Lollipop Chainsaw is Suda 51’s most successful game to date

Posted on August 26, 2012 - 10:20pm by Ryan Conway

During the Lollipop Chainsaw  Summer Appreciation Festival (yes, that is a thing that happened), which was held earlier this weekend in Japan, Suda 51 announced that over 700,000 copies of Lollipop Chainsaw  have been shipped world-wide, thus making it the eccentric developer’s most successful game to date.

Granted shipping numbers aren’t the same thing as sales numbers but the fact that Grasshopper Manufacture saw enough demand from retailers to ship out 700,000 units is no small feat for such a niche title.

But we must ask ourselves, was it ever really questioned whether or not Lollipop Chainsaw would be a success story? I mean it’s a game about a girl in a skimpy cheerleader outfit decapitating zombies with a magic chainsaw that shoots rainbows … and who is attacked by the occasional giant swear word. How could it have possibly failed? Oh and I’m sure Tara Strong voicing Juliet (the lead character in question) didn’t hurt sales either. ;)

Mr. 51 also apparently showed off the first trailer for Grasshopper’s next game Killer is Dead. I say apparently because the trailer has yet to appear online, so sadly I can’t show it to any of you lovely g1s this evening, or even describe it beyond, the main character has a sword and a bionic arm. But Suda did say the game will have “lots of hot girls.” So I guess there’s that.

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