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Posted on June 11, 2012 - 2:01pm by hypercombo64


This past weeked was pay day for me, I figured it was about time I got myself  a new game to play. In case you haven't already guessed it, it's Diablo 3. First time playing a PC game that isn't Minecraft, boy oh boy do I enjoy playing Diablo 3. This here is just to tell you of my first experience with this addicting game.

What's that? Friday? PAYDAY! I managed to haul in a bit of extra money with this pay so I decided to treat myself to a game. Onward to EB Games I went. I looked around the store for a little bit and talked to my old co-workers, indesicive of what game I wanted to buy, I asked my friend who was working, David, what game I should get. He suggested Diablo 3.

Now I had been debating on if I should buy this game or not. I'm no "PC Gamer" and the last time I attempted to play World of Warcraft... well lets say it didnt go so well. That and when I bought SWTOR I come home and realize that I can't run it on my Mac, unless I installed windows, and I really didn't feel like having all of those programs running at once. luckly I didn't open up the box so I got my money back for it. Anyway back on track. I went out on a limb and convinced myself to give Diablo 3 a shot.

Once the game is installed I start up the game and choose my character. The Barbarian didn't really appeal to. Which doctor, a summoner? that could be kinda cool. Wizard? I always loved playing as a Wizard/Mage in D&D.  Monk, this class caught my eye. I don't really know why but I figured hey why not give it a try! Then I seen the Demon Hunter. Probably the most badass looking character in the game, in my opinion. I was torn between the Monk and Demon Hunter.  In the end I Chose the Monk and name her Hyper. To start.

I start to play and right off the bat you fight the undead. (No i'm not going to be super specific with the names in this blog either, sorry guys) Fighting this easy enemy was a great way to introduce the controls to the game. The controls of the game was what worried me the m ost when it came to this game, I didn't know if I was going to like them or not. I quickly got used to how the game plays. With this character at least. I really liked how the monk is close combat, however this came to bite me in the ass sometimes, for instance if i am fighting a large group of enemies and I use up all my "spirit" . Spirit is gained from doing melee attacks to enemies and then you can do special moves. Anyway moving on. After playing as a  Monk and taking the lives of all the undead in the first half of Act I, I decided to take a little break from the game.

Once I finished whatever it was I was doing, I came back to the game. However this time when I started up the game I had a look at some of the other classes that you could play as again. Now the whole time as I was playing as the Monk, I couldn't help but think about what it would be like to play as the ranged weapon Demon Hunter. What do I do? I make a new character in the same day. This time being a Demon Hunter named Raven.

I begin to do all the same stuff that I had just done with Hyper, except with this new character. Now I found the Demon Hunter to be much more fun to play as, so I have mildly stopped playing as my monk after I started to use this new character. I tend to use my Monk when my pinky is tired of holding the shift key to shoot arrows with Raven. Thus talking about combat again. I'm also not playing this game with a mouse, I'm using my mac track pad which is a pain in the ass sometimes... but I have worked my way around it and found it was not that bad. I do find that aiming at emenies is rather difficult. Which caused a small problem when I first started to play as the Demon Hunter. That is until the game told me I could hold down shift to shoot without moving. INGENIOUS I tell you. This made playing the game so much easier. So I do all the same Quests and more with this new character. I found I even like her "special" moves a little more as well. How you have Hatred and Disapline that you can use for the different type of moves, and the moves that you get are awesome.

The boss fights I found in this game are rather fun, I feel there is a small lack of challenge when it comes to them sometimes tho. For instance My favourite boss fight so far in the game that I have come across so far is The Butcher.

This is the Boss that you fight right before you go into Act II of the game. This boss had a small challenge to it that the floor would set fire at certian times of the fight. Overall tho as I said, this boss isn't that hard to beat. Especially if you have another person in your party as you are doing so. The first go round I had with this boss I beat in no longer than a few minutes. With the Templar on my side and my ranged weapons and smooth moves of being able to dodge around and evade attacks made this fight easy. However I did have fun with this boss.


Now, why do I enjoy this game so much? Well, I have always been a fan of RPG's that and I have played D&D with friends and such, so the fact that whenever enemies die they drop items which gives you a chance to get more awesome items I rather enjoy. That and slaughtering a crowd of enemies around you can be fun to right guys? 

How about you guys? If you play D3 tell me why you like it, or why you didn't if that's the case. 

Keep it classy!


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