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Luigi vs Tails Death Battle prediction blog


Before we get started with the analysis, let's just review the rules of DEATH BATTLE

- Combatants possess knowledge of each other only if it is cannon to each fighter’s universe.
- The battle must end in a death. For fairness, all personality restraints from killing are removed.
- All other character traits, tactics and attributes are not removed and are attempted to represent faithfully.
- No outside help.



Okay, now that we all know the rules, click the icon and let's go to Weegee's character analysis!


The Plumber In Green


Ah Luigi, everyone's favorite overly timid 26 year-old, ghost busting, space traveling, kart racing, castle crushing, sports playing, under appreciated, plumber in green and younger twin brother of the infamous Mario.

Luigi's journey began as an infant (and one of the star children) where he had a legion of adorable, ass-kicking, asexual dinosaurs known as Yoshis that put their lives on the line to protect he and his older brother after they had been separated from the stork. Although accompanying Mario on most of his adventures, Luigi is oft overlooked and cast aside resulting in him growing up in the shadow of his older brother. Luigi eventually caught a break sometime down the line where he had to face his fears and rescue Mario for a change by battling hordes of ghosts inside a haunted mansion using a state of the art vacuum cleaner. 

Luigi has become an accomplished adventurer and hero (Along with a bunch of other crap) over the course of time, being able to solve his own problems and overcome many of the same challenges that his brother does, proving that he's just as capable. Luigi and Mario share many similarities, but Luigi has a few things over Mario: He runs and swims faster, jumps higher, can flutter in mid-air to slow his falls and control his landing, can run on water for a few seconds and he's competent enough to not let Daisy get kidnapped by an overgrown turtle every other week, unlike Mario and Peach. It's not all good however, as Luigi has less traction making it harder for him to stop, a lower lung capacity and of course being extremely hesitant at times due to his timid nature.



Punches and Kicks

Self explanatory. Luigi can hit hard enough to shatter several feet of brick.


Footstool Jump

Luigi jumps into the sir and lands on the enemies head from above causing damage and then bounces off of them. Anyone that survives it is normally left flattened or with a major headache. Can also be used to knock airborne enemies to the ground.

Many a Goomba have fallen to this deadly attack. A moment of silence may be taken for the thousands of lives that were lost in the perfecting of this skill.



Spin Attack / Luigi Cyclone

Luigi rotates his body at high speeds. It's primarily used to attack enemies and allows you to move around a bit when using it on the ground. It also has other purposes such as giving Luigi a boost of speed while swimming and deflecting certain types of projectiles. 


Ground Pound

When airborne, Luigi does a quick somersault and goes into a sitting position. He then hurtles toward the ground where his rump strikes the ground with great force. It can be used to seriously damage enemies, speed up decent to the ground and to flip or knock objects over.



For basic throws, Luigi simply picks up and object or opponent and does a normal overhead throw.

For the more powerful version, Luigi grabs an enemy and begins to whirl at high speed. He lets them go and sends them flying. The faster Luigi is spinning when he lets go, the further the object goes.



Super Luigi

The form Luigi spends most of his time in. It is gained when Small Luigi uses a Super Mushroom or Luigi takes damage when using a power-up. The form doesn't give him any noticeable powers other than a power and durability boost from his small form, but it will prevent him from being knocked out from a strong enough attack and he will instead revert to Small Luigi.


Small / Standard Luigi

Luigi's weakest form. When he takes enough damage in his Super form, he will revert to this form. This form is unremarkable in everyway as it gives Luigi no special abilities and he can be taken out with a single hit. He can use a power-up to come out of this form.


Fire Luigi

When Luigi uses a fire flower, he gains the power to shoot fire (obviously). It seems that for whatever reason only two fireballs can exist at the same time as in virtually every game you are unable to shoot more fireballs until one of the previous two has disappeared. They can also ricochet off of objects meaning even if it misses you the first time, it still has the potential to harm you on the rebound. Through some sort of sorcery, the fireballs are completely unaffected by water and acts as if it wasn't even there.


Ice Luigi

The form Luigi takes when he uses an Ice flower. His powers are identical to those of the fire flower, but with ice instead.


Cape Luigi

Luigi gets a cape (durr) through the use of a cape feather. With it, Luigi can fly, glide, and perform a different version of the spin attack by using his cape. Oh, he can do a flutter jump with it too.


Tanooki Luigi

First off, let's ignore the fact that this looks like a kitsune (fox) rather than a tanooki (raccoon dog).

Secondly, it operates a lot like the cape, but he uses his tail for the spin attack, it's mode of flight is more straightforward, it's also allows for a flutter jump and Luigi can even turn into Statue Luigi where he becomes invincible. The tanooki suit is gained through using a super leaf.

Frog Luigi

When Luigi dons the Frog Suit, he becomes Frog Luigi- Yes, really.

With it, Luigi can jump higher, swim faster, resist strong water currents and hops while walking, sort of like a frog.


Penguin Luigi

After putting on the penguin suit, Luigi becomes Penguin Luigi. Didn't see that one coming did ya?

As a penguin (or a guy in a penguin suit, whatever works) Luigi can throw ice balls (Which are weaker than Ice Luigi's) at enemies and freeze them, which will allow him to either throw the frozen victims at others or use them as platforms. Luigi also gains better traction on ice when walking and can slide at great speeds on ice to both cover distances quickly as well as ram into others. His swimming abilities are improved in this form and he can also briefly slide on water.


Hammer Luigi

When Luigi puts on the hammer suit, he takes this form. He gains a infinite amount of hammers that can be thrown at others and gains some protection from his shell when he crouches down. That's about it.


Boomerang Luigi

Like this, but Luigi-er

The same as hammer Luigi, but with a boomerang and no protection when crouching. He can throw one huge boomerang at a time to deal damage and retrieve items, and the boomerang is capable of bouncing off of walls.


Mega Luigi

When Luigi uses a Mega Mushroom he becomes a nearly unstoppable giant. He tramples all in his path and will destroy anything in his way. The downsides to this form are that he becomes an easy target for anyone strong enough to hurt him and the fact that form has a really short time limit on it.


Mini Luigi

When Luigi takes enough damage or uses a poison or mini mushroom he becomes mini Luigi. In this form he can jump higher, walk on water, enter tiny passageways and jump on enemies without crushing them (if he chooses).


Star Luigi

When Luigi uses a Super Star (Also known as Starmen and Invincibility Stars, but not to be confused with Power and Grand Stars) he is surrounded by a rainbow like aura and becomes invincible for a limited time. His speed and agility will be greatly boosted and he will be able to take out weak enemies with a single touch. It has a pitiful time limit though

*It should be noted that all power-ups can only be used once and will be lost if Luigi takes damage. Also, all power-ups aside from the Starman, Mega Mushroom and Super Mushroom will cancel each other out and should Luigi take damage while using a power-up (besides the three aforementioned ones) he will revert back to Super Luigi.




Luigi's trusty mallet of death. The Mario bros. have been known to effectively wield hammers in combat. They often use them for enemies that they can't hurt with the usual methods relying on their great power to get the job done.


Luigi's Cap

This is one of Luigi's most important pieces of clothing. Without it, he becomes much weaker for whatever reason. Ironically, his weak and vulnerable small Luigi form is never seen with a cap further proving that it is somehow tied to his strength.



Superhuman Conditioning

Luigi can take and dish out more than any normal human possible could thanks to his wonderful strength and durability. He also has high endurance and stamina as evidenced by the fact the he and Mario almost never get a chance to take a break on their adventures. 


Expert Combatant

Luigi is proficient enough in combat to be able to hold his own against foes like King Boo, The Koopalings and Bowser. He has proven himself many times to be a resourceful fighter - even when there are no power-ups at his disposal.


Seasoned Adventurer

Over the course of his many adventurers, Luigi has ventured across nearly any kind of terrain imaginable from deserts and outer space to cookie lands and worlds made of giant toys. Luigi has faced many perils along the way, though he manages to overcome them each time.


Great Adaptability

Luigi often is thrust into situations during his adventures which often involve waking up in strange places, having to use strange powers to advance or even using gadgets to get the job done. Point is, he can adapt to even unfavorable situations when need be.




Now moving on to Tails' analysis. Hit the icon for his theme while we go over his analysis.

Miles Prower

Tails the Fox



Miles Prower, affectionately called "Tails" by his friends because of his two tails, is Sonic the Hedgehog's best friend and invaluable sidekick. This 8 year-old fox is a mechanical genius and uses his inventions such as the Tornado and the Miles Electric as well as his ability to fly by spinning his tails at high speeds to aid Sonic and co. in their efforts to thwart Dr. Eggman's plans in nearly every adventure. Tails is fast enough to keep up with Sonic and regularly travels at mach 1 (Outside of his vehicles I might add) and has been known to break the sound barrier at times to reach supersonic speeds. Despite being Sonic's sidekick, Tails has proven himself on multiple occasions to be just as much of a hero when need be. 



Spin/Rolling Attack

Like this, but yellower and with two tails on the back

While running, Tails goes into spinball form and rolls right through enemies, barriers and whatever the hell else is in the way. He can use this attack from a standstill by using the Spin Dash technique, which is where he curls into spinball form and does a spin charge. After charging, he blasts away at super high speeds. 


Spin Jump

Tails goes into spinball form and jumps into someone. That's it.


Homing Attack

Tails leaps into the air and locks onto an enemy or object and homes in on it with a spin Jump. It can be chained (Onto the same target or onto a different one) after every hit allowing Tails to both rack up damage and stay airborne.


Jump Dash

When Tails attempts a homing attack with no targets nearby, he'll perform a Jump Dash in which he simply rushes forward in mid air and rams through someone or something.


Tail Swipe / Attack

One of Tails' signature moves. Tails does a 360 degree spin while lashing out his tails to deal damage to opponents. He can use it while running to charge straight through opponents without stopping.

There are other versions of this attack such as the Tails Dunk, where Tails performs a mid-air diagonal 360 degree spin and knocks his opponent to the ground, Tails Cyclone, a horizontal spinning dash attack and Typhoon, a midair, horizontal version of the Tail Swipe.


IQX00 Attack

IQ200 Attack​

A basic straight punch.

IQ300 Attack​

Tails swings his Tails in a circle to hit opponents.

IQ400 Attack​

A straight punch delivered with extra power from centrifugal force.



Dummy Rings

Tails carries an infinite supply of Fake Rings with him. Tails throws out several at once and anyone who comes in contact with them is temporarily paralyzed and thus vulnerable to attack. Tails also carries exploding rings that will blast whatever sucker decides to try to collect them or just gets to close.


Chaos Emeralds

Seven ancient jewels of great power. They have the power to distort time and space, as well as increase one's abilities to their upmost limit Through a process known as Super Transformation when the user is filled with positive emotions. They will always scatter themselves after use.


Magic Hand

A boxing glove attached to a spring-chain thing. Tails whips this bad boy out to deliver quick but powerful attacks on his opponents. 

With it, he can perform the Magic Upper, where it somehow pops out of a hole in the ground and uppercuts the foe and the Magic Hook, where he swings the magic hand around his body and then delivers a straight punch to the opponent.


Big Hand

Giant glove thing invented by Tails to smack people around with. It's a bit bigger than him, but I don't have clue where he keeps it - Or any of his other crap for that matter.

With it, Tails can perform the Air Flick, where it pops up from underground directly beneath Tails to flick others into the Air


Energy Cannon

A red, Mega-Buster looking arm cannon simply called the Energy Cannon. Creativity at it's finest folks.

With it, Tails can fire balls of energy at his opponent. Some his attacks are the Energy Ball, where he fires a ball of energy (Obviously) and the Air Energy Ball, where he fires an energy ball in midair towards the ground.




A basic shield. It will protect the user from one hit of any power.


Speed Shoes

A special pair of shoes that greatly boosts the wearer's acceleration, top speed and jump height.


Lightning Shield/Magni-Barrier

It works just like the normal shield, but will completely negate any electrical attacks and will draw certain items in due to it's magnetic properties. The shield will disperse if Tails goes into water deep enough to drown in.


Fire Shield/Pyro Barrier

It'll absorb one hit just like the normal shield and will make fire-based attacks completely useless. The shield will disappear if Tails goes in water deep enough to drown in.


Bubble Shield/Aqua Barrier

Will absorb one hit of any damage just like all the other shields. It has the added bonuses of letting Tails breathe underwater indefinitely and will completely negate any water based attacks.



Boost Mode

Boost Mode is a state that some characters can reach when breaking the sound barrier with a sonic boom. When Tails is in boost mode, an after image appears behind him which indicates the insane speeds he's currently traveling at.

While it may appear to be nothing more than a fancy illusion, because boost mode is Tails moving at full speed, logically his physical attacks are going to do more damage due to the higher velocity and one such example of this is the Super Tail Swipe, which is like the normal Tail Swipe - but super :D


Super Tails

When Tails possesses all 7 Chaos Emeralds and at least 50 rings, he can use Super Transformation to become Super Tails.

In this form, all of Tails' stats are boosted by 1000 times, he does not need to breathe, he is surrounded by four super flickies that he can control AND he is completely invulnerable to damage and can not die. But like all things that seem to good to be true, there's a catch: The form will only last for as long as Tails has rings, and he will lose rings every time he takes a hit. Without a steady supply of rings, Tails' Super Form won't even last a full minute.

After the transformation ends, Tails will revert back to his normal form but will be completely restored to peak condition regardless of his state before the Super Transformation.



Genius Level Intellect

Tails is an intellectual prodigy and consistently  showcases this time and time again. He is one of the most rational of Sonic's friends and contends with Eggman on an intellectual level who has an IQ of 300.

Where Tails' intellect shines the most though, is in his mechanical work and gadgetry. Tails' most notable inventions are the Tornado, a biplane which is capable of heavily damaging the Egg Carrier and destroying many badnicks in the process and had many transformations to allow it to do different jobs, the Miles Electric which can translate alien language and the Tornado 3 (A.K.A. the Cyclone) which has demolished G.U.N.'s forces during Sonic Adventure 2.


Super Speed & Agility

Like most Sonic characters Tails can move at blistering speeds and can break the sound barrier. He often fights at these speeds while blasting through areas like dense jungles and cities as to keep up with, and help Sonic and friends (But mostly Sonic).


Super Strength & Durability

Tails may not be as strong as characters like Knuckles or Big, but he has proven he can hit hard enough to shatter rock and punch through even armored Eggman and G.U.N. robots, and take blows from them too.


Super Endurance & Stamina

Tails can endure a lot more than most people being able to take beatings from Knuckles, Chaos, Team Dark etc. He also has an insane amount of stamina being able to travel at high speeds with Sonic nearly non-stop for days at a time.


Skilled Close Combat Fighter

Tails' fighting style is described as the most balanced between Sonic, Knuckles and himself. Tails often plays an aerial support role in combat, but when it comes to direct combat he's no slouch. He uses a combination of punches, kicks and his tails to add unpredictability to his attacks though his moves seem basic when compared to others.

He will use his tails to build up speed charges and will bounce off walls, ceilings and nearby objects to amp his attack strength. He takes advantage of his flying capabilities in a fight and will occasionally launch attacks from above and even fling his opponents from time to time. Tails has also been known to steal things from his opponents and use them against them - Amy's hammer for example.

When fighting tough opponents however, Tails will more often than not break out his gadgets for more variety and stronger attacks. He has defeated Eggman, Knuckles, Emerl and Shadow in combat which serves as a testament to his skill and prowess






  • Larger variety of attacks

  • Power-ups will bring Luigi out of his vulnerable small form

  • Good at using the environment against his opponent (Ground pounding objects into them, sending them into hazards etc.)

  • Can prevent Tails from getting/being airborne

  • Can reflect some projectiles

  • Physically stronger

  • A reliable form of invincibility

  • can probably knock fake rings away with the spin attack and it's varients



  • Much slower

  • Can't do anything about Super Tails

  • Power-ups are one-time use items and will only last until Luigi gets hit

  • Using a power-up while another is in use will erase the one he's currently using

  • incredibly vulnerable as small Luigi

  • Weaker without his hat

  • Star Luigi form is incredibly short lived





  • Much faster

  • Smarter

  • Less hesitant

  • Super Transformation is better than the invincibility star

  • Has auto attack abilities in Super Form which can act as offense and defence

  • Better flight

  • Can attempt to steal Luigi's power-ups and items from him

  • better hand-to-hand skills

  • Super transformation completely heals and restores him

  • Immune to fire with the Fire Shield



  • Gets dizzy easily (though his spinning moves don't really effect him that much)

  • Gets tired when flying for long periods of time

  • Shields will only last for a single hit

  • Doesn't use his speed advantage over opponents as effectively as Sonic

  • Even with his gadgets he isn't as random as Luigi

  • Can only use his Super Transformation once, as the Chaos Emeralds scatter after Super Tails returns to normal



I'm going to declare the winner of this fight Tails. He's much faster, smarter, has more fighting experience and is less hesitant. With the fire shield he negates Luigi's fire attacks, he can fly well out of the way of any of Luigi's normal attacks and he only needs to hit Luigi once to deprive him of his power-ups. Tails can also outmaneuver Luigi's flying forms, out think him, is used to fighting enemies who are physically stronger and can launch surprise attacks with his gadgets. Super Tails really takes the cake in this battle and would just demolish Luigi with his enhanced stats and the super transformation time limit out lasts the invincibility star's. There's also the fact that in a lot of ways this battle is Mario Vs Sonic with some slight differences and we all know how that battle turned out. In short, Tails is the better fighter, is smarter and has the better power-ups and gadgets on his side.

Not the best outcome considering it's the Year of Luigi is it?


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