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Posted on May 25, 2012 - 2:51am by Hero of Lime Bro

 Screwattack has the best community online,nobody beats that.when it comes to g1s collaborations, you can only expect the best of the best.And really, can we blame our expectations?

No, we can't.

Funny,it all started when we believed that we had been abandoned  by the SA Crew,truly, the site needed some repair to be as united as V4 when the site launched.

Almost 8 months later,we, WE g1s are the one in control,we are our own community "managers"(of course,this is all thanks for Craig and Bryan letting us Green-light our projects,because let's face it,he could easily say no to the g1 Digital Forecast, or the g1 Spotlight 2.0).

"Lime, what does this have to do with your new project?".If you were asking,almost everything in fact.

The brainstorming began the day of the Digital Forecast reunion, after some talk with Jetman (Jetz.ACX) , here's what we decided to:

g1 Retrospectives

"What is G1 Retrospectives?"

G1 Retrospectives is yet another collaboration for G1 many features from g1 Features were in fact spin-offs or "continuations" for some Screwattack Features,this one is not different.

"What Screwattack Feature is g1 Retrospectives based at?"

"The Best Ever!"

"Isn't Ehsan, a member of our community,doing that already?"

Not at  all. As I said before,many g1 collaborations or features are either a spin-offs,or continuations of some Screwattack Features, g1 Retrospectives,is a Spin-off from Best Ever. G1 Best Ever, is a continuation  driven by g1s of  "The Best Ever!"

"What is the difference between "The Best Ever!" and g1 Retrospectives?"

You see, "The Best Ever!" is the mix or the result of what an Screwattack crew member believes that is the "Best!" or the "Worst!" of X Subject.g1 Retrospectives at the other hand,is based on the experiences you have had with certain Franchise.Both the good,and the bad about those experiences.

"Well that sounds like a great Idea! How can I help?"

Every g1 Retrospectives episode will be fueled by YOUR experience.What I basically want is for you,to tell me everything you remember about that gaming franchise,both the good things you remember,and the bad things your remember.

You have until the June 20Th to send me either a video or text entry. You would have to send me an email to "" with the following things:

  • Your G1 Name
  • Your Entry
  • If it's a text entry: If you can,please try to send the entry in a Word document, also, not trying to be tacky,but all the text entries need to have at least 500 words.
  • If it's a video entry: Please send a video response  "Unlisted" so the public eye cannot see it, also I recommend video entries to last between the 1:30-2:30 long.

"Is there anything else you need? "

Editors,believe it or not,I will need to collect all the entries I receive and from there create the episode.,so if someone has some editing skills,please do PM about it

Also,a title card,if we want this to succeed a title Card could help us out a little.So if you have the talent,please PM.

What franchise will we need to talk about?

Nice question,if you look on the date, I do think is kind of obvious about what franchise you will need to talk about...

Well that is all guys,if you have any other questions about this project please write it in the comments.Be sure to subscribe if you haven't  for any kind of updates, and you could also follow me on twitter.

Lime Out! ;) 

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