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Posted on June 7, 2012 - 10:19am by The Gaming News Guy

 It  has  been  confirmed  that  DC  are  working  on   a  new  Justice  League (No Suprise there  since Team up movies  like  Avengers  gets lots  of  money).Even  though  there  is  no  Director Cast or release date for "Justice League," but summer of 2014 seems like it would be the earliest we could expect to see it.Mark Millar   has  aslo  said  that  the  film  will be  'Dark  and  Mature'.

So..I  was  thinking ..who would  be  the  main  charcters  in  Justice  League..well  i  decided  to  make  a Fancast  of  the  Justice  League  Movie..So  here  you  go

Superman-Henry Cavil

Batman-???? (Christain Bale  confirmed DRK is his last Batman Film) 

Post in the Comments  who dou  think  should  be  Batman

Wonder Woman-Milus Knus

Flash-Benjiman McKenzie

Hal Jordan-Ryan Renyolds


Green Arrow-Stephen Amell (A big reason why i  chose  Arrow..it  that  he  doesn't  need his own movie...he  has  already  got  a Tv Show  coming  in Fall 2012)

As   for  the  villain  i  decided   to   go  with  Darkseid.

Darkseid-James Earl Jones (Voice Only)

This  is   just  for  the First  JL  Movie...I think  for  the Second Film  they  should  add in..Black Canray,Martain Manhunter  and  Aquaman.

So There  is  my  Fan-cast..Plese  post  your  opinion  on  it in the comment  box  below


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