Lemme Say This: Improving Pokemon Part II

Posted on January 7, 2013 - 1:43pm by MagnumMagnus


With the "Big" news for Pokemon tomorrow, I suppose I need to get this out there so that it can be known, just in case Gen VI is around the corner.

This time I'll be discussing the part most hardcore fans play for; the Meta Game.

I) Diversity of Move Types

It always bothered me that certain types tend to focus heavily on Physical or Special stats, which does make sense in some cases. Psychics favor Special stats because they use their minds mostly, while Rock types favor Physical stats because, well, they're rocks!

But why should a game with creatures that defy many conventions of physics and reality play by those same rules?

Why can't we have a Rock or Fighting type that focuses on Special stats, or a Ghost type with a high Attack?

If this is something to be implemented, there need to be some moves made to compliment this new direction; more Special Rock moves, more Physical Fire moves, etc.


J) Unconventional Type Combos

On the subject of Types that go against established themes, why not make some unusual combos?

Why not have a Fire/Water or Fire/Ice type?

I'd love to see a Dark/Psychic type, whose only weakness would be Bug. Finally, Bugs aren't totally worthless!

For that matter, they might as well make a few more of the pre-existing combos.

As of this article, Skarmory is the only Steel/Flying type available, and while it has an incredible Defense rating, its Speed is a joke.

Put out some more of the not oft used combos, and for god's sake PULL BACK ON THE WATER TYPES!

There's plenty of those already.


K) Better Moves for Dark, Bug, etc.

The strongest Dark type move as of this date is Foul Play, with a power of 95. The problem is that it uses the opponent's Attack stat instead of your own, which makes it largely unreliable in all but the most certain of circumstances, and mostly useless against weaker foes.

The most balanced moves are Crunch and Dark Pulse both with a power of 80, which is okay, but considering that all other types have moves in the 90s or even 100+, it seems a bit unbalanced,

Bug type moves aren't quite as hampered, but Bug types in general are on all that great, with a few exceptions.

Point is, better moves for more types. Moving on.


L) More Eeveelutions

A picture's worth a thousand words.

The only words I'd add would be possibly allowiing for dual-types? Just something to ponder.


M) Invisible Stats, Visible

One of the most brain-racking parts of the Pokemon leveling system is the Effort Value system, or EV.

Basically, everytime you beat a Pokemon, the winner adds a certain value to an invisible tally, which goes towards stat growth.

Example: A wild Wooper has an EV value of 1 HP, meaning when you defeat it, the winning Pokemon gets 1 added to its HP tally. When that tally reaches a certain amount, once that Pokemon levels up, its HP increases slightly.

There's a lot more to it than that, but I have neither the time nor patience to ellaborate, so here's my point; this, along with with Natures (which also determine stat growth) and Friendship should be made at least partially visible to the player.

They need not be overt, like a meter, but can be vague descriptions in the summary, such as "____ is looking faster" for increased Speed EV, or "_____ is looking less anxious" to describe its Friendship level.

Stop making us guess at it, or look up every little thing to get our Pokemon to be exactly the way we want them.


N) Move Loadout

The reason I decided to write this article to begin with.

Normally, a Pokemon can only know four moves at once, and those learned through HMs need a special NPC to remove them. This makes sense for competitive matches, but when exploring the main game, they can become a hassle.

As far as meta game goes, it's tedious to have to relearn/override current and older moves, and there are a number of moves Pokemon learn by level up alone which can be more useful for certain situations.

I propose a system similar to a spell menu from many traditional RPGs; a list of the moves a Pokemon has learned naturally, including through breeding. I dicount TM/HM moves as a balancing act, and also because they can be used infinitely, a change I greatly appreciated for Black & White.

This way, older moves that may be more useful for multple battles can be switched in for caves, etc. when needed, then switched out for more powerful, fewer use moves when battling a Gym Leader or other players.

Story-wise, you could say that Pokemon never truly forget moves, but simply store them in other parts of their minds.

I know the move tutor exists for this purpose already, but Heart Scales are hard to come by, and useless when on the field or preparing for an immediate battle.

The less tedious you can make an RPG, the more people will love you for it.


O) New Type?

There are currently 17 types in Pokemon, two of which were added in Gen II to balance out the overpowered Psychics of Gen I.

I have no idea what new type you could possibly introduce at this point, but it's worth considering at least, no?


Well, those are my recommendations for Improving Pokemon. If you have some ideas of your own (and I know you do) leave a comment below, or otherwise point out how I have no idea what I'm talking about,

Hopefully this will make its way to Gamefreak somehow, and they'll pick up on at least some of these ideas, because I honestly think they could greatly improve one of my favorite series evar!

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