Just Cause - The Movie gets a title and a re-write

Posted on December 14, 2011 - 6:20pm by Andrej

As you may or may not already know, a movie adaption for Avalanche Studios' open-world shooter Just Cause is currently in the works. Titled Just Cause: Scorpion Rising, it will focus on the origin of the Scorpion, aka Rico Rodriguez, aka the-playable-character-from-the-games.

The original script was penned by Michael Ross (Turistas) and is now being reworked by Bryan Edward Hill (The Mechanik), according to The Hollywood Reporter. As of now there's no guarantee that the movie will actually be made, as producers Adrian Askarieh (Hitman, Kane & Lynch) and Eric Eisner (um...Hamlet 2? He worked on some comics though, namely Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box and 7 Days From Hell)  want to develop the project first before looking for a studio and financial backing.

Now this movie-to-game transition might actually work, seeing as nobody gave to craps about the game's story in the first place. As long as the budget is big enough and there's enough grappling-hook action and jet-surfing involved it should turn out to be an okay flick; nothing more than popcorn-entertainment, but that's what the games were as well. Hell, get Michael Davis (Shoot 'Em Up) to direct it and it might just turn out great.

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