Looking to find some geeky gamer jewelry that won't break your bank?

Posted on April 5, 2012 - 9:10am by Gaijin Goombah


If you're interested in getting your hands on some home-made (and custom) gamer and geek jewelry from a small developing business, like I have, keep on reading!

I know I've already shamelessly plugged a few things, but I thought this was cool enough to share with my friends here at Screwattack and the gaming community at large...

There is a small, two person online store that goes by the name of Mister Other One.  Yeah, I know, sounds really gamer friendly huh?  Well, They make, by hand, a lot of different kinds of jewelry, but they also do a GREAT job at making gamer and geek related jewelry as well!  I had just recently gotten myself a pair of really cool 8-bit goomba earrings and ring.  At this moment, the gals Jessie and Doni crafted me some custom made earrings with my loveable goomba character on them!  YES they CAN do custom orders if you let them know ahead of time!  Check out their portfolio here: http://www.misterotherone.com/portfolio.html

These gals won't gouge you either.  The goomba earrings I got cost me $8 before shipping, and are really great quality.  I have metal skin allergies and these don't bother me a bit!  Did I mention they include extra surprise jewelry gifts?  For the 8-bit goomba earrings I got, they sent me some hair clips which Akiterra LOVES.  The 8-bit goomba ring came with some blue glass goomba earrings!  These people are so not interested in ripping people off, it isn't even funny!

By the way Screwattack staff, if you're wanting some logo earrings to go with Craig's epic hat.  I doubt you could find cheaper here!  XD

I don't like to act like a corperate whore, but I love these gals and what they do.  I just want more people to know about them.  They're a very small, very new business, inexpensive for good quality and they're good at what they do.  They've cut me so many deals, and even made some stuff for me for FREE for being a constant customer.  If your interested in their gamer jewlery OR curious about a custom order (Yes they DO, do that.), check them out here: http://www.misterotherone.com/  They also sell their stuff on Etsy.com

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