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Posted on July 23, 2012 - 6:23am by Kazman2007


Kazman2007 goes through the top ten vehicles in gaming., and talks about why they are so great.

While most famous video game characters got their start moving around on foot, it’s always great when you get that option in a game to hop in a kick-ass ride and drive/fly through the level at high speeds. You can run over enemies, shoot the crap out of them, all while making a quick getaway.

A few rules to this list:

1. I’d like to stress that there are no animals on this list, so no Epona, no Yoshi.

2. It can’t have originated in source material other than video games, so no Millenium Falcon or X-Wing.

3. You have to be able to ride in/on them, so no portal guns or wing caps.

4. These aren’t necessarily the fastest, or strongest vehicles in gaming, just the best in general, whether they make the game easier or are just downright bad-ass.

5. Of course, only one vehicle per franchise.

You might have disagree with some of my choices, but if you do, shut up and go make your own list. I’m Kazman2007, and this is my Top Ten Vehicles in video games.

10. Rush – Mega Man 3

Once there was a little robot boy, and like every little robot boy, he got a little robot dog. Rush was a clever idea for Mega Man to have a way to navigate levels with something less generic than Items 1, 2, and 3. The Rush Jet was especially noteworthy because you could use it to fly over some of those ridiculous moving block sections in video games. Robot dogs are awesome, and as brentalfloss said, “I can’t do shit with a robot bird.”

9. J Bomb – Blast Corps

Blast Corps was a unique game on the N64 in that you weren’t supposed to protect things like you might have to in other games. No, your mission, should you choose to accept it, was to blow the ever-living hell out of everything in the way of truck carrying live nuclear missiles. To accomplish this, you had a number of vehicles to help you out. There was a fish-tailing dump truck called Backslash, a building crushing bulldozer called the Ramdozer. Then you got the robots. The first two were robots that rolled themselves into buildings to crush them. But J-Bomb was the bomb (sorry for the horrible pun). Using his jetpack, you could fly up to buildings then, bring yourself down on them ass first. It is one of the most entertaining ways to destroy in gaming, with a giant robot’s ass.

8. Bicycle – Pokemon

Congratulations, you’ve made it all the way past the Pewter City gym, through Mt. Moon and into Cerulean City. You would have gotten there faster if your stupid character could move faster. Well now he can! Just pay the 1,000,000 dollars required for the bicycle. Oh you can’t afford it? That’s too bad. While the bike was teased early in the game, you do eventually get a free bike voucher from a man not too much later in the game, and it makes traveling in the game a hell of a lot more convenient. At least until you get the move Fly.

7. Hoverboard –Unreal Tournament

For those of you not old enough to have seen Back to the Future II, there is a scene in this movie that became everyone’s obsession upon viewing: Getting to ride a Hoverboard in real life. While the scene from the movie takes place in 2015, it doesn’t quite look like they’re going to be on time, so we’ll take the next best thing, in a video game. The hoverboards from Unreal were some of the most stylish ways to get around in gaming, and even let you attach onto moving vehicles. And just like in Back to the Future, they don’t work on water, unfortunately.

6. Epoch – Chrono Trigger

Sure there are a lot of vehicles in RPGs, but they all pale in comparison to the awesome that is the Epoch. For those uneducated in all that is Chrono Trigger, the Epoch is a time machine that the main characters get late in the game that they can use to travel through time. How? By traveling all the way around the world at ridiculous speeds! But how could you make that better. How about by upgrading it to be able to fly anywhere in space AND time. This thing is now pretty much a TARDIS.

5. Taxi – Crazy Taxi

If someone was to come to you in the past and tell you that we would enjoy a game about being a taxi driver, you’d probably laugh at such a ridiculous idea, but you know what. It happened, and it was awesome. While the crazy taxi series has all but fallen off the face of the earth, the sheer excitement one experienced when trying to rush a passenger to one of many convenient product placements. These things can run into another car head on and be fine, as well as jumping of ramps and driving under water. It surely is one of the great vehicles in gaming.

4. Kart – Mario Kart

What do Mario and his friends do when they aren’t off fighting for the future of the Mushroom Kingdom? Obviously, they go go-karting! While Mario Kart games have continuously evolved with each passing generation, including the karts themselves, the original kart was and still is one of the coolest vehicles in gaming. Not only could you drive around all different areas of the mushroom kingdom, but you could also attack your opponents with weapons picked up in item boxes. And since their inception, they’ve been customizable, added gliders and propellers, and even been made to fit two people, the original karts will always hold a place in our hearts for making some awesome multiplayer memories.

3. Banshee – Halo

While the Warthog might be the first vehicle to come to your mind when you think of Halo, and the Scorpion is by far the strongest, the most fun to play was the Banshee. Unfortunately in the first Halo, it was only available in single player, and it wasn’t until we had the PC edition of Halo that we got our first chance to swoop down on our friends and blow them sky-high. Equipped with twin plasma lasers and a fuel rod gun for some overkill, this thing was just as powerful as it was agile. Throw in the ability to perform rolls and flips, and a sound that strikes fear into the hearts of your foes, and you’ve got one recipe for bad-ass.

2. Arwing – Star Fox

If there is one vehicle that screams badass-ery in video games, it would be the Arwing. While not everyone who flies one is badass (I’m looking at you Slippy), it’s one of the most versatile aircraft in gaming. Aside from the ability to fly in a loop, perform U-turns, stay airborne at a complete stop, and yes, perform a barrel roll, the Arwing also possesses the ability to fly with NO WINGS. Throw in smart bombs, a double plasma laser, and homing missles, and this thing is the most badass thing in the air.

So what can beat that?


1. Tank – Grand Theft Auto

It’s slow, it’s clunky, by God it is the most badass vehicle to ever be seen in a video game. Not only can this thing blow away anything dumb enough to get in its way, but you are completely invincible in it, as anything that comes near this behemoth will be crushed by its pure awesomeness. While it may not provide a challenge to the player reaping destruction, blowing shit up while invincible has never been so much fun.

That’s my list everyone, I hope you all enjoyed it. What are your favorites?  Leave a comment below, and please subscribe if you enjoyed this, as I have plenty more ideas.

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