a advantage to use against Dredd. Also to mention he has in the past gone head to head with people with superpowers like Spiderman and Wolverine.



Judge Dredd

Joseph Dredd is the son/clone of Eustace Fargo, "The Father of Justice."  Dredd is the most feared, widely known, and respected Judge in his world. He is a Police officer and a Judge. His duty is to do normal cop work, but once he arrest someone he and other "Judges" both do judge and jury by themselves then and there and decide the faith of the criminal. For crimes of murder, attempt murder, Judges can do on spot executions right then and there legally and Dredd has done that before. He is a very loyal and follow the book Judge and will do anything to catch the criminal. 


Skills, Powers, Abilities

  • Strength and endurance

Just like Punisher Dredd haves no superpowers but haves great strength and endurance but nothing superhuman. He can too as well take a good beating and get up. Both Dredd and Punisher seem about equal here it's hard to tell who is superior on this part. 


  • Gun/arsenal

Since futuristics setting takes place in the world of Dredd he owns a handgun that only he can use, and if anyone were to pick it up and fires it or the gun doesn't recognize the welder the gun explode. His handgun is a interesting weapon it can fire six different types of ammunition which are Standard bullets, Rubber Ricochet, Armour Piercing, Heat-Seeking, Incendiary and Hi-Ex. Even more it can fire tracking bullets, stun shots, and more but those options require reloading unlike the other six that are already built in the gun.  Separate weapons he carries is a Scattergun(it's like a shot gun) and "daystick"(big ass cudgel), and a boot knife. Also to add his motorcycle that is also a AI, fires cannons, and centrally-mounted laser .  Despite Punisher having more arsenal than him Dredd really needs fewer separate guns with him due to his hand gun being six different types in one and due to advance weaponry I doubt Punisher's vest will protect him so Dredd gets a edge.


  • Hand to Hand combat

​You know I'm not sure if he really haves a style other than probably regular police take downs and grapple, but he tends to just overwhelm opponents from regular punches. Punisher may have a better combat training than him. However Dredd to has fought may things that were much skill than him like(and not joking) Batman, Aliens, Predator, and even Death. The Dredd universe is a very odd match up with cross overs and villains. If he can take a beating, defeat, dodge even more advance weaponry he obviously haves better experience on harder opponents, but not a better fighting style. Another 50/50 here to me. 



This is a somewhat even match. Both about same strength and endurance, one way better arsenal, one better shooter, one more experience than the other did i mention that Dredd is in his 70's in today's comics and still fighting crime!? Unlike most comics the creator of /Dredd age's Dredd as the years continue. But over all in my opinion after a epic shoot out and then a final beat down Dredd is the one standing with a executed Punisher. 


Remember this is my opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts, views, etc.




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