Kid Icarus: Uprising reveals weapon fusion, online multiplayer, and the Dawnbreaker

Posted on February 22, 2012 - 11:00am by Sean Hinz

With Kid Icarus: Uprising set to launch very soon, Sakurai-san explains in detail the weapon fusion system, multiplayer, and more. There are nine different weapon types; clubs, palms, cannons, staffs, claws, arms, bows, blades, and orbiters. The higher the intensity (difficulty) the greater the loot you will receive when playing through the single player.

Weapon fusion is introduced, which allows players to take weapons with varying attributes and combine them to make something unique. Street Pass will allow users to share their weapon designs and players can spend hearts to unlock them. Sakurai-san also mentioned the Dawnbreaker, which is essential a one shot super weapon broken into three pieces in a multiplayer stage. Find all three pieces during a match and BOOM! You can really turn the tide of battle when online.

Kid Icarus Uprising multiplayer was detailed showing off a few modes. The Light vs. Dark is an interesting combat mode that requires teamwork to win. Three player teams essentially share a health bar and weapon enough players have died, one will be reincarnated as Pit (or Dark Pit). Thos angels must be defended in a sort of last man standing mode, first team to lose their angel, lose the match. There is also a Free-For-All mode, which much like the Light vs. Dark mode, can be played online and globally. Kid Icarus will launch on March 23rd and comes with six AR cards, a silly stand, and even the 3D classics Kid Icarus at specific retailers.

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