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The Last of Us' multiplayer censorship is confirmed for PAL versions

8/5/13 3:34pm

We've found out that the PAL versions of The Last of Us have in fact had their multiplayer censored. The reason for this is to follow the local gore and violence guidelines for some European countries. Therefore the entire PAL game includes censorship such as reduced multiplayer blood and the removal of dismemberment.

This is still effecting countries with more lax restrictions, such as the UK, to benefit the unspecified culprit. In addition, there was no forewarning about the censorship, which may have swayed many to import the game instead. Luckily, the single player campaign appears to be unchanged, which lets be honest is what The Last of Us is all about.

Any European g1s displeased by this news can watch the trailer below to see how we do things in 'Merica!

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