Justice League Movie Confirmed for Summer 2015!!!

Posted on October 22, 2012 - 4:30pm by Pogue-Mahone


After Warner Bros. won a legal battle for the rights to Superman, the Justice League movie has been confirmed for 2015!

"Now that a court case has ensured that DC Comics superhero Superman will keep flying at Warner Bros. in the foreseeable future, the studio is readying their plans to move forward with the oft-mentioned Justice League film project and release the movie in 2015..."  -Mark Hughes, Forbes.com

Yes, after long last, the Justice League movie has become a thing of reality!!!

Superman and Batman are guaranteed to make an appearance in the movie. Superman will be played by Henry Cavill, who will play Superman in next years Superman reboot, Man of Steel. Batman will be played by a new actor that has yet to be chosen.

The Justice League movie will be a total polar opposite to Marvel's Avengers, aside from being from two different companies.  For the Avengers movie, all of the main characters had their own films that built up to the Avengers. In the case of Justice League, the new actors, and maybe actresses, that are introduced in the movie will then star in their own movies that spin off from the main Justice League film!

In other words, the new Batman will then go on to star in a whole new series of Batman films, as would Wonder Woman, The Flash, and what other characters that may or may not star in the movie. 


So, g1's, what do you think about the Justice League Movie? Are you a fan of the Justice League? Do you look forward to The Avengers having a worthy opponent at the box office? Let's hear what you have to say about what's going to pretty much be the biggest box office battle of all time! Who else would make better combatants than DC and Marvel, the two titans of comic books!

A custom poster, just for you!!!

As an added bonus, here's the Animated Justice League theme song and the trailer for next years Man of Steel movie.

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