Kill Stealing in LoL: My own thoughts

Posted on June 24, 2012 - 9:07am by NemesisTrestkon


 The whole KS thing sounds lame. Isn't "VICTORY" enough?

Kill Stealing. From what I understand, it's where someone out of nowhere takes the last hit on the enemy hero, ensuring a kill. 

I have played League of Legends for like 2 weeks now and while people have been dissing me at some point because I am KSing, I always thought to myself: since when is Kill Stealing such a bad thing? I mean, it's not like I ever got a kill stolen and I still make some profit through assists, right? Or am I mistaken?

Anyways, what really grinds my gears sometimes with the LoL community, including the ones here is that they call me a moron for KSing or ending a game before beating down Baron or maxing out. Isn't the VICTORY satisfactory enough for these guys.  Isn't the whole idea of LoL or any other MOBA game in general all about teamwork to ensure a win in a match?  In the end, I just fulfilled my role in the team, always play it safe and never charge out when not necessary. 

What really makes it hilarious is this is a match against bots. What have they got to lose other than a quick IP boost for killing Baron?

But what are your thoughts on the matter?


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