Latest Valve Employee Handbook leaks onto Internet

Posted on April 23, 2012 - 4:00pm by Sean Hinz

One thing that will forever interest me are the inner workings of our favorite games and the designers who create them. The "inside baseball" of game design if you will. Valve is no exception to this and while some of their success might have come from their mysterious nature as a company they will have rise above that after this startling discovery. The Valve employee handbook from 2012 has hit the Internet and revealed some interesting tidbits behind the inner workings.

Take for example the Flatland structure, which encourages creativity and puts the responsibility of the company’s success in the hands of its employees.

“You have the power to green-light projects. You have the power to ship products. A flat structure removes every organizational barrier between your work and the customer enjoying that work.”

Not interesting enough? Maybe you are just into the corporate perks, like the fact that the company has taken 10 corporate vacations since 1996 and the last one was in Hawaii! The most important thing about this Handbook though is the sage advice it lends, like the fact that Knives are a commodity “one can never own enough of. A vast collection of them is in no way a Freudian compensation”. Enjoy all 37 pages right now.

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