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Posted on September 17, 2013 - 11:35am by Darkone4587


Over the last weekend an odd picture was leaked by Justin Bieber, with him holding up what appears to be the script for the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie (Don't like that title). The picture seen here 

is obviously fake. I mean look at it the script has the logo's and a giant watermark with his name on it, it's so fake. So everyone became enamored by this image and became the obvious source of controversy. I mean no one want's Justin Bieber as Robin obviously and no one (apparently) wants Robin in the movie. Because it's fake we've dodged a major bullet if only by the fact that singers (especially bad singers) typically aren't good actors.

But after thinking about it for a while I thought Justin Bieber would make a good Robin but not the typical Robin. A lot of people forget that of multiple Robin's at least five so far in the comics. I personally think that Justin Bieber would make a good Jason Todd as Robin and only as Robin.

Jason Todd for those who don't know is the second Robin taking the mantle after the first Robin Dick Grayson. Jason Todd was hated by the fans because he was a bit of a douche, talking back to Batman, possibly killing a guy and being a completely agro Robin. That appears to be Justin Bieber in a nut shell, I mean I don't know the guy personally (obviously), but  every time I hear about him in the media (however accidently) he looks like Jason Todd, not having any respect for anyone living or dead, acting kind of douchey and being completely agro. So in that respect he wouldn't need to act very much to be a good Jason Todd, and I can't emphasize enough that he should only be Jason Todd as Robin not as Red Hood.

And for all of you who are still not on board if they had Jason Todd then they would have to use the Death in the Family storyline, and we'll get to see Justin Bieber get beaten to death by a crowbar. I mean that clip of him getting shot in that show (I think it's NCIS) has like over a million views so him getting physically hurt would be even more entertaining.


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