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Posted on March 31, 2014 - 6:31pm by A Zero 2 Hero


SPOILER ALERT: Do not fear antibrofisters. Pewdiepie is not on this list. You may now read on with relief and hope in your hearts that you may live another day that Pewdiepie continues to be scorned without mercy like the abomination to mankind his content is.

What’s up g1s? Azero Tehiro here. Have you ever heard of these things called Let’s Plays? Let’s Plays (or LPs as the cooler kids are calling it) are these feature presentations of people playing different kinds video games, as well as doing other kinds of exciting things, whether it’s having fun with friends, trying to complete a specific challenge, or just sharing a journey with their audience. LPs aren’t just buckets of fun on a bun, they’re also profitable. Let’s Plays became so successful that corporations began to make money rain on the more famous ones, and with the promise of cold hard cash for minimal effort, it practically became an internet gold rush to get that sweet payout! Even other Youtube stars, once formerly having almost nothing to do with video games other than a slight interest in them, decided to start up secondary channels dedicated to playing them all the time like they always have been. Just try to find a game out there that doesn’t have someone doing a Let’s Play on it, I dare ya. Leave a vacant game you’ve found in the comments below.


With everybody and their grandma having a let’s play channel (yes there are videos of senior citizens doing LPs of their own), the market soon became oversaturated with the stuff. The honest truth however is that even though soooo many people are doing it, everyone just seems to be doing the same thing like everybody else. The concept seems to have become nothing more than an assembly line of [Insert name & game here]. Fortunately there are a select few who get it right. These legendary creatures understand that a Let’s Play simply isn’t just playing a game. It’s a new kind of art, something that can create magic. And with so few people already who understand the secret of LPs, it was admittedly rather difficult to narrow down that list to just 5, but rest assured: these 5 people are the best at what they do. So without further ado, it’s time for a


Let’s List

#5. Dark Syde Phil

Phil Burnell (aka Dark Syde Phil, DSP Gaming) not only offers gaming entertainment, he offers gaming enlightenment. Phil doesn’t take crap from anything, and when he sees something wrong, he’s right on top of it to ask the tough questions. From Street Fighter to Metal Gear Solid, to Dark Souls II, this man is multitalented, with his prowess only being held back by the various flaws of the games themselves. If he ever decides to change his name again, he should reserve the username “Dark Knight Phil”, because he is the hero the internet deserves, but does not need right now.


#4. AquaCat  


Our next entrant certainly has something special going for him. Once you click on one of his videos, you’ll realize what this special gift is almost immediately: The guy is just SO DAMN FUNNY! Wanna know how funny? His first joke already appears in his name. A cat that likes water!? Preposterous, and hilarious. Most of his videos is pretty much non-stop comedy, but he also seems to know the Comedian’s Code, because in others he even has the courtesy to pause after punchlines to let his jokes sink in with the audience before starting once again. If you’re looking for a giggle, be sure to check out this fuzzy pickle. His videos will be there all week.


#3. Twitch Plays Pokemon

The number three spot can only belong to a total genius. An Australian programmer, who remains to be anonymous, knows that one of the most important factors to a let’s play channel is its fans. Since he already knew that the comments sections of most LPs are filled to the brim with backseat gamers, he then thought “meh, screw it mate”, and let the fanbase be the ones to be playing the game all at once, cutting out the middle-man entirely. This programming wallaby put the phrase ‘let’s play’ to its simplest form, and yet simultaneously brought it to the next level. The amount of dedication the fans and players have for this particular Pokemon LP is insurmountable and still going strong today. Go on, join in on the stream and let’s play.


#2. iJustine


A prime example of when celebrities decide to host a gaming channel of their own. Since being a video blogger and dancer wasn’t enough of a challenge for her, Justine decided to give video games a shot in order to prove once and for all that girls can be gamers too. This point is proven indefinitely as the skills this girl shows in numerous games; truly spectacular stuff. Her creative side also shines brightly in works such as her Minecraft videos. Over half a million subscribers agree: iJustine belongs in the #2 spot of this list.


#1. MageKnight404 


I’ve stated previously that a true LP was one that would bedazzle its audience, with its magic. Well right now, there’s no better person out there playing games like the thought-to-be-lost gallant paladin and practitioner of the arcane arts. Mostly affiliated with Nintendo RPGs, MageKnight404 is one who truly gets invested in the world of the moment…truly invested. Once he’s in this zone, this man can then do it all: voice-acting, story-telling, commentary, and most importantly, good gameplay. It truly is a shame that at the moment he only has  close to 10,000 subscribers and about 5 million total views on his channel, for internet browsers are truly missing out on some endearing entertainment. I’m surprised he hasn’t branched off to create original content of his own yet, but I guess grand ideas like that take time to fully hatch and develop.

Until then, with our powers combined, I hereby court and dub thee, MageKnight404, Sir Lesplay of Youtube! Huzzah!


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Oh wait, what’s this, Chad James is coming back with more episodes of “Hey! Let’s Play”? This time teaming up with guests like James Rolfe, and the Game Grumps!? Oh wait..April Fools! Got ya again.

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