The Largest g1 Collab: If I Could Make a Game

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The largest g1 collaboration in the entire history of ScrewAttack!


The Largest g1 Collab: If I Could Make a Game


Hey g1s,

Woodyman here, for some amazingness. It’s been a long time since this project was announced, and the main reason it hasn’t been published yet is because I was lazy. No fancy excuses or anything, I was just lazy. However, it’s almost time for Wood-Tober a holiday I just made up, so let’s get this party started.


So back on March 31st… wow has it really been that long? I released a blog pleading g1s to join the Largest g1 Collab.


What is the Largest g1 Collab?

Well, I asked the g1s to describe what kind of game they’d make if they could make their very own video game. I got a ton of responses although I wish I had more. Nevertheless, the show must go on, so here is… THE LARGEST g1 COLLAB!




Darkhyrulelord’s Game:

A game that I would like to create would be a large, multi-staged, multigenre game with each stage having a different style of play to it.  Very few genres that are relatively basic are introduced, but as you traverse to each new world, new genres are introduced that are more complicated or more difficult.  For example, the first world could have simple 2D or 3D platforming levels divided into stages.  Then, the next could throw in puzzle, horror, or shmup into the mix, etc.  I would try my best to make them extremely challenging yet fair.


While the biggest draw to the game would certainly be the gameplay, I wouldn't mind the story to be good as well or at least an attempt for the player to play further.  Very basically, the whole point of the game is for a wasp to go on a massive quest to infiltrate a backyard and a human house to slay an evil human that is ravaging the lands (after all, humans are rather destructive in nature).  (I'm going to make the wasp female since there aren't enough female protagonists in games and wasps tend to be female in the wild anyway.)  As she does this, she has to stop insect (and other small animal) wars in order to find a way into the house (and there will certainly have fantasy to play a big part as well since I wouldn't mind creating some insectoid monsters myself).  She also has to face massive creatures (relatively) such as a hawk, a dog, a snake, etc.  Think about it---if you were that small, then they would be huge threats. The levels would be varied, and seasons could come and change up some of the levels.  In fact, I am tempted to base the entire world map on my backyard.  Therefore, finding a good art style for this and for the lush environments with lots of colors would be a must.  Perhaps there could be different art styles for each world as well---including 8 bit.


The gameplay style in the world map would be very similar to a mashup of Castlevania 3, Goemon's Great Adventure, and Super Mario Bros. 3.  The game would be divided up in about 15 worlds with about 6-10 levels in each.  The worlds would have branching paths--some of them secret (meaning that not all worlds are mandatory--in fact, you could be able to beat the game going through only 8 if skillful).  The worlds would have a massive castle stage that could take over 40 minutes to beat (much like Goemon's Great Adventure) that would have its style of genre.  Your ending to the game will be based on what choices and paths you took in the game.


There will be five difficulty modes for story mode.  Until you beat one difficulty, you cannot replay a stage or go back---you must keep pushing on.


Easy will have unlimited continues and a very high amount of lives, but you will get a premature ending and you won't be able to play the last few worlds.


Normal will have unlimited continues and a moderate amount of lives.


(Hard can be unlocked if you beat Normal and beat the Cave of 100 Horrors)  Hard will have its OWN world map kind of like the Dark World.  Bosses and stages will be very different, the art styles would be darker, the enemies will be new, there will be a few NEW worlds added in, and the final boss would be different (along with a different ending).  You will have unlimited continues and a few amount of lives for this one.


(Unlocked after beating Hard) Very Hard will have the "dark world" map along with you having limited continues and a few amount of lives.  A new level will be added in at the end along with a new level.  Quick saves are usually only allowed---very few hard saves.


(Will be unlocked after beating Very Hard and the Dark Tower of 100 Perils)  In Impossible, you will only have one life.  No hard saves---only quick saves.  The final boss will be different.


There will be vs and online modes that can be unlocked similar to that unlockable board in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.




Anti_Hipster’s Game:

I’m a pretty big fan of open world video games, so my game would definitely be in the sandbox genre. I had a pretty ambitious idea for an open world game floating around in my head for a while, and what better place than here to expel the mad ramblings of my mind. 
                I thought it would be cool to play as an immortal man who is taking part in building a settlement in the late 1700s America. This guy being immortal will stay with this town for centuries and watch it grow and become more modern and even go into the future. To play a game, where in one decade you’ll be stealing horses, and in another decade, stealing hover cars would be incredible. It’s like Bicentennial man meets Grand Theft Auto. I also wanted to have your choices dictate how the town develops. For instance, Let’s say you kill the mayor of the town in the 1860s and hypothetically the mayor was going to fund a state of the art irrigation system. Well since you killed the mayor, the irrigation system never gets implemented, which means the crops suffer and the farmers move away. Because there’s no owners on the land, that land eventually gets turned into a shopping center which brings in a higher population to the town. All this because you killed a mayor a hundred years ago (not real time of course). Is this game impossibly ambitious to the point of being un-makable? Most definitely, but you never said the game has to be created now with todays technology. Maybe we’ll have games of this scope on the PlayStation 8.




AgentKane’s Game

My idea for a game is a RTS involving super villains. A mad scientist with his army of mutants, a evil general with his army of robots, a alien with his army of well aliens, etc.




AgentKane’s Other Game:

One game I thought of is a parody of JRPGs where you control the bad guy similar to What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord?. You can take your minions to conquer towns to build up resources. Those resources can be used to boost up your minions and build better defenses against the heroes. 

Yeah, he sent me two e-mails



TheDT100man’s Game:

 If I had an idea for a video game i would create a game space western game similar to Cowboy Bebop. The game would be tilted "The Young Vigilante" and it be a 3rd person Sci-Fi shooter. In this game you play as a young teenager named Bruce who becomes an orphan after his parents die in a house fire. However before his parents die. they give him a letter saying  he's been selected by a select group of people to join in Universal Unknown Creatures Agency (UUCA for short). The group goes around to different planets to stop inter-planetary crimes from being created. The game play will contain flying sections and will play out like Star Fox will you will shoot down enemies from attack you and your crew and will have on foot levels where you are trying to stop the current criminal you are chasing (It's like Star Fox and Halo had a kid and this is what pops out). Multiplayer will be included containing 2-4 player split-screen and 32 player online mulitplayer contain maps from the different planets you've played on in the single player giving playing players an option to chose between Dogfighting in the skies or killing each on the ground Uncharted style. Game soundtrack will be composed by Spencer Nilsen and David J. Young (They Made the Sonic CD USA soundtrack). Voices will be done by Steve Blum (Bruce) and many famous gaming actors. The game's graphic design will be made from the Unreal 4 engine and would be a Wii U exclusive. That's all i can think of for my idea for a video game. Hope You Enjoy! 




samuraispartan7000’s Game:

I have often thought about it. But never knew where to begin. You see, I don't know code, I have not been able to be as much of a gamer as I would like, and I am only just beginning to immerse myself in the vast universe of gaming.


 I see video games being a big part of my future, and I am seriously planning on pursuing a career as a graphic artist that designs the look of the next great games. But there are just a few problems... I don't have many of the tools needed to pursue that dream. Its websites like ScrewAttack that have enabled me to learn more about the industry that I so want to be a part of. So, at best, this is a good trial run towards things I eventually want to accomplish in the future. So let me get on with this.


This is the first big step into a larger world, my first attempt to answer a big question that has flooded the conscience of my brain since I was a kid. What would I do if I designed my own game?


Well, first, I would like to find a way to make a game where I could change the destiny of Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars series in a gameplay mechanic similar to Mass Effect. And in speaking of Mass Effect, why not try to get EA to breathe life back into the disappointing Spore franchise? Separate the five evolutionary stages of life into five separate games, with the space stage being a fixed environment that allows you to play the rest of the game as if you were a Commander Shepard. And since Twisted Metal was kind of disappointing, maybe make a game that combines the universe of Batman and Twisted Metal. That would be sick!!! I can see it now, it would be called Twisted Metal: Gotham Gauntlet, homicidal clown vs. homicidal clown and...


Wait a minute... None of those are original ideas. As much as I would like to make games like that, I wouldn't really want to take any part in making them other than just throwing my ideas for them out there because they are not truly my ideas. Just expansions on others'. So again the question remains. What would I do if I could design my own game?


 To answer that question, let me mention the one thing about games that separate it from the rest of the arts. Most important out of all the aspects that make games for what they are, it is their interactivity that truly makes them different. Video games allow an audience to directly play a role in the medium itself. And the one genre of games that I believe utilizes this core aspect of the art more than any of the other genres are RPGs. So the game I would like to design would have to be RPG. Its my favorite type of game, and in my eyes its the most important.


I'll try not to go off on a tangent about I much I love RPGs or why they are so important, but since this is a game that I would design, I am going to combine my love of the genre with another love in my life... Dragons. But wait. Hasn't that been done in almost EVERY RPG? Not the way I envision it...


The Title of the Game I would Design is...


Master the Dragon

(I know it sounds generic, but it just sounds right. And aside from some quest group in the Aion MMORPG, I don't think the name has been taken...)



Basic Concept


If you read my blog post about The Top Ten Dragons in gaming, you would know that I am a serious b**ch for the iconic beasts. Even though they have appeared in enough games to make people shout "cliche", I still don't mind their extreme prevalence in gaming. But there is the one thing that separates dragons from most other commonplaces in gaming. You see, unlike like zombies where gamers just like killing them, or space marines where gamers just like being them, gamers want to kill, ride, train, catch, and be dragons!


But unfortunately, I have experienced games that only let you do one to two of those things per game. So... Why hasn't somebody designed a product that allows you to do ALL of those things, or at least most of them? And that's where my idea comes in...


I would like to design a game that lets you interact in a world where the coexistence of man and dragon is a delicate balance, and not just a black and white conflict. A game that has dragons that are good and dragons that are bad. A game that allows you to choose between a dragon slayer and a dragon rider. A game that that allows you to study them, hunt them, tame them, trap them, and truly interact with them.




Maybe it would be a game like Monster Hunter where there is a guild that regulates the commerce of the "dragon market." To really make things complicated, you might have to work within the rules of the guild and do really "boring" things like buy permits for killing certain dragons in reserves. But as an award for "doing the right thing" you would get serious props from the fictional community of the game world.


And if you are a entrepreneurial pioneer, you could go into uncharted territory and set up your own camp sites and territories that are dedicated to your specific type of profession.


Or if you wanted to be a bad guy, you could screw the rules and be a part of the "illegal dragon trade" or "dragon crime world". While that maybe more fun, it would come with some obvious consequences.


That would be interesting. There are two sides to choose from, the goody-good too-shoos that try to protect dragons, and the dicks that try to use and abuse them. That may sound like a typical "dark side vs. light side" or "paragon vs. renegade" but I believe it would work really well for the game.  And with this, you would have to have certain jobs in the dragon world.



Examples of dragon professions-


Dragon Rider-Be a part of the elite dragon riders and fight against threats to your respective world.

Dragon Warden-Be a "police of sorts" where you can bust guys for hunting dragons illegally or rescue dragons in need and carry out the orders of the Dragon Guild

Dragon Scientist-Collect samples, locate rare dragons, and try not to die while doing it!

Dragon Hunter-Hunt down dragons legally

Dragon Poacher-Hunt down dragons illegally

Dragon Thief-Steal eggs from nests and treasure from dragon hoards to resale on the black market

Dragon Tamer- Go out into the wilderness and tame dragons that can be used to fight other dragons in arenas, as a steed, or as an animal that can be sold to a buyer.


Those are just a couple ideas I had in mind for dragon professions. I think I like where this is going...


 I would definitely like there to be three distinct groups of dragons. Sentient, Wild, and Domestic. And those titles pretty much represent exactly what they sound like.


Sentient dragons would serve as ones you could actually communicate with and could go on "quests" for. And if you end up on their bad side, maybe they could serve the role of bosses. This is all just brainstorming of course, but I would definitely incorporate that into the game.


Wild dragons would be closer to the generic stereotype of the "mindless meat eating machines." They would be the most common type of dragon in the proposed game, and one that gives you the most variety of options on how to deal with them. Unlike sentient dragons, they can be slain, trained, domesticated, and captured.


Domestic dragons would be your pets. They could be formally wild dragons turned by taming, or just your typical "farm-raised reptiles". You could buy them straight off of people for the right amount of cash, and you could pit them in "illegal dragon fights", use them as steeds, or just pimp them out with armor and bling.


But some little things to include would be giving the dragons distinct species and types. I mean, you have got to have fire dragons, ice dragons, electric dragons, and earth dragons of course. But aside from coming up with the sentient, wild, and domestic dragons, there is not really much else I can think of in specific detail other than what I have already said.


At this point, I am just vomiting any and all ideas that pop into my head. When it comes to nitty-gritty details about the lore of the world, its hard for me to come up with something that hasn't been done before. But here's a shot at storytelling...




"Before the beginning, there was only creation and destruction. Their celestial embodiments were known as Nia and Gothoma. Nia, the supreme goddess of creation and light, forged the stars and the sun, and used pieces of her own soul to create sentient beings fashioned after her called spirits.


Gothoma, the supreme god of destruction and darkness, lived in The Great Void where he lived a sad and lonely existence. Then one day, the wondering spirits of Nia wondered into his realm. Unlike anything Gothoma encountered before, the spirits did not die or decay in his presence.


Intrigued by the company of other sentient beings, Gothoma captured and kidnapped the light filled spirits for himself, as they were the only thing that could make him feel happy.


Nia eventually learned of Gothoma's doings, and sought to rescue her children. Nia ventured into the void and pleaded with Gothoma to release the spirits that he stole. Gothoma agreed to Nia's terms if she agreed to become his bride in return. Nia agreed, and Gothoma released the spirits.


Despite the arranged relationship, Gothoma and Nia eventually grew to love each other. Together Nia and Gothoma bore four children. These children gods were known as Kashala, the spirit of fire, the burning earth, and courage. Aria, the spirit of the sky, wind,   and compassion. Lonok, the spirit of the earth, stone, and strength. And Nymphus, the spirit of the sea, water, and wisdom.


Nia sought to create a world that would serve as her children's home and began filling the void with moons, planets, and stars. Gothoma grew jealous of his children and of Nia's creations and destroyed the entire new universe in a fit of rage. Realizing his mistake,  Gothoma desperately tried to console Nia and begged for her forgiveness. Nia refused Gothoma's pleas. Unable to stand the sight of Nia's sadness, Gothoma abandoned her and his children and ventured deeper into the void as if to never return.


With Gothoma gone, Nia wielded a resolve to rebuild what her former mate had destroyed. With the help of her children, Nia created our world, earth, and tasked each of her children with creating the elements that would shape the planet. They created new spirits and forms for them to inhabit as way to thwart Gothoma's ability to immediately steal their spirits in the event of his return. With out the presence of Gothoma, all life could live forever and the threat of destruction seemed nonexistent.


In order to further their efforts, Nia and the supreme spirits created the Titans, unimaginably powerful humanoid beings with eight limbs and eight eyes that could raise mountains, fill the seas with water,and dig up molten lava out of the earth to create landmasses.


As construction of the world neared completion, the Titans began to become restless. They demanded a reward for their efforts and proclaimed that the world belonged to them. Nia ignored their demands and filled the world with plants and animals. Outraged by their mother's acts, the Titans sparked a rebellion led by their strongest warrior named Lacepheron.


Lacepheron and his warriors lay waste to the land but were helpless against Nia and the supreme spirit's immortality. To make matters worse, Nia and the supreme spirits  created the physical embodiment of all the world's elements in creatures known as dragons. Kashala gave them the power of fire, Aria gave them the power flight, Lonok gave them their near invincible hide, and Nymphus game them the power of wisdom and knowledge. The dragons became the guardians of the world and protected it from the destructive force of the Titans.


Lacepheron was fighting a losing battle until he took a remanent of Gothoma's soul and used it to forge the Sword of Lacepheron, the most powerful weapon in the universe and the only tool that could be used to kill gods and immortals.


Lacepheron slaughtered Nia's children and mortally wounded Nia herself in a bloody battle that raged for a millennia. Lacephron's victory was short-lived however, with the return of Gothoma and the betrayal of one of his own followers named Zazael, who became disgusted with the corruption of their cause. Gothoma, Zazael, and the surviving dragons defeated the Titan forces, and in a climatic duel, Zazael defeated Lacepheron. In Nia's dying words, she forgave Gothoma and told him not to kill the Titans despite the destruction they caused. Still felling the need to punish the Titans, Gothoma separated each them to make four new races that would be culled from the bodies of the former Titans.


These four new races consisted of the giants, trolls, imps, and goblins. Gothoma casted the four races out of Nia's world and marked the river where Nia's blood ran as the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead. The four races would be doomed to live in The Great Void for thousands of years until their eventual escape into the living world. These races would be forever known as the Demon Horde and The Spawn of the Fallen and would plague the world for several millennial to come.


Despite the fate of his brethren, Zazael did not share the same destiny. As part of his redemption, Gothoma separated him into four races that would have the privilege to live in the world Nia created for them. These for races became the humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomes. They would be known as The Children of Nia and would live on the earth till death because of Gothoma's inescapable power of decay and age. Upon their death, however, the immortal spirits that Nia created for them would journey to the Realm of Light if they succeeded in living in "The Way of Nia" but would inhabit The Great Void if they failed to carry out their mother's lasting wishes.


Gothoma vowed to protect Nia's world from evil and established himself as the keeper and ruler of the dead and would imprison malevolent spirits and the monstrosities that the Titans created in The Great Void. He also hid away the Sword of Lacepheron deep within the Void as he could not destroy the power that came from his own soul.


Gothoma made the dragons the keepers and rulers of the living world where they would govern the creatures of the earth, navigate the power of the elements, and guard the Spirit Stones that hold the remains of the supreme spirits' power and where their essence lives on and balances life on the planet.


Forevermore, dragon's would guard Nia's power, or magic, as had come to be known by Nia's Children, and would be tasked with keeping it's deepest secrets.


As it has been since the dawn of time, dragons continue to watch over the balance of our world, and protect it from any and all threats. But as civilization has progressed, the balance between man and dragon has been shaken. It is up to you to maintain that balance. Will you accept your fate? Will you Master the Dragon?"


I know that's a lot, but that's what the main mythology of the world would be. There would be several different fictional cultures in the game that would be reflective of some our own ancient and medieval cultures and how they regard dragons. And each of those cultures that would have their own unique way of telling this tale. So now that I have bored you with this exhaustive culture study that isn't even real, let's move on...




I know you are probably already thinking. "Except for the killing dragons part, this sounds a hell of a lot like Poke'mon." And I don't blame you. But isn't it time developers came up with a more "mature" form of that same kind of idea? Most of the first generation Poke'mon fans are grown up now. Give them something that will satisfy them but won't embarrass inadvertently. And with that, we now we arrive at the tone of the game.


I would like this to be a somewhat quasi-realistic game world. Sure there should be blood, but just enough to maintain a sense of grit and realism at the same time.


I keep referencing the Monster Hunter games just because I love the series so damn much, but take it as an example of tone. Its world is really realistic yet there are several cartoony elements in it for sure. Every single set of equipment that you make from the monsters look like something Lady GaGa would wear. And some of the lynians like the cat-like Felynes and tribal Shankalakas (don't know if I spelled those right) add some more of a lighter touch to the game.


I would like my game to come close to that tone. It wouldn't be the bleak and gray most games turn out to be these days, but it wouldn't necessarily be the bright and dandy feel of games like Mario or Sonic. There has to be a middle ground somewhere. And I would make it my personal mission to find it for my game.




Other than what I was able to describe in the concept of the game, the game would be the next step after Skyrim, as far as the "discovery aspect" in the game goes. 


Your fighting techniques would depend on your profession. I am not entirely sure if I would include magic, but it is thought for consideration. Some items from killing dragons could be utilized, some items from gathering in the environment could be used, and treasure you could steal from dragon hoards like ivory pieces and gold pieces could be sold in the virtual markets.


But back on the subject of the battle system, your fighting methods would depend on what you do in the world. For example, if you were a dragon hunter, you would carry heavy weapons like broad swords, axes, hammers, and giant two-handed cross bows. These weapons would slow you down, but as a dragon hunter, they would give you the edge you would need to bring the beasts down. But if you were something like a dragon thief, you would carry small weapons like daggers, dual swords, swords and shields, and one handed crossbows so you could escape angry dragons more easily as opposed to killing them.


That's basically the unique element of the battle system, and it would be made with the intention of making players choose a profession that best fits their fighting style.


I think I just about covered everything I could in the most general way possible so... I think I will stop here before I write a book...




In the end, Master the Dragon would the collaboration of all of my childhood dreams and ambitions. Taking everything I love and putting it under one awesome roof. Yeah we have seen dragon-riding games. Yeah we have seen dragon slaying games. And yeah, we have seen dragon training games and enough RPGs with dragons in them to satisfy  even the most avid dragon lover. But I just think there is a lot of potential here with this idea of mine. All I can really say for sure is that if I was in the developer's chair, Master the Dragon would be my dream project. And maybe someday, I might actually make it. But until then, I am just glad I was given this tremendous opportunity to share it!


Note to Reader: I sincerely hope this is the type of response you wanted. There were A LOT of paths I could have taken this. If you have any questions, complaints, or concerns, just email me back. Here's A BIG THANK-YOU!!! And stay screwy!




MetalMonster13’s Game:

*** Note: This g1 sent me a video but I cannot download it. If he sees this then I’ll use this spot to post his video.




A Zero 2 Hero’s Game:

I think I've finally found my 'unique' calling on this site: Presenting my own game ideas and hoping that the G1 community, the greatest gaming community in the world (absolutely in no way shape or form pandering to your good sides) can give their praise/critique/troll repsonses, and help it grow from a seedling thought, to a fully coded out reality. So without further adeu, here's my first example: a little erotic-comedy called Bliss-Eater.


Basic Story:  It's just days away from Valentine's Day and love is truly in the air, in all of it's kinky, marketable glory. The main character (Hey that's you, who would've thought!) has special plans for a certain special someone, but then in true action genre fashion, something big happens. Apparently an airborne virus of some sort has infected the area and have transformed most citizens into something worse than zombies. It's turned them into horny humans! Sure, it may sound like a porn's paradise for those of you stuck in the friend-zone with your left hand, but that opinion will probably change when you don't want your pelvis broken from over-aggressive rape.    So it's up to you and a few others you meet along the way, to find out what has happened, and then find a way to stop the hornies from overruning the world in lust, but there's a deeper truth to it than what meets the eye, epecially involving a certain bow-wielding main character, named Steve Lesbois, head of an adult mega-industry and underground sex trade ring, who undoubtely seems to be behind all of this in some way.


Gameplay: This part I'm still unsure of, which is a big freakin problem considering the fact that this is a game. Don't discredit me yet though, because I have an idea at making the gameplay as unique as possible, driving as far away from predictable genres as possible.   The game will be a dungeon crawler with a huge emphasis on the Crowd-Control mechanic because without a certain mechanic, you will be easily overwhelmed by the sheer amount of hornies coming after you, which is where Phermones come in. You, your party members, and the hornies have a phermone type out of 3 (for now we'll adress them as Alpha, Beta, and Gamma phermones). You will have various tools that will change your enemies to different phermone types and you'll also have a limited supply of items such as cologne etc. to change your own phermones. Hornies of the same phermone type will attack you, meanhwhile, the phermone of the polar opposite of yours will either play keepaway against you, or attack aggressively against you, but their glass cannons. The others in the other phermone type will do nothing, however they will have super armor (noninterruptable) their damage resistance is extremely high to your attacks. The trick is to keep changing each others' phermones to swift the tide of battle; make some of them leave you alone while you take care of the ones attacking you using your normal weapons, especially the polar opposites ones. With the proper A.I. your teammates will help you with fights via attracting their attention, giving you/them boosts/debuffs, all the standard RPG shenanigans, but their dependancy is reliant on how well your relationship with them is via conversations among other things; this is where the Social RPG segment comes into play. The battle could either end in a land-slide victory or an instant disaster if your teammates decide to be more selfish and/or unreliable because you aren't in good terms with them. Weapons will be the usual inprov tools, but also include ludicrous items such as dildo bats (Saint's Row: The Third beat me to this idea) and other exxageratted sex toys and medical gear.     Boss Battles will play differently, but you'll have to find that out yourself ;)


Other Stuff (Extras): So that's my proposal on gameplay. Even though that's subject to change, there are some neat stuff I've thought about that I'm sure I would want to include in the game.


Arcade Easter Eggs: In a part of the city, there is a run-down arcade. Inside this arcade, there are some machines still barely functioning. The first, is the infamous Custard's Revenge. The second is a damaged machine. When turned on, the player can play the demo version of Skullgirls. This arcade is supposed to celebrate to the theme of love and sexuality in the video game media such as the Dead or Alive, Leisure Suit Larry, and Tomb Raider series.


Lesbois Journals: Remember, this game is mostly going to be rated AO (Adults Only) and this will most likely be why. Throughout the game, the player will come across journal entries from Steve Lesbois. These will tell the general backstory of the character, sexual exploits and all. Of course after a proper warning of the incoming content, these optional segments will be played like a Hentai Adult Game.




Fifty Shades of Red- Defeat a certain number of enemies


Never Gonna Give You Up...- Revive/Heal a party member a certain number of times.


Master of Martial Hearts-Master a particular weapon type (Max Level)


The Karma-Sutra- Your choices are a big influence whether you know it or not. Any regrets?


and more!


Special Edition Packaging: Oh yeah, I even thought of the special edition packaging! The special edition will include an alternate cover, an art book in the style of a playboy magazine, a condom, and a valentine card related to the game, to use in any way you want. Release Date: Preferably Valentine's Day [Insert Year Here].


And that's Bliss-Eater. I hope you enjoyed my little proposal, unless you just read the intro and then skipped into this part. Any opinion/input is appreciated on this proposal and whether or not I should continue to validate my existance by submitting more of my ideas to here. <3 




Gaarathedancingpanda’s Game:

My game is an idea I have had in my head for years now. It's due to a bit of my frustration with two different genres, and how a mix of the two could fix my problems with both. A Fighting RPG.

RPG games attract me with their mass amount of customization to make a play style that fits you perfectly and your character's look. The main problem I find with RPGs though, is that with all their customization, too many of them rely on grinding to get you to a high enough level to defeat certain enemies, and with fighting mechanics (menus) that are boring (IMO), it makes battles and grinding more of a chore than an exciting endeavor.

Fighting Games are the exact opposite. Characters can't be customized (usually) with the exception of a Super/Assist and their costumes. Buttons may be changed, but the moves stay the same. The battles in fighting games are more involved. The action is kinetic and exciting. Though, characters are divided into tiers, which does give a somewhat unfair advantage to those who chose lower tier fighters vs. those of a higher tier.

My game is a mix of the two. Take an RPG's customization and throw it on a Fighter. You would have 4 Party members who could be switched out mid match and could assist (a la Marvel Vs. Capcom). Each character would have a certain amount of customizable move slots (4 probably) and a Super slot that you could customize with whichever moves you want. Each character would still have basic attacks (light punch, heavy punch. Light kick, etc.), but each special move (double quarter-forward punch and the like) could be assigned to whatever kind of move you want. Want a character where all her attacks are projectiles? I don't know why you would, but it can be done. Someone with 1 projectile, 2 grapples, and a melee onslaught? Also possible. Each character would still have stats (Stamina, Strength, recharge) but those would be implemented more as guidelines than restrictions. Leveling up would give you a minor boost to your stats, but to a point where the game is mostly skill reliant. Levels are more implemented for the purpose of unlocking more moves (not specifically better moves, but different) as your character gains levels.

The game would also have overworld movement, dungeons, and boss battles like an RPG. There might be a few other RPG elements, but I have yet to decide if they are advantageous to the game.

I haven't thought much about story honestly. My only prerequisite is that is be super crazy (somewhere between Third Strike andBobobo-bo Bo-bobo).

Music would be composed by RainbowCrash88 hopefully, who has done spectacular composing for a different fighting game project that has absolutely brilliant music.

Finally, as far as versus and online play is concerned, it would be a clean slate. Everyone would be able to access all the moves, choose which 4 party members they want, and no stat gains from levels would be carried over from single-player.

Sorry if that was a rant.




Terra_Corrupt’s Game:

So as an actual Games Design student this is a bit weird for me to write up. I have a lot of GDD's actually done up for games I want to make in the future, so for this I think I'll write down what my DREAM team would be making my DREAM game.



Lead Design: Meself

Director: Hiroyuki Itou

Music: Grant Kirkhope

Art/Character Design: Harry Porter

Programming: John Carmack



And Hub World based Action Adventure Platformer with RPG Elements. Think Donkey Kong 64 meets Kingdom Hearts. Collectibles out the asshole, quests, challenges, an awesome story that juggles a serious tone with light-hearted comedy and characters. You control 4 characters with varying abilities pertaining to certain quests and objectives. You would start out in a Hub World and have to progress through varying levels.

The Gameplay would mix the platforming of a Jak and Daxter Game with the combat of Muramasa The Demon Blade, in 3D of course. Puzzles, Mini-Games, and various other systems would be included as well. You would be able to interact with NPC's and make differing choices that would affect the world you were currently in in different ways, therefore making each playthrough a different experience. A carefully constructed levelling curve would determine how fast you level up. Depending on what character you focus on the most, endgame challenges would open up.

Various endings are a must with a special UFO ending for teh lulz. A Perfect file, aka 100% completion would grant access to a final special world with an insane difficulty and tease the plot for the sequel game.


So, yeah.... I can't exactly describe a story as that would take some time, but here's a pretty basic design for the game I would kill to make. Who knows, maybe one day I will be able to make it :D


Thanks for reading, I'm Terra_corrupt




Themanlystanley’s Game:

Since everyone has a lot to read I'll keep it short. 


Zombie survival game. Stay alive as long as possible. Gather food, water, weapons etc in an urban environment. Multiplayer.


 Zombies easy 1v1, overwhelming in numbers. Slow moving. 


Multiplayer. Survivors. Can kill other players or join each other to pool resources. Game can be joined or exited freely. Ends either on a round by round elimination, or is infinite. 


Think GTA style map, with open houses for shelter, and randomly placed assets for survival. Oh, and a fuckton of the undead. 




FrankHaggar972’s Game:

So my idea would be a platformer starring Donald, Goofy and Mickey Mouse,The story would be that Big Bad Pete has gotten hold on Uncle Scrooge`s money by tricking him and builds a giant army of robots who can shape shift, this makes for alot of conflict betwen the characters because you don`t know` who`s a clone. The grafics should be in the same style of the old Carl bark`s comics or Don rosas work. The game would take place in diferent locations like Magikas Volcano,Scrooge`s money bank, Big bad pete`s castle and many tropical places which the team needs to find special power to counter Pete.Underwater stages should have a underwater suit so they are quick and fun. As for the characters Donald should have a plunger gun like Quackshot, Mickey his Fantasia powers and Goofy useing his super goofy powers. The enemise would be the Beagle boys,Magicka, an evil Version of Gyro,Flintheart Glomgoldand other henchen/women from the series history. There should also be hidden characters like Donalds newwphwes ,Daisy and Pk(Super Donald).  I would also ad shmup stages controling Launchpaud plane going through locations. Treasure hunting would be a key to the game to if you want to unlock new things(no crappy dlc) The game would be call Disney Tales: Wrath of Pete and would be for the 3DS. Last thingi ,it should also contain alot of classic cartoons hidden in the game and have some fun mini games starring Pluto and ChipN Dale(should be playable btw)




Chainsawgrizzly’s Game:

My personal game would be a variation of the appeal of borderlands. Instead of having just lots of types of guns, there would be parts for guns. Sights, clips, stocks,  bayonets, firing pins, everything. I’ll make this nice and neat.



Much like borderlands, there will be multitudes of guns for players to find, and all of them are customizable. The guns themselves mainly exist as templates for players to create weapons. Mods will be found or bought, with unique ones having certain conditions to be acquired. There are common, uncommon, rare, epic and unique mods. There are several types of mods: Attribute mods, melee mods, weapon mods, ammo mods, and type mods.


Attribute mods are elemental mods in short. They add effects to weapons. Electric (Good vs shields and mechanical enemies), Venom (Damage over time vs organic enemies), Flash (Chance to stun or disorient), Cryo (Slows down/ freezes enemies),  Pyro (Damage over time, lower defence), Explosive (Higher damage vs armored targets, splash damage) and Plasma (Good vs shields, cause burns(lower attack) but prone to overheating) to name a few.


Melee Mods: As its name states, this applies to any melee weapon for the guns.  There will be bayonets of various sizes, broad blades for more damage and can hit more than 1 enemy, smaller blades for reliable critical hits for only one enemy at a time and modified stocks for knocking back and stunning enemies. Some characteristics are ripper blades (serrated edge for higher damage), infused blades (can utilize attribute mods) and nitro stocks (explosive stocks that blow back hit enemies).


Weapon mods: This covers any and all gun mods. Sights, firing pins, stocks, anything that involves modifying gun aspects save for ammo. They will cover recoil-dampening stocks, removal of stocks for faster firing rate of pump-action guns,  barrel types( longer for accuracy, spray barrels), firing mechanism (pump action for slower rate but no over heat, energy recycler for energy weapons(less ammo consumption)) , Zoom sights, thermal sights, everything.


Ammo mods: The rounds the gun takes. This includes clip size, ammo caliber, energy weapon ammo and clip type (drum, clip, belt). Some clips will also be infused, doubling the effect of an attribute mod, some can regenerate ammo, and some will be a way to get rid of heat, a la Mass Effect thermal clips.



Type mods: These affect the way the weapon acts. Think the shotgun revolvers and rocket shotguns from Borderlands. Flechette mods will make weapons act like a shotgun, magnetic rails for a rail gun type, laser trackers of guided weapons and Magnum mods to add an extra kick to a weapon.


Each gun will have a limit in regards of what mods they can support. Each mod has a weight value and a tech value. Lower end guns won’t be able to support a super advanced multi-attribute mod. This forces the player to seek out new guns, as well as blueprints for completely custom guns.

When installing mods players have 2 choices. You can pay a gunsmith to reliably install mods for a price or install them yourself with a short mini-game. Its like the hacking sequence in Mass effect 1, with longer sequences for more complex mods. If the player gets the sequence perfectly, the mod will be installed and perform better than if it was installed with a gunsmith. If the player messes up 2 or 3 times, the mod will be installed, but will perform the same as the gunsmith. If the player messes up more than 3 times, the mod will not be installed and have a chance of being damaged. Damaged mods will have to be repaired for double the installation fee.


Unique mods: These mods will be highly sought after. Some can be bought for a high price and others you have to find.  These mods can apply to several types of mods and stack with any others. Here are a few examples:


Fisson mod: Chargeable Energy Weapon. Adds Fisson attribute to weapon and ability to charge shots. Fisson is a cold fusion energy, and thus generates no heat.  Overheating for weapon takes a drastically longer time.  Experimental charging technology carries a risk. Charging the weapon for too long will cause it to discharge the energy violently and damage the user.


Skylance mod: Replaces ammunition with a guiding laser to control an orbital weapon.  Firing speed, attribute and recharge mods will still apply to weapon. Slight delay for firing, laser must be kept trained on target. Excellent for large targets.


Genesis mod: Adds all attributes (except fisson) to weapon and will use them all at once.


Environments and buildings will also be destructible to a degree (I love Red Faction). Some materials will need stronger weapons to destroy it. Some barriers in the game will be comprised of barriers that need a certain mod to destroy. The player will also use barges and other ships to get to other planets.



I’m not much of a storyteller and it feels like everything has been done before but I’ll give it a shot. The setting is in the future. After a massive civil war, the planets of the Commonwealth have fractured. There is no central government and most of the planets only care for themselves, though trade routes are beginning to open and stabilize. While both sides lost the war, planets are grouped in several categories.


Remnants, the last pieces of the Commonwealth loyalists trying to rebuild what they can of their society. The once great military might of the Commonwealth has fractured and what remains defends these planets. While there are still tensions with the League, there is no open fighting. The Remnants are further weakened by corruption problems from the Consortium and planets are on the verge of breaking out in anarchy.


The League, the remnants of the League of Free Planets are home to the only somewhat stable area of the galaxy. The planets here are beginning to flourish once more, but don’t have much of a military presence. As such, bandits are beginning to raid some planets and the areas already thin security force is straining under the pressure of these small raids. As such, the League has pursued diplomatic options. Trading routes have been opened with a few Remnant planets, but one well-coordinated attack may crush what’s left of the League.


The Consortium, while only about 3 planets, they comprise the bulk of the underworld. In the chaos of the civil war, crime lords seized territories for themselves and began operating in conjunction with other lords. The planets are run by the 3 Kings, the heads of 3 gang factions that each control a planet. While lawlessness and danger is abound, its rumored that  devastating new technologies have been developed without the restrictions of the law.


The Wilds, a group of planets that falls under no territory. For the most part, they are in complete anarchy. Battles still being fought for who knows what, no regulation at all and utter chaos.


Players can choose which faction to start in with access to perks for each. The story starts when contact is lost from several planets in the Wilds. An unknown force of possibly extra-terrestrial origin is plowing through the planets, evidently destroying everything in their way. No faction is powerful enough to stop them on their own. If nobody unites the factions in one way or another, the extinction of humanity is at hand.



Cam the TriforceBoy’s Game:

The kind of game that I would want to make would be a callback (gameplay-wise) to one

of my favorite underrated Nintendo games: Zelda II, with gameplay aspects from other games as

well. The game would be called Quest of Redemption and the story would go like this: a warrior

(who can be chosen to be male or female and have a costume chosen by the player) saved a

kingdom long ago from an evil wizard and his army of monsters and was hailed as a hero. That

is, until he/she is accused of various acts of felony during their adventure (including breaking

and entering, smashing property, stealing money and other goods straight out of townspeople’s

chests, and harassing farm life) and so he/she is sent into exile into the far off mountains. Several

years past, the hero has grown into a bitter, elderly hermit and the dark wizard he/she defeated

has returned to reclaim the kingdom. The kingdom sends out a young message boy into the

mountains to find the old hero as he/she is the only one with the knowledge of defeating this evil

wizard after they tried several methods of destroying him themselves. The message boy finds the

hermit’s cabin in the mountains and tells him/her of the kingdom’s predicament; however the

hermit brushes off the message boy and questions why they should help the kingdom that sent

him into exile. The message boy tries to convince the hermit to help by giving various reason

why he/she should (including they were pardoned by the kingdom, many innocent lives would

be lost, and the world would fall into darkness and it is his/her responsibility as a hero to save it),

with no success. However, the hermit is finally convinced after the message boy mentions that if

the wizard is back, then he/she were a fraud of a hero all along because they didn’t finish their

job correctly. The story continues on with the old hermit traveling across the land with the

message boy, visiting villages and exploring dungeons to find the eight blessed weapons wielded

by the boss monsters which cursed the weapons so they would not kill them on contact. Along

the way, you can choose to steal gold and items right away from townspeople’s homes like most

RPGs, however if you leave it there and continue to kill monsters and fight back the dark

Wizard’s forces, the townspeople will begin to warm up to you and give you even better treasure

later on. And the game would have multiple endings based on the players’ actions, ranging from

the hermit completely redeeming themselves in the eyes of the kingdom and becoming a

legendary hero to them to the hermit siding with the evil wizard and getting revenge on the jerky

citizens of the kingdom who exiled him/her and never passed down the tale of his/her great

adventure in defeating the dark king the first time.


As far as the gameplay goes, like mentioned before, the game would play very much like

Zelda II on the NES with a weapon and shield always being at the ready but also having two

other buttons, one for a sub-item and another for magic spells. The standard weapon can be used

to attack high-standing, low-standing (while ducking), stabbed up (while jumping and pressing

up), or thrust down (again, while jumping but pressing down) and the player starts off with a

sword, the hermit’s “legendary blade” which has seen better days as it once was the greatest

sword in the world and after years of being untreated and underused, it is become dull, rusted

and the weakest weapon in the game. Thankfully, other weapons can be found and bought

throughout the game (such as other swords, knives, clubs, maces, spears, axes, cannons, guns,

claws, etc.) and all of them can be upgraded to have not only stronger attack strength but also

other attributes such as being able to shoot fireballs or pierce enemy armor and cut enemy

shields. The catch to some of these upgrades is that they might slow you down or decrease your

defense. Sub-items include bombs, a bow and arrows, throwing knives, poison darts, and other

stuff while magic spells range from healing spells, curses that slow enemies, spells that summon

massive, enemy-smashing golems, speed-up spells that give a temporary speed boost, and

transforming spells which turn the hermit into a variety of forms including a dinosaur, an

enchanted suit of armor, a ghost, a fairy, a kappa, and various other forms that have specific uses

in the game. Different shields could also be found, bought, and upgraded in the game and there

could be an option to turn off the shield all together which increases the hermit’s speed and

attack power but, of course, lowers defense. Different clothes that alter your character’s

appearance can be worn and each piece of clothing would have a different effect on your overall

attributes (such as boots that increase speed but lower defense or armor that increases defense

but lowers speed).


The overworld would be more along the lines of Dragon Quest IX than Zelda II in which

you can clearly see what enemies are on the map and weaker ones will run away from you.

However, much like Zelda II, the battle screens would vary depending on the terrain the enemy

was engaged on and different terrains can have different effects on the course of battle. Battle/

action scenes and important areas would be in a side-scrolling perspective, also like Zelda II, and

are accessed through the overworld map as one would guess. Temples and dungeons would each

house a blessed weapon needed to destroy the dark wizard once and for all that are wielded by

the boss monsters of each dungeon (an aspect similar to Megaman and Megaman X). Once the

boss monster is killed, the hermit uses a spell to lift the curse set on the weapon and the more

monsters that are killed with the weapon, the more its power is restored until it is fully functional

again. There would be an experience system that when leveling up, allowed the player to up

more of one stat by a few points based on a roulette board (similar to the Mario & Luigi games).

The visual style I would want the game to have would be a hand-drawn, cartoony appearance similar to games like Rayman Origins and the writing would be somewhat light-hearted and have references to beloved adventure games and a few fourth-wall jokes but not enough to rival Deadpool or Freakazoid. This is the game that I would like to make.




The Spoonman Abrams X’s Game:

I would really like to do something similar to what g1 McGunn is spear-heading in the forums; A ScrewAttack side-scrolling beat-'em-up. 

I personally would put some focus on "fighting style" game play, characters can utilize special moves and combos to decimate opponents. Heck, it'd be cool to include a fully fledged fighting mode in game! Call back to the days of Double Dragon and Streets of Rage.

There'd of course be some amount of ridiculousness in it; Craig would be able to utilize the powers of the tank as a special move. Nick would transform into Tommy the Toucan. Also, Ben as Metal Gear Ben. List goes on.

Other characters included would of course be guys like brentalfloss and AVGN, but I think other ScrewAttack partners would deserve the lime light as well. Game Theory, the Overthinker, Retro Hunters, and even some past and classic series like Safety First and Life in a Game. Also have some of the past crew in there, including Destin, Jose, Corey, even Ryan the Intern. Included as free post-launch DLC ;)

Also, for graphics, it would have to be in a retro/sprite style, colorful and vibrant. Something like Castle Crashers would be awesome. It would be the only way to capture the heart and soul of the ScrewAttack.




BigJoe91’s Game:

As a fan of RPGs, I would tend towards that genre. I actually started this project back in the days on RPG Maker 2003. Two things made me give up:

1.       I have no sprite design skills and the ones I did find weren’t satisfying enough

2.       I couldn’t recreate a magic to double magic resistance, which pretty much makes me a nerd among nerds.

Anyway, here was my idea:




Three heroes all on their own quest: One seeks recognition, one seeks peace and one seeks redemption. Each on their own parcel of land poisoned by war, they face three different enemies, but in the end, they fight a common battle.


(I haven’t found good enough names yet so don’t judge me.)


On the first continent, Nathan leaves his family’s mansion. As the son of a duke, he fails to be recognized as something else than the future duke. He seeks to be known for his abilities and not for his title. Hearing rumors of recruiters looking for the next “hero” to join their army, he chooses the military path. Having recently discovered access to the south of the continent, the government tries to take control of the new territory only to be met by an unknown well-organized force. As the hero joins this controversial war, he meets people who are swept in this violence’s current and decides to go against it.


On the second continent, following the death of his father, the new king rules with an iron fist. As poverty starts to spread and taxes rise, a rebellion is brewing. As an artifact saleswoman, the hero of this continent manages to avoid trouble like many merchants. The abundance of the army, acting as clients, in most towns and the fondness of the king for rare artifacts keep her safe. However, on a treasure hunt, she meets up with a rebel member chased by soldiers. Going to her help she gets branded as a rebel, loses her store and is eventually captured.


On the third continent, two nations were peacefully sharing the land. The south, led by rogue warriors, is covered in wasteland rich in mineral. The north, led by powerful wizards, covered in fertile plains and forests rumbling with animals. Mercantile transactions were the basis of the peace between the two lands, until the north discovered a new mineral source. After that discovery, mercantile lines were cut and the south began an invasion. Taking care of a sick child in a border town, the third continent hero gets caught in one of the invasion. She joins the town guards in defending the villagers. Wanting to put an end to the town, she goes to the north capital in hope of putting an end to the war.




In an attempt to merge FFVI and Star Ocean, two games that have the best character development in the games I played, I would have mostly the average stereotypes of characters that would develop depending on choices made in the story. Like FFVI, no character would be more important than the other. They would have their own quest and reasons for fighting. Like Star Ocean, when entering a town, the characters would split up and you would only control the leader engaging in personal dialog and events between characters. That allows for realistic friendships and romance to form. Furthermore, if you want to stroll through the game, you could skip most of the detail by, well, not caring.




I really want to have a traditional gameplay with turn-based combat and a four character battle. The thing I want different though is to have every character gain skills in a different manner. For example, some characters would gain skills with enemies killed, some other would acquire materials to build tools, etc. The rest could be pretty straight forward. Characters would have two specific skill types and unique weapons.


You know, talking about it, I really want to build that game. Any artist would want to participate?




LousyTactician’s Game:

Violent Haven

Like many gamers, I’ve often wondered what kind of game I’d make if I were given a reliable development team and complete control over the project. In fact, it feels like I constantly have game design ideas randomly popping (and occasionally leaving) my head. So, with THE BIGGEST G1 COLLABORATION EVER taking place I figured I might as well share one of those concepts, the story of Violent Haven.

Plot Synopsis: In a future ravaged by waning fuel sources, the isolated, towering city of Inner Haven has created the first easily renewable source of energy, becoming a city literally ran on the blood, sweat, and tears of its citizens. That all changes when hapless loser, hero wanna-be, and all around nerd, Mark Grey visits the city, is granted super powers by a floating, genderless robot (that’s you) and is forcibly recruited into the Kretsku family mafia. Now with the assistance of this robot, and many new friends he must fight through the world’s most powerful factions if he has any hope of making it through the city and seeing what lies at the top of Inner Haven.


Violent Haven’s gameplay is divided into 3 sections; adventure, action, and social.


Adventure segments work like your typical adventure game, but much more open-ended. The game has 7 floors/areas in total and access to a new floor is gained with every faction leader you defeat. Each area contains numerous branching paths, and adventure puzzles to solve which will give you access to newer areas of the city, more citizens to interact with, and several valuable items for combat. Advancing through the game will occasionally require some puzzle solving, but it will be significantly easier than the optional puzzles.

Combat and shooting

Combat can best be described as a variation of the 3rd person over-the shoulder shooting used in Wild Guns (see this video  ). Most battles consist of several waves of enemies who will appear on two different plains. Enemies on the plain furthest from you can only be hurt with fire arms and enemies on the plain closest to you can only be harmed with melee attacks. A player can be put into a gun fight during key events (boss battles and mini-bosses), from coming into contact with hostile enemies in the city (no random encounters here), and from taking on ‘hit-man’ side-missions. Aiming is done with the mouse, shooting with the left mouse button, melee attacks with the right mouse button, and moving with the WASD keys. Additional maneuvers include jumping with the space bar and diving with the space bar plus + directional key.

There are limited clip sizes to each character’s gun, requiring people to reload with the R key, but ammo itself is infinite and there are upgrades to extend clip sizes. Using scenery for cover is a part of the gameplay, but to keep the mechanic from being abused, the cover used by both the player and enemies is easily destructible making it best to use cover sparingly when you need a moment to think or a quick escape from a particularly large onslaught of enemy fire. As the player continues fighting through waves of enemies a meter will build that lets them use a character’s special attack with the F key. Each of these moves contains different properties that will be discussed in further detail below.


Inner Haven is filled with an assortment of odd characters that you’ll be allowed to interact with. Along with the 4 other playable characters, every floor will have at least 2 NPCs, usually more, to socialize with. But aside from meeting these odd people being flat-out fun, is there any benefit from doing this? Yes, each character will have multiple meetings and at least 1 quest to give to you, which gives you some sort of reward varying from extended clips to extra blood, sweat, or tears (the game’s currency). Other conversations will net you free gifts if you make the right choices. As Mark’s best friend and assistant it is in your best interest to guide him as well as you can and make sure he makes the right choices during his time in the city. How you guide Mark and which characters you interact with will have an effect on the story.



I thought up the concept for the game with the idea of it initially being available for the PC, but the game’s control scheme is easily compatible with all 3 current gen consoles too.

Shooting Control Schemes


Input for PC

Input for 360/PS3

Input for Wii



Right Analog



Left Click

Right Trigger/R2



Right Click

Left Trigger/L2



F Key



Take Cover

Press down whenever near cover.

Press down whenever near cover.

Press down whenever near cover.


R Key

Right Bumper/R1

D-Pad Down


Space Bar




                   Any directional movement plus the jump button

                   Any directional movement plus the jump button

                   Any directional movement plus the jump button


The social and adventure segments of the game are much more straightforward and there isn’t much need to give a button layout for it.




Main Character(s)

Name: Mark Grey

Fire Arm: Chicago 2.564

Melee Weapon: Fisti-cuffs

Apologies for the lack of pictures, I could only get one of a younger Mark on such short notice.

Character Chart


Bio: From an early age it has always been Mark’s dream to be a hero, unfortunately he never made much of that dream. That is until his parents kicked him out of their house and he immigrated to Inner Haven. From there he was laughed away by every faction he tried to join and reached the verge of collapsing financially. It was at that point that luck threw him a bone and made a robot electrocute him. The robot in question happened to be the Kretsku Family’s ‘Conscious Core’; the group’s sole defender and a device that grants power to whoever it decides to control…And the person it took control of is an complete idiot, a very friendly and well-meaning idiot, but an idiot none the less.

Mark is the player’s pawn in every sense of the word. He throws in his own advice and opinion into the mix, sure, but the final choice of where to go, what to do, and how to do it is up to the player. How the player chooses to treat Mark impacts what he’ll become on his journey to the top.

Gameplay wise Mark can be considered a jack of all trades. His fire arm deals average damage, has an average clip size, and fires at an average rate. His melee punches hit singular enemies, but take most down quickly, and he has no special maneuvers outside of the typical dive roll and jump. When his special meter is fully charged his gun can shoot a huge stream of flame that hits enemies on both plains and fills up roughly 1/3 of the screen. It deals pretty significant damage and enemies who survive the attack will still be inflicted with small damage from the after-burn.

(As mentioned 4 other playable characters would be intended to be in the game, but not all of them are thought through as of now.)


The goal of Violent Haven’s audio would be to make a soundtrack that gives the ‘feel’ of a chiptune soundtrack, except with conventional music and making every tune has a distinct feel.


Lastly there is how the game looks. I’m pretty open to the game’s visual style, but I’d be looking for something similar to the gorgeous backgrounds used in Gemini Rue ( ), but slightly more cartoonish to fit Violent Haven’s over-the-top nature and perhaps a bit crisper too. It also goes without saying the game would feature LOTS of blood. You can’t really call a game Violent Haven, have its currency be bodily fluids, and make the characters compete in games of death without making it a gore fest.




King Meatball 1’s Game:

If I were to create a game, I'd make it a sidescroller action game but similar to beat-em-ups for how they move across the screen.

The player gets to choose between 2 characters where one is a big buff and extra macho type guy but has the personality of Luigi in being scared of everything. The other is a little kid who seems harmless at first but is braver than the big guy. Both characters are always on the screen with the little kid having an arsenal of toys and a spiked baseball bat while the big macho guy has shaky aim with weapons.

Some of the enemies include:
   * rabbits - friendly at first but become crazy killer rabbits when attacked or bumped into.
   * zombies - broken down into the classic type, Nerd Zombies who are a lot smarter and plan how to attack the player, and clumsy ones who tend to fall down or walk into things.
   * robots - various sizes but all controlled by little dogs inside.

Levels would all pay homage to other games such as a mysterious forest maze (Zelda series), a school (various games), the streets (beat-em-ups), and the player's home (Earthbound) to name a few.

The main bad guy would be someone named L. Uigi who is the one causing all the chaos and wackyness in the game. His main reason for causing the chaos is because he's finally had enough of being ignored by everyone or treated like he's some sort of low level side kick even though he's always been alone.




Dallinag’s Game:

Now, as we all know games built around celebrities SUCK! I mean, just say 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and you’ll hear everyone in the room collectively groan. But, I have an idea for a celebrity-based game that is so awesome, it has no choice but to work. Ahem.

It’s the year 2XXX. Humanity has crumbled as evil robots are roaming the streets, the death toll is rising, and the crime syndicates are slipping drugs in little kids’ candy! This will not do, so the two greatest minds in the universe join forces to put the powers of science in the hands of good. Using all sorts of awesome inventions like evaporation guns and mech suits, these two heroes plan to take back the streets. Doc Brown from Back to the Future, and Bill Nye: The Science Guy from… Bill Nye: The Science Guy come together in what could be the greatest game of all time.

Brown and Nye:

Science Commandos




Guru Guru’s Game:

So, I wanted to make my game a tribute to all of the best games of the past generation. A throwback to the best of the 80s and 90s. It took a while, but here's what I came up with.


So, you start off in World 1-1 in the original Super Mario Bros., and you have to save Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy in four different levels from Bowser. You have to play through a level from SM1, SM2, SM3, and SMW. After you beat Bowser in SMW, you jump into a warp pipe, and down the rabbit hole you go.


You come up out of the warp pipe from the intro to SM64, and arrive at Peach's castle. This is where the plot has become clear: the protagonists of games from the past have all been sealed away in the paintings in the castle by their respective villains. You must go into each world and collect all 128 bits (adding 8 to the 120 power stars, 128 bits for the Dreamcast, the last system to use bits) to restore the characters to their old selves. You must rescue characters such as Link, Pit, Sonic, Samus, Ryu, Kirby, Simon Belmont, and others from their prison by collecting the bits in their levels. As you collect bits, you'll assemble the characters. I think that it should stay at 8 bits, because you would be able to fit in more characters that way. If you did 16 bit characters, it'd take too long save a character, and you'd get less characters. So, 8 bits, no matter what gen they're from.


You'd play through all sorts of levels, from platforming, to fighting, to puzzle solving. Whatever style fits the game of the hero you're trying to save.


So, you'll go into paintings, play through certain levels of games, i.e.Sonic 1-3 and Knuckles, and assemble an army of the best heroes of gaming. You'll also aquire new skills and powers from each hero you save, like the ability to use the Chaos Emeralds, and learning the Hadouken from Ryu. You'll use these attacks and abilities along with your select team of heroes in a final battle against gaming's biggest villains. And in the end? You get a kiss on the nose from every princess or damsel in distress in video game history. A throwback to all the satisfaction you used to get beating a game from back then, in one climactic moment. And that's my game.


Also, you wouldn't play as any of these characters: you'd play as yourself! You can create your own sprite and live your dream (kinda) of fighting along side Mario, or using Pokemon. Yeah...that'd be awesome. I don't know how it'd work on the 3-D levels...but hey, that's the developers problem.


So, that's it in a nutshell. Maybe include some famous glitches from games, and make all of these games playable by beating the game in it's entirety. I'd love it if I got to play Ocarina of Time just for beating a game. I think that this would be the ultimate tribute to the games of the past. And that's all I got.


Thanks again for putting all of this together and everything! You're pretty awesome, man. 




Ivan2294’s Game:

If I could make a videogame...I'd probably do an FPS that plays similar to Unreal Tournament. Controls would be fast and smooth with characters gliding across the ground. Because they really WOULD be gliding across the ground! Each character would have this nifty jetpack thing on their back so instead of walking everywhere they'd actually fly across. Fuel wouldn't be a problem, I'd want this game to be simple. Weapons would be picked up and would be unique, like a tesla gun that acted like a shotgun that shoots lighting. The story would essentially be that you, the player, are a hacker. Your character in game is your hacking program avatar or whatever. Instead of death animations that frustrate players you'd immediately respawn back at the base and your character would desychronize when he died. There'd be techno music, and the level design would be reminiscent of portal and tron put together. I think that'd be awesome. Health packs would come back, but shields would recharge, maybe there'd be a few powerups too like 2x shield or something. Point is, this wouldn't be a "take cover or die" type FPS, you'd have plenty of shields and health and would run around shooting EVERYTHING EVER! :O



CanadianBrony’s Game:

My video game idea has sort of already been done, but not in the way I'd like it to be done. If you recall, SPORE was a milestone in gaming achievement (in my opinion anyway). It allowed gamers to create wonderful abominations to help build the ecosystem of the SPORE universe. There was even an expansion pack allowing you to make adventures for your ship's captain to go on once you reached space stage! But as time went on, the game got repetitive and lost it's novelty. Suddenly, it wasn't so impressive anymore. But that's where my idea comes in! In my game, there would still be stages in evolution but there will be more variety. For instance, once you complete cell stage you would have the option to go to land or stay in the water and live life as an aquatic creature! (I know that water stage was originally going to be in SPORE, but that idea was canned in the final release.) But should you choose to live life on land, you would have the option to live life as a mammal, reptile, bird, bug or amphibian, each species with different parts to create your creature! Also, you'd be able to choose behavioral patters (like how your creature would hunt and stuff) and whether or not your creature is a solitary, pack or herd animal. Other than those few changes to the evolutionary stages, my game wouldn't be that different from SPORE. But when it comes to planets, I would like to make changes to that too. All the planets in SPORE were the same except for different trees and colour for the ground. In my game, you would be able to choose if your planet is an ice planet, desert planet, jungle planet, grassland planet etc. This would add WAY more variety to the overall gameplay so you don't feel like you're looking at the same landscape every time. Online stuff would be added too, so you could battle your friends with battle tanks once you reached civilization stage or just fight with your natural weapons in creature stage. Those are the overall things I would change if my game was like SPORE. Now, with today's technology, a game like this would be very complicated to make I'm sure. But in the future when we have more knowledge and technology, a game like this would most likely be possible. (Hell, it might be possible now. But it would probably take longer to make since there's just SO much stuff to be added into the game).




MisterBo’s Game:

If I were to design my own game... Damn, that's a hard question. Well, I'm going to go into video game design so I guess I'd have to think about it eventually.


I've always been a fan of the early RPGs, usually the ones from the NES – Playstation era. These games would include the Dragon Quest series, Final Fantasy series, and so on. I've also been a fan of cinematic scenes in video games, similar to the ones in Metal Gear Solid 3 & 4 among others. What I'd like to do is to take all the best elements of these games and mash them into one game.


What I'm going to do here is talk about the certain elements I'd like to include within the game.


Characters & Story:


I would want the characters to be set characters, not characters that you get to select at the beginning of the game. Although this would decrease replay value, it would allow to focus more on the individual stories of the characters.


There would be a warrior/goody-two-shoes, ninja/thief/trying to provide for a family, healer/former prisoner of arch enemy, and token emo/dark arts. You would start with the warrior in the beginning of the game when you are called with your troop to raid a castle and stop the evil from inside from destroying their town. The warrior is very by the book and does what he is told until he comes across the healer, whom he tries to free (which he feels guilty about because he's leaving his group behind). You free the girl (yes, the healer is a girl) and take her outside the castle and go back inside to find all your fellow comrades in arms dead and the man responsible gone. You bring the healer back to your house and bring her back to a somewhat-normal state. She barely talks but chooses to go with you on your quest to get revenge. Throughout the game, the enemies (that I'll talk about later) get increasingly harder and the characters realize this. The warrior goes to a nearby village to enlist some help and that's where we finally meet the thief. He steals all your money and you chase after him though the city until you confront him. He'll give you back your money and you'll offer him money in exchange for help out of pity. You later warm up to the idea of being with him right around the time you find the dark arts emo. Basically, you find him in a small town because he's needed in an important to the story sidequest. Complete the sidequest and then you tell him the reason for doing all of this. He joins you because the reason he's so emo is because, as a kid, his family and friends were all killed by the evil dude's army (what a coincidence!!!) and he joins your party in order to kill him for revenge. Then, in the end, emo dude dies at the hand of the arch-enemy in the final battle. But, in the warriors rage, he makes one final blow at the arch-enemy that kills him once and for all. (Wow that was longer than I thought.)


The true story of these characters though I want to be implemented in short, optional bursts though the course of the game. You can sort of talk to them for hints and tips like the Codec in Metal Gear Solid, and also like MGS you get short character info.


Battling, Overworld, and Map:


The battling system I want to be similar to Earthbound. It would be turn based. Also, The enemies will not be random encounter, and you can see what your battling on the overworld. If the enemy is too easy, it just skips the battle and gives you all the experience for easy grinding. If the enemy is on your level or too hard, you just battle it normally.


The overworld would be large but not to big as if it took an hour to walk from one place to another. You can later take ships from place to place like in Final Fantasy, but only if its a town or city that was previously visited. If you need to get to a certain destination it would CLEARLY be marked where it is on the map with optional GPS-like directions on how to get there if your completely lost.




Cell shading all the way. I don't feel like trying to make it look realistic would be appropriate forthis type of game. I would want the graphics to reflect the cartoony and over the top stereotypical nature of all the characters. Cell shading would be the perfect way to do that.




I've always admired the cinematics put into Final Fantasy 7 and Metal Gear Solid. The camera angles, accompanying music, and scenery would reflect the current event in the game. For the happier scenes it would be a straight camera angle with upbeat music in a sunny or light environment. The sadder or darker scenes would be at a more obscure camera angle with no music or subtle dark tones of very deep, intense music here and there in a rainy or dark environment.


Minor characters:


I want the player to care for the minor characters as well. Like the average villager, I want the player to talk to him/her and their family if they have one and actually care about their story. This would truly motivate the player to keep on going and stop the destruction. Also, it would be nice if the minor characters you meet would also die so you'd get sympathy and remorse for them, even if you didn't care for them before.



Well that pretty much sums up my ideal game. This is a game that I would truly want to make and play. What I'd want to know is would anyone else want to play it?




Takahashi2212’s Game:

If I were to make a game, I would kind of want to make the Sonic Generations of Zelda. So basic premise, Enemies, Dungeons from the past, redesigned for all the Links (I think there's like 12 Links now?), but instead of Sonic Gens, I would have it be so each Link retains there original form. i.e. Zelda 1-2 Links character and dungeons would be 8-bit. So all Ganon's kidnap all the Zeldas, and all the Links gotta go fix it. Game-play would be a mix of all Zelda gameplay, Overhead, Side-Scrolling, 3-D. I would release it on the Wii U so,you use could the stylus screen for the Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks styles. So that's about as much as I have to say.




Ataeru’s Game:

There is a lot to creating a game then who works on what and when it's done. It's a matter of what is being worked on, and how it is being presented. If I could, I would like to learn all aspects to creating a game, to create my vision by myself and make sure nothing becomes compromised. But Ideally as a future student for learning the broad field of graphic animation, I would naturally work on an area ranging from creating textures, to 3d model animation.

For my ideal game, it would be something that I and others who have an appreciation for gaming to enjoy. With that said, it wouldn't be a specific setting to cater to a very small audience where it would alienate others from enjoying it. However, it wouldn't become a deluded uninspired setting to cater to everyone because (as developers stated many times before) "We want the Call of Duty audience". I think I can achieve the almost perfect middle ground with a few fundamental aspects. Have the graphics a mix between eastern animation and western realism, gameplay be an action/adventure RPG, and a variable difficulty that isn't confined to the standard "enemies hurt me more on higher a difficulty" formula.

Some people including myself don't not find the extremes in eastern and western animations pleasant to look at. I don't mind anime style animation, but I and others really don't like it when it becomes "moe" and super sexualized like Hyperdimension Neptunia is. On the other end of the spectrum though, it's natural to see characters and buildings like in the real world, but the "realistic" look can be very bland and unappealing at times like Skyrim is. If I could work on this part, I would like the animation to be something of Versus 13 (well Ideal of course) I personally find it appealing, it's realistic enough to show seriousness, while still showing it's a world of fiction.

Personally I love the Action/Adventure RPG genre, games like the Tales of and Star Ocean series really get you into the over the top combo gameplay, but are generally too short in battles and are not co-op friendly. While a game like Fable have open world battles, it usually turns out to be a single button masher without any kind of feedback. If anything, I would like to have an open area where there are enemies freely around and not having to go to a separate screen to fight them, much like Xenoblade, but unlike it your group can attack freely in their own gameplay styles. Perhaps you want to play like Dante and do some sick melee? Perhaps a "spell sword" nuking from mid range and coming in at times. Or perhaps a tank healer with a riot shield protecting your team mates while healing and using a pistol or rifle to fire from afar? Also with it being open world battles, it would make it co-op friendly.

Last but not least, variable difficulty. When a more intelligent AI is supposed to be more difficult works, it works well. Look at Stalker, the AI will actually try to flank you, flush you out, whatever they do to kill you, not just hide behind a wall waiting for you to pick them off. In Dark/Demon Souls, the enemies need specific ways to be defeated, or you're going to die very early on. And in Fallout New Vegas there is Hardcore mode where you have to constantly stay healthy to survive. If a person would like play at a higher difficulty for my ideal game, they could chose the an wide array of options to increase difficulty like NV's hardcore mode, or a smarter AI, or perhaps a combination of them all, giving the more hardcore audience the challenging and rewarding game they deserve. However there could be people who are new to gaming, or just play once in a while. By adding selectable options like regenerating health, numerical amount of continues, or just weaker AI; more casual players would enjoy it and not be alienated.

For a story, I am still contemplating how it will all work out, but it will most likely have it take place in a modern setting where it incorporates "magic" logically. But i'm still working on it, and would not want to talk further about it, as I may actually want to make it eventually. Anyway, I'm not sure how other would want their game to be, but If I could make my own game, it would have these aspects.




Multirandomable’s Game:

If I could make a game, I would make an adventure game, or an action RPG. Storywise, I really, don't know, but I guess a futuristic or maybe even a modern one (Like earthbound) would work really well.





CyborgSlime’s Game:

But seriosly, I had this awesome idea for a fighting  game (MvC2 looking) where you control a robot that you design. from winning fights, you aquire money which you can then use to purchase new parts e.g. an extendable arm which would give you the ablity to have Dhalsim punching  powers. I guess the main real difference to street fighter or other fighting games is the ability to make your own fighter. you would start with a basic model (which would determine its stance and standing pose) and attach parts that you bought (or start out with) to the character. After that you would colour each part induvidualy. vwalla! your own fighting robot is born! The parts could range from acid cannons to give you acid-esque hadoukens, to even hyper combos like giant lazor cannons. This concept leaves a big area for DLC with the ability to purchase new parts and download new models.

so yah. theres my idea.




EliteGamerX’s Game:

I've always wanted to make a spin-off game that was very loosely based on the Super Smash Bros. universe. Unlike SSB, though, the game would be an action-adventure game -probably a side-scroller- instead of a fighting game. I figured it might work for the story and since most people can't enjoy RPGs despite the fictional "star power" behind them (Super Robot Wars, Namco x Capcom, Cross Edge), I figured a side-scroller might be easier to accept.


Speaking of the story, I thought it might be nice to explore certain elements within the Super Smash Bros. universe. No, that doesn't mean "explain every aspect of the series". I doubt people want to hear an origin story of Master Hand & Crazy Hand, much less attempt to explain the nature of the entire series in general. However, it might be interesting to explore how characters beyond the Nintendo canon are introduced into the SSB-verse; not directly, of course. Case in point: why WOULD Sonic and Mario fight each other in-canon or what kind of realm did Tabuu originate from?


After taking those elements into account, I would fashion a SRW-esque story, but it won't feature every character featured in the SSB-verse. I want to try to bring past franchises back into the limelight, if only for a moment. At best, it will revive public interest in long-dead game series (Streets of Rage, Comix Zone, for example); if not, at least the fans will get a chance to see some of their old favorites on the small screen again. A few original characters would have to be made to help move the story along and give our starcrossed warriors a reason to even do this crossover.


If you are wondering why I've been vague about the details of the story, it is only because I tend to keep my ideas close for fear that someone may try to "steal" them. A silly notion, I know, but for the sake of bouncing ideas off of other people, I'm will to divulge certain details:

The initial game would feature Sonic and Mario as the primary protagonists, though there will be other playable characters. The game would emphasize teamwork and incorporate team attacks. This doesn't mean that it will be a multiplayer game; just imagine the "partner" mechanic of Sonic 3 & Knuckles or Super Mario World and you'll have the basic gist of things. The game would be divided into 3 distinctive "Acts" (not a Sonic reference). The first Act introduces the main characters by creating a series of events that would cause them to cross paths. After a shaky start, they help each other out and the day is saved. The second Act reveals the primary antagonist(s) and a larger scheme that force the team to join up once more to take on this new threat directly. The third and final Act is the finale: final battles are had and major plotlines are tied up nicely, but there's just enough room to build a sequel (just in case) because it's better to satisfy gamers AND leave them wanting more than to shoehorn a sequel into a "completed game" simply because "it prints money". :p


As I said before, I would like to use characters from past franchises (it worked with Roy & Marth in America), so certain characters from older games would either make cameo appearances or play a part in the main story. For example, Mortus (Comix Zone's main antagonist and final boss) is one of the recurring villains while part of the first Act is an abridged recreation of Streets of Rage. A boss in the second Act would be loosely based on Vectorman, and a vague explanation to Giga Bowser was also thrown in. If I can implement it without it interfering with the story, I'm all for it.


I had plans to include characters from Captain N: The Game Master (a show/comic that I felt had potential, despite its corniness), but I couldn't find a place in the story for them, so the idea was put aside and later turned into a prologue for one of the original characters instead.

Of course, if I had to make an original game without using these characters or their respective franchises, I would like to make a puzzle game. I'm just having a problem finding something that stands out from Tetris, Angry Birds, Cogs, and any other incredibly popular puzzle game.


That's all I will put on the table at this time. If you are interested, please drop me a line. Thank you for your time and I apologize for the wall of text that you had to go through.




Sindiewen’s Game:

   Hello. I'm g1 Sindiewen, I saw this the other day on Screwattack of course. I think this is an awesome thing to do! Getting all the g1's to participate. Anyway...
I gave myself a day to collect my thoughts, and, for my submission, well...

        Ever since playing the hell out of the Metroid series and Cave Story, I realized how much I love action/adventure sidescrollers with deep stories, marvelous and tight gameplay, brilliant sound design with sound effects and music, and brilliant level design to explore. I hope one day, I can make my game idea from a dream into a reality.

Possible Game name: Celania

Rough Story Outline:
        The beautiful island of Celania. Soothing beautiful rain forests, dark, deep labyrinth like cave systems intertwining with each other, snow capped mountains that scale over the clouds, A desert with it's soft sand and bright sun, and green grassy plains with rolling hills. 3 villages, Sunburst Village, Rainshell Village, and Whitestory Vilage. Those 3 villages exist and live on this island, but all in conflict trying with each other. One village want's to be the lead and rule the island.

        The year is 2015: This island is out in the middle of the Gulf of Alaska. It's technology is advanced. Rivals to most consumer tech out there. But for some reason, a simple island needs this technology. Way of life? No. Make life easier? No. Only the 3 leaders of each of the villages knows why. The residents in the island dosent think twice about this. Besides a simple vilager and a small but slowly growing underground resistance.

        This villager, Named Kris, goes by Krissy from his friends and family. He is the leader of the resistance group called Subsistance. This group, they know all about whats really going on...More or less. Krissy the leader, he goes by his anonymous name/s Krew: The Shadow.

        Your goal, stop this 3 village rivalry, stop it all, what ever they're doing, as for how, your instincts will tell you.

- Story will be a conspiracy with multiple layers to it.

        Gameplay is that of a mix of Metroid and Cave Story with a very small bit of Shank/Outland in it mostly for combat.
- Game uses progectile weapons and melee weapons ((such as a Handgun or a Sword for example))
        - Melee weapons are actual Melee weapons. Get up close to the enemy and use basic combo's to defeat the enemy. Stronger than ranged weapons but requires up close encounter with enemy.
        - Ranged weapons ((such as handguns or missle launchers)) Are weapons with range and used to dispach enemies at range, weaker but used to dispatch enemies at range.
        - Ability to mix and match melee combat and ranged combat, to an extent.
- Exploration that of Metroid and Cave Story. Powerups/Items, new weapons, health increasing items and much more.
- Huge Screen filling bosses with Minibosses that are scattered about
- DIfficulty that of Super Metroid ROM Hack Super Metroid Redesign
- Metroid/Super Metroid/Prime like exploration, Cave Story like hub/overworld to traverse to different levels to explore, with each level intertwined
- Platform being PC, and expanding to Console/handheld if need be.
- Sneaking, hacking, exploration, action, adventure, platforming

- Music being of a atmosphereic Techno/Rock
- Sound Effects being different for each enemy
- Boss music being epic, fast, catchy, atmospheric and pulls you in

- Graphics and art similar to that of a High resolution Super Metroid
- Steady framerates
- Dynamic lighting and shadow effects 
- Basic bloom lighting
- PC version getting full Graphics customizability options to fine tune your game

Controller connectivity for PC:
- Keyboard + Mouse
    - Mouse for aiming and fighting, keyboard for movement, keybindings and such
    - custom keybindings
    - Lefty keybindings for the few lefties out in the world
- Gamepad support with full customizable controlls to suit your liking
    - Full support for Xbox 360 controller

Well...This took a while to get my thoughts down, but here it is. Obvious, this is a rough draft. As for if this sees the light of day, I can't say. As for what will be cut, added, fixed, edited, if this sees te light of day, that'll be figured out then.




Briunj04’s Game:

Think Sim City meets Left for Dead. It sounds kinda weird, I know, but bear with me. I'm going for a choice based, end-of-the-world simulation. It's set in the apocalyptic future. You must build a survival team in order to either restart civilization, build a large enough fortress to survive, or reach a safe haven. 

You start centered in a small house with limited supplies. You must assign the members of your team certain positions (guard, scavenger, nomad, etc.) based on their base stats and the environment around you. If you're centered in a neighborhood surrounded by zombies, you'll probably need more guards, but if you're in a place polluted by radiation, you'll want scientists to develop gas masks. 

From there on, it's open ended. You can focus on training a bunch of scouts to search for all your supplies, or you can try to salvage junk around you with engineers. You can become a nomadic tribe, traveling from house to house searching for more life, or build up a large enough fortress to sustain your group, or try to develop a plane to fly away from the devastation. Chance events would occur a la Oregon Trail and it would be cool if there was some real-time strategy combat kinda like Starcraft.

Anyways, that's my idea. I hope you at least understand it and like it. Sorry if it's a bit long, I tried to condense it, but still convey the idea of it.




SamuraiLink’s Game:

I would make a Rpg fighter Hybrid,Where you complete fights to gain exp. and when you level up it would unlock new move.

You could then use that character to fight in 2 player on couch or online.

There would also be a 2 on 2,and 2 on 1(and vica versa)

It would have a simple Create a Character mode which you use then as your Story mode Character 

It would also have an overworld ala (shudders) Shack Fu (Minus the game sucking) with no random encounters but you can talk to fighters on the overworld for optional Fights and to go to different areas.

This is the Story Mode which would have a Good, Neutral, and Evil path with different bosses.

It would have a simple, comedic story, told with Comic (book) Styled cutscenes.

You could also play Co-op in a 2 on 2 version of the Story where enemy's and even Bosses have tag partners

There would also be an Arcade mode where you Can use Pre-Made fighters.

It would be 2D with Hd sprites.

Music would be originals By Animonigouchi (Did Scott Pilgrim vs The world:The game)

It would be made by Capcom.




AwesomePianoMan’s Game:

Game: The Winner Is...

Story: Someone went back in time and sabotoged a part of filming a scene from a famous movie and caused them to lose the Academy Award.  You must travel back in time and either prevent this from happening or figure a way around it so history does not change... or just cause a deserving another individual to win the award.  In the final level, you find out the person sabotoging the Academy, who became filthy rich after winning so many awards.

Gameplay: It is similar to L.A. Noire's engine.  You must discover clues and study films of what was different of certain scenes, for example, crummy dialogue, hoarse voices, a missing scene, etc.  Take the clues back, use your own time machine and pinpoint the time where this must be prevented or made up for.

Sound and Music: Depending on what composer the movie is from.
Tag: The biggest collaboration of movie stars and production crew that willingly made the most blockbuster video game ever!




KingKobun’s Game:

I want to make a 3D platformer sort of in the style of the sixth console generation. I also want it to have some branching paths. Story-wise and when it comes to level design. It's not going to be realistic (why would it?) I also want to have it have 2-D animated cutscenes that change depending on how the story changes. I'm also thinking it should also have weapons too, like the types of weapons Kid Icarus: Uprising has. It's also going to have 4-player multiplayer co-op (because why not.) That will feature a similar story to the original but with tweakes and with more challanges that suits the multiplayer option. The story will sort of be a classic Indiana Jones esque plot but instead of featuring Nazis or Russians, it's simply features robot pirates. It's just an idea now, but I do hope I will actually make this into a game in the future.




BenNiGeLing’s Game:


21 sec Paradox is a first person puzzle game, similar to Portal, that works with time manipulation, but in a more complex way than Viewtiful Joe or Prince of Persia did it, as you don't speed up, slow down or reverse time but actually travel back in it.

The player is given a device that transports them 21 seconds back in time which will cause them to spawn behind themselves from the past. The Past-Player will now of course repeat everything the player has done, like activating mechanisms etc., before activating the “Time Travel Tevice[sic]TM” (which is its official name), so they will go back in time and thereby disappear from your time line. In the meantime the “Present”-Player can go and do something else in order to solve the puzzle. Later in the game there will be a way of traveling back in time again while there's already two or three of the Player running around.


If the rules ended here, it obviously would be too easy, but there's more to it.

And I'm going to explain it in the most confusing way possible:

Since you're traveling back in time it means that you already arrived behind yourself 21 seconds before you jumped back, which gave you plenty of time to mess around, but you never see any signs of you having been here before for two reasons: 

      1.   That would be impossible to program.

When you walk through a place for the first time you see things that haven't been fiddled with and you of course never see yourself from another time, because in the game you haven't been to that place yet, so there's no “recorded” player walking around.


How does that make the game harder?

You know that theory that if you in the past see yourself from the future you will either go insane or the universe will collapse? When going back in time you have to make sure that the past-you doesn't notice that you're here, be it through a loud sound, a change in the environment or (god help us all) seeing you. You don't remember anything like that when you first walked through that room, mainly because in the game nothing happened yet, so anything that changes what the past-you saw and heard will cause a universe-collapsing paradox. The same thing stacks for all the past-yous.  The stakes are maybe a bit too high considering I couldn't come up with a real story that doesn't involve mad scientists and tests, but still. Also there is this annoying plot hole I can't quite fill why the character doesn't just close their eyes. Maybe it's “against the rules” of something.


I could imagine several possible types of puzzles for this game, like timing certain actions with moving obstacles to remain hidden or triggering noisy events the moment a jet flies by, or both. A stop watch as part of the HUD might very well come in handy for the trickier problems.




Caboose_-1’s Game:

If I had the power to create a video game then I would focus on an idea that's been playing around in my head for awhile now.  To sum it up in one phrase: The Incredibles meets The Watchmen.

The game would be a third person action game where you take the role of a superhero who is going through a tumultuous time for the superhero community.  Thanks to a catastrophic incident, Congress has passed a law that bans superheroes and begins a program of forcing them to live normal lives in society.  (Although the law would be one of the focal points of the conflict, most of the game will not have it in effect.  The game will start out like a regular superhero world until the aforementioned incident and the passing of the law later in the game.)  This does not go over well in the superhero community as there are many different opinions in response to the crisis.  While some are willing to submit to the new law (even helping to bring other heroes in), others claim that they will continue to do what they have always done, more still decide that they would be better served in another country that wants them.  However, there are also two splinter groups that become so disenfranchised with the country and people that they have sacrificed so much for that they view this new law as a betrayal.  One group decides to become villains, and the other decides that if they aren't wanted that they will make society safe by dealing with the supervillains permanently.

Your role in this is to choose a side and stand with them.  There will be moral choices and tough decisions (i.e. there will be no RIGHT decision a lot of the time) because the game would focus on the issues underlying superheroes.  Do they really have a right to be vigilantes?  Can they actually adjust to normal society?  Do you still help a people who no longer want your help?  What will happen with the supervillains who aren't going to abide by the law?  Do the ends ever justify the means?  These are just some of the issues that you would face in the game.  Choices in the game will have such a significant impact that large parts of the game will be different (even locations) depending on your choices, such as who you side with or how you handle a situation (getting hostages killed can have a pretty negative impact on public perception).

Choosing to side with the government will have you focusing on bringing in other superheroes and supervillains while under heavy government surveillance.  Joining the group that ignores the law will have you trying to evade capture and discover more about the incident in question, while trying to improve public opinion.  Joining the expatriated group will have you fighting in other areas of the world and facing down threats there while those governments consider their own anti-super legislation.  Joining the villains will have you earning your place, defeating other heroes, and assuming control of the country.  Lastly, joining the group that seeks to forever end the supervillains will have you evading capture while also facing down numerous supervillains (and dealing with the results of your actions).   While there will be a fair bit of overlap between the different sides, the game will likely focus more on replayability instead of one long playthrough.

Gameplay would play out similarly to other third-person action games such as Arkham City, you use your powers to defeat enemies.  You choose your own powers at the beginning, leading to different ways of addressing a situation.  If hostages are being held in a building and you have X-ray vision then you can see where the hostages are held.  If you have freezing powers then you can immobilize your opponents' weapons.  If you have super-strength then you can just knock down a few walls. A leveling system will help you to refine and strengthen your powers.  Choosing to disobey the new law will result in a wanted meter where you have to escape law enforcement/military/heroes aiding the government crackdown.

The game would be fitted for Xbox, PS3, and PC (I don't see how Nintendo's motion controls would work well but it could work) with NO KINECT OR PS MOVE INTERFACE.  The game would be in its own universe and have its own unique heroes as to avoid being tied to an established comic or movie franchise (which really only hurts both parties).  As for multiplayer... I think it could work.  The main focus would be short missions in a small party of 4 (for all co-op) or 8 (for team versus).  A giant deathmatch kind of thing might be nice to some people but I'm not a big fan of it.

Sounds would focus on ambient noise while still maintaining what people expect with superheroes (smacking sounds when you punch a guy).  Graphics would be about what you expect for this generation but instead of focusing on making everything super detailed, I'd want it to focus more on conveying the emotions on people's faces.  The same in regards to the voiceacting and music as well.




TravisJohnSmith’s Game:

i have a few ideas that ive been playing with in my mind about a video game but this is my best and the one i want to see made and on screwattack


its a stealth game in 8 bit style, were your character is a ninja and you must stay in the shadows and avoid being seen by enemies. but alternatively you can use your sword and ninja stars to take on enemies head on. you will take control of Akihiro Tokugawa, a master ninja who stands for all that is honorable and will fight for anything he believes in. your enemy is a notorious crime syndicate named the Yoshida group lead by Hayato (final Boss) and his personal guard the Iwao four (mini bosses) and in the style of megaman you will gain an ability after you defeat a mini boss that will help you continue further in the game. there will be 4 abilities to gain from the Iwao four, a shadow run (which will increase your speed) an enchantment that improves your weapons, a new sword that contains a spirit named Katsu, and magic armour also containing a spirit named Daiki. also in the style of megaman you can pick the order of stages you want to take on first in a stage selection screen. and it will be in the style of an nes game (meaning prettty difficult, and a sure fire classic like ninja gaiden). along the way through this adventure there is a small fairy named Akiko who follows Akirhiro and gives him pointers on how to pass an obsticle and how to defeat various enemies without giving it away completely while still managing to not be as annoying as navi in ocarina of time. the ultimate goal of this crime syndicate is to take over the world, they fund their opperations with counterfit yen. the adventure is "timed" meaning if the game is beaten fast enough you not only takedown the syndicate but you save high ranking member in the government who the syndicate took as hostage. your ultimate goal is to beat the game in good time, save the world, save the people, and fight for justice.


that in a nutshell is the idea for my game which will be called "Tokugawa" 


this idea has been in my mind for some time, and its probably the best concept ive ever made, it's a great addition to the collaboration, and it would be a great game if it were ever made. i am also going to be taking a computer programming class, and i plan on making this into a homebrew game.




StormWolf56’s Game:

I've been actually working on an RPG design with the turn-based battle system of Final Fantasy X and the Strategy of the Persona series. the story follows a half-elven bard named Caludur who travels the world to spread ancient stories until he discovers a tome which has a strange language inscribed that reveals the true history of the world and has plan inside to destroy the world by killing all life on the planet. I know it's not exactly original, but I'm still working on details.

2. A fighting game featuring our favorite ScrewAttack staff members in a bout to win Craig's position as boss. I want to include both the current members and the past members as playable characters, and even personalities like Metal Gear Ben, AVGN, Game Theory, Game Overthinker, Game Jew, Captain S, the list can go on. I think that Guilty Gear's mechanics are really good for a fighter like this, woth Instant Kills and Specials, but I can use a Street Fighter engine too. Craig could be a Ryu-style character, while Jared can be counter-heavy. Chad can be speedy with weak attacks, and Jose can be the opposite style. 




Metal-Gear-X’s Game:

Hi! My idea for a video game would be to definitively bring back survival horror to its roots. We need a game that involves survival horror, but not with zombies. Dead Space changed it up with necromoprhs, and look how well those games turned out? Perhaps a post apocalyptic game, like "I am Alive", only not bad. 
Or maybe a game set in a prison where you need to make specific choices and make bonds to survive, becoming the king of the prison, or choose to escape, then making survival plans with the connections you have from gaining the right allies. There is a lot of potential  in a game like this, and I think it would go well with gamer. 
User based choices grasp me because I feel like I'm not just playing through a movie but interacting with how the story plays out. Heavy Rain, Mass Effect, games like that, where choices you make matter. 




GaijinGoomba’s Game:

With the ongoing success of Nintendo's franchises, and the success of the Super Smash Brothers franchise, If I were Nintendo, I would put together a party shooter to open up a new franchise.

Now, keep in mind I have no intent in giving Mario an AK-47 or make Link shiv people from the shadows.  What I propose is to take the zaniness from Smash Brothers, and put it into a 3rd person perspective shooter with some melee combat thrown in.  Yes I understand that I'm basically taking the combat idea straight from Kid Icarus Uprising, but it's a damn good system with a lot of potential.  

There are two ways to approach gameplay:

1.  Have each character have their own unique styles of shooting and melee.  Mario, for example, would be a decent all-around character for both roles having decent melee ability and shell/fireball projectiles that reflect his games.  Link would be stronger in melee for obvious reasons while having the energy bolt that is trademark to his character.  Maybe add the boomerang as a mid ranged utility weapon that stuns or slows.  Arrows are also an obvious pick, but don't ask me how to balance it.  Samus would be a good example of someone stronger at range.  With various beams and missiles, she could dominate range, but she would absolutely suck at close ranges due to the lack of a decent melee weapon.  (This is in her power suit obviously.  The strengths and weaknesses may be flipped in the Zero Suit.)

2.  Follow the equation of old-school shooters.  Have all the characters basically be armed with a simple Nintendo brand weapon (maybe the Zapper) to act as a default weapon for everyone, and actually find other weapons around the level.  Maybe a Mega Buster, Fairy Bow, Master Sword, Space Jump (for a quick double jump.), Palutena's Bow, Power Bomb.  All these things could be spread around the level for each person to pick up and use.  I would prefer this option as it would be easier to balance, feel nostalgic, and be comedically funny to watch the interesting combinations of characters and weapons.

The stage set up, I would think, would be very similar to that of the old school online shooters such as Half-life or Unreal Tournament.  Nothing too complicated, but straightforward.  

That's the gist of the game thus far.  There's far more detail I can go into if you want.




DRQ’s Game:

my game is a third person shooter around the year 2900. the earth is on life support by giant metal plates. and a meteor has impacted the earth 5 years ago. and in that meteor was a special metal kind named blue gold cause of the blue colour the russians want that and keep some armies to the meteor but it landed on american ground so when the russians invated the americans say go back but they didn't listen so they shooted and the russians fired back and war broke loos. now 5 years after the meteor landing and the russians invading america still fights to keep them out. u play as MAN-A (im not good in names so i called them this right now) u are trying to keep the war as far from the normal citizens in a new hightek suit made of blue gold u fight of groups of invading russians in america or u go to russia and destroy miltary bases and airplanes but by one mission u find a deserted factory and u find out that they are not making weapons or suits (metal suits in russians case) but somthing else but u dont know right away so u go on investigation after searching and searching clue after clue i are at the very and mission u need to inveltrade in a enemy gathering point where the president does a speach to the russian army u try to kill him but when u are about to fire your last shot the right hand of the president kills him and sudently robots are coming on stage and between the russian army and he says that the president is a fool and he gonna make every thing better stronger and his with his new robot army so the robots kill every one who disobey and now u have to flee to the plane and fly to a safer resort in the time u fly to a new base the russian robot army takes over the world and that's the end of part 1 of the game suit




JHawk99’s Game:

My game idea is for a combo heavy sidescroller with gravity inversion called switchblade i don't have a story for it but it would take advantage of all the buttons on your controller giving you a jump dash and attack button using the triggers for a quick slash that lets you go through enemies without harm the gravity inversion would be used for platforming to make the platforming challenging it would be about as fast as super meat boy the goal of each level would be to get from point A to B as fast as possible while killing enemies in your way and avoiding hazards such as spikes and botomless pits since you would be moving pretty fast while running the attacks have alot of forward momentum instead of your character slowing down to do a combo in place you'll knock the enemy forward and keep going if you get hit your knocked back a few meters if an enemy comes off screen to fast for you to react you can use the quick slash to pass safely without breaking the flow to make the jump and inversion work you can't invert gravity while in midair and you can jump at any time but you get one jump until you hit the ground again that way you can't invert gravity after you jump but you can jump after you invert gravity to run on the ceiling the power ups include a stopwatch that puts you in bullet time invincibility and a speed boost.




Debouger’s Game:

Well, if I could make a game, I would make a 1st person RPG in an Ancient Greece setting.




Cpickens9875’s Game:

I have two ideas: 1. I just saw the Avengers trailer and I would make a Nintendo crossover action game with Star Fox, Samus Aran, Captain Falcon, Link, Pit, Bowser, and Donkey Kong fighting Mother Brain, Andross, Ridley, Medusa, and Black Shadow. 2. A beat em up featuring Yoshi, Daisy, Diddy Kong, and Wario as playable characters as they battle to save Luigi as he has been kidnapped by King Boo.




AkumaTH’s Game:

There are two things I love a lot when it comes to Entertainment: Fighting and Crossovers. Nintendo had the idea of pitting 8 of their characters together for a mindless fighting game. What was originally supposed to be a one note Japan only game became one of their big titles. And since then, everyone tried to achieve that success.


Yet one company who has made numerous ideas that are similar to Nintendo's have yet to make their own clone of Smash Brothers. That company is Sega. I had this idea since I was a kid playing their Genesis and it continues evolving as I get older. And while Sega has released numerous crossovers under the Sega All Stars License, they have yet to make a Sega Fights (that’s my name for the idea. If they did this, they would probably call it Sonic and Sega All Stars Clash).

=======Game Play=======

While the idea is Smash Brothers, I would go a different route for game play. Specifically, like Power Stone or Ehrgeiz: A 3D environment with free movement. You'll be able to pick up weapons and like Power Stone, if you collect 3 (this will be adjustable) emeralds, you'll be able to activate your All-Star Power. The goal will be to drain your opponents five (this will be adjustable) life bars before they drain yours. It'll be 1-4 players like Power Stone 2.

Unlike Power Stone, the All-Star Power will be divided into three categories:

Attack - When activated, you will be put in a cut scene similar to that of SF4 where you'll do a good amount of damage when it is complete. It'll be more damaging than the others, but it has to be connected in a close range. (Ex. Akira's will be a series of combos, possibly with an assist helping him)

Power - When activated, you will be able to move faster and do more damage. This will only last about 5-10 seconds (it'll depend on balance). If used properly, it could be the most damaging of the three. But it can be blocked and avoided still. (Ex. Sonic goes Super Sonic)

Game - When activated, everyone  will compete in a mini game based off the game the character is from. To do more damage, you must successfully complete the mini game while your opponents fail to do so. If they can complete the mini game, they can reduce the damage from this (and not get knocked out if they are low on health). While this can hit everyone and can not be blocked, it is the weakest of the three All-Star Powers damage wise. (Ex. You must do one of Ulala's dance routines successfully)

Controls: (Using 360's Controller)

A: Jump

X: Attack | Pick Up/Throw Item (like a throwable box) | Pick Up/Use Weapon (like a Gun)

B: Attack | Smash/Kick Item (like throwable box) | Throw Current Weapon (like the Gun)

Y: Special Attacks (Can be used in three ways: Standing Still/Moving/Jumping)

L/RB: Blocking

L/RT: Rotate between opponents.

X+Y or B+Y: Grab | Activate All Star Power


You can make simple combos with pressing X or B repeatedly, or have a more complex combo mixing the two and finishing with Y (it'll be different per character).

Stages will be multiple layered and have numerous hazards. If you fall off the stage, you will return with reduced health (possibly 50% worth of a full bar).


I won't go into specifics because that could change anytime, I will go over how they would be selected.

Like Sonic Generations, 9 characters will be selected per era. 4 eras will be selected and they are: Genesis, Arcade, Dreamcast, and Modern. Of the 9: they will be three from the Sonic series (or Virtua Fighter in Arcade's Case), 4 of the more popular series and two from the more obscure ones. When you start the game, only 3 per Era (1 Sonic, 2 Popular) will be selectable from the start with the others needing to be unlocked.

Each System this will be released on (360/PS3/WiiU) will have three exclusive characters per system. If get permission, the three characters will be based off licenses associated with the System (Example: Sony will use Sly, Ratchet, and Jax). If not, then three characters who made their claim on said system (Example: Monster Hunter character on PS3).

There will be five bosses, one per Era and one exclusive for this game.


Modern: Egg Breaker from Shadow the Hedgehog. He'll fight similar to that game, except weapons will not be spammable and after five consecutive hits he will be dazed for an easy combo.

Dreamcast: Gouji Rokakku from Jet Set Radio. The arena will be set like the final boss of the game. You must destroy his capsule but he sends members of the Golden Rhinos to attack you. They have half a life bar worth of health each and can be targeted.

Arcade: Dual from Virtua Fighter. She can use moves from every selectable character (three random in total to reduce memory), including All-Star Power.

Genesis: Warhead from Vectorman. It starts off in a mini game where you are lifted via a tornado. You must avoid the stuff sent your way before facing Warhead. If you get hit, you lose health. When the mini game is over you'll be put on a roof with Warhead on the sides. After five consecutive hits he will be dazed for an easy combo.

Final Boss: Dr. Robotnik in the Egg Stalker (image here: A hulking mech that does a lot of damage and takes a few. After seven consecutive hits he will be dazed for an easy combo. His All-Star Power is the only projectile based one in the game (the beam canon in Sonic Adventure 2).

There will be 4 stages per era with the bosses stages available when you beat them.


=======Game Modes=======


Story: (1 to 2 players)

Like the story mode in Mortal Kombat, this will be a series of fights that are connected via cut scenes. Unlike MK9, instead of forcing you to be one character, you can select any of the three starting characters in the Era the chapter is based on. 

So there are 4 chapters per era, telling the story of that group's involvement with the story. In the 5th chapter, where the story concludes, you can select among all available fighters including the system exclusive ones.


If you pick 1 player, you fight in 1 on 1 battles. If you pick 2 players, you fight in 2 on 2 battles. 

Arcade: (1 to 3 players)

Basically similar to the arcade mode in most other fighting games. Unlike other Arcade modes, you can select how you run the arcade. For example, you can do 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 1 on 1 on 1 or even 3 on 1. When in handicap matches, the stats on the 2 or 3 have their attack and health reduced by half.

Verses: (1 to 4 players)

Same as Verses in other fighting games. Like the Arcade, can select specific types of matches. You can also adjust how much health your character has and select any stage. 

Survival: (1 to 4 players)

In Normal Survivor, it is the same as Survivals in other fighting games. You compete in a series of fights until you lose all your health. Like arcade, you can select specific types of matches. Each opponent will only have one health bar and will be replaced by a different fighter when their health is depleted.

In Player Survivor, one player is designated the Survivor while the other player(s) are designated as Challenger(s). The Challenger(s) goal is to defeat the Survivor as quick as they can. If the character they are loses, they get another character. When the Survivor is defeated, a new player is designated as the Survivor. After every player plays Survivor, the winner is the one who defeated the most Challengers.

Practice: (1 to 4 players)

Same as practice modes in other fighting games. Can practice in teams or solo. Also spawn any weapon available.

Online: (1 to 3 players)

All game modes above can be played online with a buddy or two sharing your game. You can also view replays people have uploaded or watch currently running games.


The only DLC I would wish is for balancing issues. But knowing Sega, they would try to include DLC characters and stages.


That's my dream game. As you can see, I left a lot of stuff out for the sake of freedom. I would be happy if Sega releases any sort of fighting crossover game but if its like this I would be in Heaven.




LurchenGamer’s Game:

Hey Woodyman. I am the LurchenGamer. Thank you for including me in this collab. I am actually planning to go into video game making when I get older. Me and my friend are going to work together. Shall I begin my idea? Well, here it goes: If there are two things I love its this: open world games and Pixar. Easily my favorite Pixar movie is Toy Story. Well, my idea is and open world Toy game. A lot like Toy Commander, but the plot is much different. You are a young boy whose father is an inventor. Your father has built a shrink ray, and you mistakenly shrink yourself while messing around with your toys. You get shrunk down to about 6 inches, so roughly the size of an action figure. From here you must get back to your father so he can administer the growth ray. One problemo, though. Your father is leaving at this moment and you must get to him before he leaves. So you would battle through the house, fighting toys, insects, spiders, etc. It is sort of like a mix between Grand Theft Auto, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and Toy Story. The best part of it is that the style of gameplay changes due to the items you pick up along your travels. Meaning it can be a driving game if you have a car, a shooter with a toy gun, etc. YOU, the player, get to do what they want. I don't know if it is an amazing idea, I just would love to make the game. Thanks for allowing me to contribute to this.




GameJudge’s Game:

If I could create a video game...hmm...well, here's an idea. I call it The Scarlet System


It would start off a female character doing a monologue of this world that he's in. It's a steampunk dystopia set in an alternate universe in the year 2103. Apparently, dhe was arrested for protesting the leader of the dystopian movement, which sparked a riot due to oppressive police forces and citizens getting fed up of the movement. She would be sent to death row where she meets her death in a week. After a while, the prison he's in will go under a red sky, where the main character will be blinded by a bright red blast of light. When the light goes away, he will wake to find the sky is still red. So for the first half, she'll have to figure out what's going on, by surveying the scene and escaping a now-empty jail. While she does this, she takes a balisong and what looks like a steampunk version of a luger. 


She would then walk out to find that the city is unaffected in any way. She looks up to the sky and ground and notices the red-ness is only around the prison. As she walks by to the city, she hears chants of her being released and how the people want a new movement. Then, all of a sudden, the bright red flash shows her a creature that leers back at her and starts to move to the city. Assuming that the creature would be the cause of the problem that alters the prison, she tries to go after it, but is unaware how to stop it. The closer she gets, the more the creature engulfs the city and the more she can see it. Eventually, all the chants stop and the city is absorbed by the red flash. It blinds her again, and the city becomes changed. Once she arrives, she expects nothing and wonders what the creature is. Nevertheless, she finds that the whole city is cheering for her, and banners of her face are all over the place. A bunch of agents and bodyguards moves her into the presidential office, where the leader has vanished. She can piece together that she has become president, the creature has some part in this and that she's done some favorable changes to the city. She asks one of her bodyguards how long she's been president. The agent responds 12. 


The rest of the game would involve her commuting with the regular folk, speaking at big UN-like conferences, where other nations, such as one with elemental weaponry such as wind cannons, ice rays and fireball launchers, another one with a cybernetic capitalist cyborg community and another one with Amazonian-Victorian citizens (those being the main 4 nations discussed, as there are others that are just referenced or skimmed over) and finding about the Crimson Council, which is the organization that was behind the flashes she had been seeing. The game would have a lot of exploration and mystery-solving, as she would be trying to figure out why she's where she is. It's not so much that she's upset, rather she wants to figure out how and why whoever did it, did it. There would be parts filled with action and shooting, as sometimes there are terrorists, double-agents, rebels opposing her and the organization itself trying to destroy her. Depending on the nation would depend on what sorts of weapons and mini-bosses you could encounter. Also don't worry, you can have a bunch of weapons. You would have to switch out weapons or perhaps fuse them with other weapons to get a new weapon. There would also be puzzles (platformer based or whatever the other type is) for escaping places, entering places, obtaining new items of information or solving the organization's mind tricks.


Since this game isn't going to be made, I might as well spoil story details. In terms of running the country, you will have the choice of being legendary, neutral or corrupt. There will be a total of 13 endings, depending of if you fully dedicate yourself to one choice-pattern, mostly dedicate yourself to an idea or try to equally have everything fit in. Depending on your actions could depend on how strong you feel for a character. The character does not get romantically involved, so don't expect to get freaky with whatever you think you might get freaky with. It also has an effect on certain events, mini-boss fights and the final fight.


Such a game would have to require a whole lot of time to program how events, fights, endings, characters and the rest relate to one another and yadda yadda yadda. Speaking reasonably, if a team were to truly dedicate themselves to a project that would be praised without the use of bribes, it would have to take about 9-15 years. But for it to happen and then later get panned while appreciated for the few ideas that were interesting, unique and possibly impressive, it would take about 3-5 years. It doesn't really matter anyways, the idea will probably never happen.




AsaiNeroTran’s Game:

I would be one of two things:


1. I would be a part of the team doing writing and directing cinematic cutscenes. I've been making films for a little while now, most of which have never been released, and on top of that, I have experience in theatrical fine arts. I think my experience with both those things would prove to be a valuable asset in writing and directing.




2. I would be an actor/voice actor for the game. I have some experience in voice acting and I have a unique voice that can bend in weird ways to produce many different voices. And I'm a thespian, so I have some experience acting already, so it's a relatively natural place for me to fit in.




Joeshadowman’s Game:

Fighters are great, RPGs are awesome. So why not a Fighting RPG. Think about it. You would be able to roam the world just like in any RPG only this time when you encounter a random battle you go into a fighting game style combat system. Instead of a turn bass strategy you fight in the real time. Not only that but there could be really interesting fights with platforms and even environmental dangerous. Yes of course it would carry all the traditions of an RPG. Like equipping armor weapons and such, but the battles would flow more easily. Plus you wouldn't need to level grind. (Though it is an option if you want to do it.) Best thing is Magic would be used more like fighting moves and less like magic moves. Though you would need to learn how to use them as the game goes on. Now before you go and complain about how the Multi-player aspects would be affected I want you to think about games like.... Okay fine the Multi-player could be flawed, or we could just keep the multi-player like any other fighter. Or you could have it so players can only fight other players that are close to their level. Also you can have a proper team based fighting game. You know like Street Fight X Tekken wanted to be like. Only this time it would work.




Woodyman’s Game:

Well we finally got down to me. We’re at over 20,000 words, so I’m going to make this short and sweet. Back in the early days of v4, I made a blog about the Top 20 books that I think would make amazing games. Close to the top spot of the list was a game based on Richard Connell’s story “The Most Dangerous Game.” I still believe that this would be a great concept for a game. There are many competitive games out there, but none like The Most Dangerous Game the Game. The game itself would be simply online and one v. one. Someone would be the hunter, and another would be hunted. It’s a battle of wits in a giant jungle and one player has a head start to set traps and find a hiding place, while the other player gets weapons and is able to hunt the first player. It’s a battle of wits, cunning, and skills and only the best will survive.


Flapperdoodle's Game

What if I got to design a game? Well, what an interesting experience that would be.

Well, I would of course focus on making a platformer. I mean, it is my favorite genre after all, and I grew up with it for so long. My first game was a platformer and I just feel that the opportunity to make one would be my dream. Plus, I know how to make one. I've played so many from Mario to Kirby to Rayman to Earthworm Jim. I know what to do, what not to do, what people like, what to and what not to include. I have explored so many worlds, collected so many items, and have spent so many hours saving princesses, friends, and worlds. It would be an insult to myself if I didn't make a platformer. But the question is, which kind?

Would it be a 2D sidescroller like Super Mario Bros. or Kirby's Adventure? Would it be a 3D linear jump-fest like Super Mario Galaxy 2? Maybe a 3D non-linear adventure like Ratchet and Clank or The Legend of Zelda? I think I would take the Super Mario 3D Land approach; I would focus on 3D platforming but sprinkle in some 2D levels here and there. That's my favorite type because it combines both sub-genres. The thing is though, if there are going to be 3D segments, they must be non-linear. I feel that there haven't been enough 3D non-linear adventures lately, and those are the most rewarding and satisfying more often than not.

The game would focus on a single player story mode. The game would probably start in a normal hub world, similar to Donkey Kong 64 in layout. You, as one of the playable heroes, would explore that hub world and be able to explore and do various things, like accomplish missions; a.k.a. deeds for other people, which would give you a reward like currency, health, or weapons. The tutorial would also take place here. But the hub world would only have so much to do, as there would be eight more worlds to explore, each with its own different setting and environment. But each one would have missions to complete, weapons to use and upgrade, as well as currency to spend on upgrades health and so. The goal of each world is to become strong enough to defeat the boss terrorizing each world, and then you would obtain the key to open the next world. Then of course, the final eighth world will be the hardest as each world grows more and more challenging. Then the final boss would come, and probably be in stages, not in power level, more so there being minions. I've always wanted to create a game with this setup because I feel this system would allow variation in mission types. Many games have boring mission types that are repetitive. But my game would have many different types, from collect-a-thons, to boss fights, to trading for someone, to buying things, to racing, etc. It wouldn't be simple things.

As for the game's story in general, it wouldn't be anything too in depth. I would have an interesting plot of course with well-written characters, developed relationships, and true gripping plot twists. I just wouldn't focus on it too strongly. I don't wanna make a Mass Effect or a Witcher. Maybe a Legend of Zelda or a Psychonauts. A nice story, but nothing too major It would star a team of heroes, because I love me a team of characters, and each one would be a different type of character, and it would be one of those lovable oddly shaped teams. The characters would each be so different from one another that they would eventually have to get along with each other. One would be the tall but scared one, one would be the rebellious but deeply insecure one, the other would be the genius but also the douchey one, then there's the brute by kinda dumb one, and then there's the main one. A team of five heroes you switch between.

The game's weapon system would be intricate, but not so intricate that it would be confusing. There would be five types; melee, shooting, and long range, with each character wielding one of each. Melee are weapons like swords, bats, maces, etc. Shooting weapons are the guns, blasters, or anything that requires ammo. Long range are the weapons you'd need to throw to get enemies from a distance like bombs or rockets or darts. You could adjust the weapons to be character specific, or it could be a custom combination that you would see fit. The weapons would be specialized to fit the game's world, and they could be pulled out at anytime to defeat enemies.You would have to upgrade the weapons by paying for improved versions of them when available. Other items would be bags of currency, health potions, etc. You could find these scattered around the world, or you could defeat enemies.

Each world would be special in its own way. One would be a vast rainforest with the most exotic creatures from the universe. One world would be a mechanical post-apocalyptic hell, full of deadly monsters. One would be world made of candy, with cute looking enemies that truly are vicious. I wouldn't go the generic world route, I would take my locations to the next level. Each world would be expansive, with places to explore, secrets to reveal, people to meet, bosses to fight, etc. None of them would LEAD you to where you need to find money to upgrade your weapons. It would be… amazing.



And… man… I really gotta make this game when I get the chance.

Well that’s the end of the largest g1 collab evar.

I really enjoyed putting this together because it shows all the different writing styles and personalities of the g1 community. We’re all different, but we all love games.


That’s all that matters.


So if you missed this momentous event then comment below on what game you'd make?

or maybe which of the above games you wanna see made?


Happy Gaming!


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