Koei Tecmo reveals new additions to the Hyrule Warriors roster and some new gameplay footage

Posted on June 25, 2014 - 6:20pm by Ryan Conway

After Nintendo released of a stellar trailer during E3 and Koei Tecmo debuted a sweet new gameplay trailer and the (Japanese exclusive?) Treasure Box bundle last weekend, the Hyrule Warriors hype continued to roll into this week, with a steady stream of new character specific trailers, and a new write up in Famitsu. The Famitsu piece perhaps offering the most intrigue, as it revealed some new characters, so let's get into that first, shall we?

Well now, isn't this an odd development?

As your keen eyes likely noticed, a brand-new, blue-haired heroine can be seen fighting bravely alongside Link and Zelda in the game's box art. Since the image was revealed in its full glory nearly two weeks ago, many Zelda fans across the Internet have been speculating her identity. Thanks to Famitsu, we now know who she is.

Her name is Lana and she appears to be a spell caster who uses her magic book to unleash powerful attacks...and that's really all we know about her at this point.  

However, the tasty info nuggets from Famitsu didn't end there (props to Siliconera for the translation, by the way). We can also report that Agitha (the bug princess from Twilight Princess) was confirmed to be a playable character, and Zant and Argorok have been noted to be featured in Hyrule Warriors as well, but the nature of their appearances has yet to be disclosed.

Given Zant and Argorok are bosses in the main-line Zelda games, I'd wager they're probably bosses in this spin-off too. Besides, I doubt a giant dragon (Argorok) would be made a playable character...as cool as that would be.   

Onto the gameplay videos, there's not a whole to say about them, so I'll keep it brief. 

In the first one, Link lights hordes of Cia's minions ablaze with the Fire Rod. Impa uses her giant sword to carve a path of destruction in the second, while Queen Zelda unleashes a rain of brilliant light arrows in the third. 



Hopefully we'll be seeing new trailers for Midna, Agitha, and Lana pop up later this week. Say what you will about Agitha but if she has as a large insect army at her command (as suggested in the Famitsu article), I think she'll be one of the neatest characters in Hyrule Warriors, which is due out for Wii U on September 26.

Sources: Siliconera and Koei Tecmo on Youtube

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