Konami has joined the Bidding to Buy Bankrupt 4Kids Entertainment

Posted on June 8, 2012 - 2:12am by Kaibaman41

 For those unaware 4Kids declared Bankruptcy last year after they had won a Law Suit between TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad Systems over the Licensing rights of the Yu-Gi-Oh Anime Franchise,fast forward to today during  auctioning to buy 4Kids a group known as Kidsco Media Ventures LLC a affiliate of Saban Entertainment was the first to bid to buy 4Kids, however before Auctioning ended Konami's 4K Acquisition Corp had entered it's bidding to buy the company. What's interesting with the bidding now over instead of having a fight between Konami and Saban Entertainment the two companies are allowed to split 4Kids Entertainment Assets. I don't know if this means if both Companies are now in control of 4Kids or not but what we do know is that the ways of how 4Kids Operates has come to an end so let us Anime Fans rejoice with Victory!

If you want to know more in detail of the Legal Talk click on the link in the Source Area down below.

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