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Kid Icarus: Uprising bundled with 3DS accessory

1/12/12 3:40pm

I have been wondering why Kid Icarus: Uprising was delayed in coming out for the 3DS. It's a title I am extremely interested in and felt hurt the systems launch by being delayed. Now we may have discovered the culprit, or at least we found another lame excuse...


Yup, this piece of shit stand is being bundled with Kid Icarus: Uprising. According to designer Masahiro Sakurai's twitter, the stand was developed to help keep the 3DS steady when using the touch-screen. Apparently, my hands are not strong enough to bear the weight of the mighty 3DS. Throw on the Circle Pad Pro, then put the 3DS in this stand, and the "portable" part of the handheld is completely gone. I swear Nintendo is trying to fill my life with useless plastic peripherals. The Wii Balance Board says hello.

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