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Lego City Undercover is coming to Wii U

6/5/12 12:59pm

Previously Lego City Stories, Lego City Undercover has evolved beyond a simple open world game. Instead it aims to transform your Wii U gamepad into a “multi-purpose crime fighting tool”. Using the tablet you can change disguises, find hidden criminals with X-Ray Vision, and many other yet to be revealed features.

Essentially a variation on the GTA formula, the game also seems heavily inspired by American cinema. By recreating scenes from The Matrix or Starksy & Hutch, Lego City Undercover adds an interesting layer of humor that fans are probably used to. Throw in some voice acting and a few plastic nut kicks and this Wii U launch title might be fun. There is also a reference to there be a 3DS version of the game, but it will be a unique version.

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