A list of characters that could have made MK vs DC more violent.

Posted on March 25, 2012 - 10:53pm by AgentKane

I know ScrewAttack and the G1s love some Mortal Kombat. I love it as well.I also love me some comics. In fact I am quite the comic book nerd. So when MK vs DC, I got excited but even then some were thinking of how the game was going to turn out since MK has a reputation for being very violent and DC main heroes were not violent. But that doesn't mean all of DC isn't violent. In fact a majority of DC is very violent.

Not that violent but still very violent. So my thoughts were that the main heroes would have neutered fatalities and everything else would remain violent. In fact that was the original plan.

By the way, look familier?

However, someone wouldn't allow this. Either it was Midway thinking DC was too kiddy or it was DC thinking it was still innocent. Whatever reason it was, the entire game became neutered causing many folks to believe all of DC was kiddy. It's a shame though for two reasons. First being the game was good. It was certainly better than the PS2/Xbox/GC era of MK games. The second being many turning their backs on DC. I won't lie when I say I prefer DC to Marvel. At the time of this game's release, Marvel was making some really crappy comics, but because of someone's perception of DC, this fact would be ignored. DC isn't as kiddy as many think. It's actually very violent.

In 2004, DC released a comic called Identity Crisis. Despite it's flaws it was a enjoyable comic and it sold well. Because of it selling well, DC used certain plot elements in that comic to many other comics and wouldn't you know it? Most of them are quite violent! Heroes killed for no reason! Long supporting members getting raped! Heroes becoming bad guys! This was the norm for DC for quite some time. Writers like Grant Morrsion and Geoff Johns have been fighting against this and for the most part it has lessened but DC is still quite violent. Now MK vs DC was released during this era so it some violent characters that could have matched well in MK. Before I get into the list I want to mention what characters in MK vs DC could have been ultra violent. I already mention The Joker and we all know how violent he is so lets move on.

First is the god of all evil, Darkseid.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This guy is one badass motherfucker. His goal is to learn the Anti Life Equation which he did and soon took over the multiverse (All of DC's Universes) with it. He is able to bring down Superman to his knees and he was the final villian to be shown in the Superman, Justice League and Smallville TV shows. He is bad news in the DC universe.

Second is Deathstroke.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Remember how awesome Deadpool is in MvC3? Well take the humor away from him and you are left with Deathstroke. Deadpool is a parody of him actually and is no laughing matter. Not only was he able to defeat the Teen Titans and Justice League by himself but in a crossover that the Titans had with the X-Men, he took down the X-Men as well. That's three major superhero teams. He makes Batman scared.

Now Lex Luthor was in MK vs DC but he has class. He is not the take to rip out a heart. He would have a lacky do it. But if you had to push it yeah he fit but it bugs me.

Now lets begin with what characters work for a ultra violent MK vs DC.

First lets talk about Black Adam.

Quick question Ed Boon, why wasn't this guy added in the first place? This to me is the poster child of ultra violence. He loses his Family and what does he do? DECLARE WORLD WAR THREE!

That's right, Him against the entire world. Kratos, you are a pussy compared to this guy. By the way, he isn't scared to get his hands dirty.

Next up is Lobo.

Raise your hand if you ride a chopper in the vaccum of space while smoking a cigar. Also raise your hand if you wiped out your entire race with a science experiment for school. I see none because none are as badass as the main man himself. He was originally a parody of the badass types that were flooding the market in the early 90's but unlike most of those badasses, he actaully became big. Also he is violent.

God Lobo, you are so badass.

Next up is The Spectre.

Comic book fan would scoff at the idea of him being in a fighting game. Why? Because of how fucking powerful he is! He just might the most powerful character in any comic. What can he do? Well does being God's Vengeance give you a idea? That's right he has the power of God meaning he can do anything like turn a rapist into a candle and melting him.

It's a good thing he is on the side of the heroes right?

Next is Bane!

Ah the man who broke the bat.  Of course I am going to add him. He was the first villain Batman faced that not only matched stengh but also wit! Yes this big brute is very smart. But that doesn't mean he won't get his hands bloody.

Isn't that already a fatality?

Next is any of the Rogues.

You might not think of the Flash has having some of the best villains ever but you would be wrong! The Rogues are some of the best written villains in any comic. In Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge, the Rogues go on a revenge quest killing all who stand in their way and their target; a teen.

And those who stood in between The Rogues and this guy?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

They aren't returning at all.


Who the fuck is this? This is Batman....after Dr. Simon Hurt injected wim with weapons grade meth. This man is truly a sight to behold because you had no idea what was going to happen next.

I am going to end this blog here. I could go on with villains like Doomsday and Genocide but then we would be here forever. Hope you guys had a good read. It was fun writing this.

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