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 Mad Respect is basically a Top Ten reasons why a certain video game character deserves "Mad Respect"  from the gaming  community, with the new Chrono Trigger Lore(great series btw) coming out, I thought I should start with Crono, now if you don't want to read the explaniations I will have the reason with the explanation under it, if just a straight forward Top Ten is your thing. For others who prefer an explanation as stated earlier it will be provuded below. I know this was a long intro and it will definetley be shorter, it's just this is the first one and I kind of felt like I needed to explain this. One more thing, I am just one person so I can't possibly know every game character, if you want me to do a specific character, just tell me in the comments below and I will try to  do some reasearch and post one about the requested character.

 A quick Intro: 

Now I am sure a lot of you know maybe a little or a lot about Crono and some of you might not know anything, well, Chrono is from a SNES RPG called Chrono Trigger and is considered by some people(Not all but some) to be the best on that system. Crono is the character you play as, and of cource as in most RPG's you can name him whatever your little heart desires (Yes even swear words for people like that....). Well enough about his background, let's get in to why he deserves "Mad Respect" from us gamers, keep in mind this is a top ten, the more exciting things will be near the end and more of the less exciting but still reasons, will be near the bottom. 

Number 10:  His Hair

Now I know what you may be thinking, "O MAH GAWD you put his hair as a reason" well, yes, yes I did. It takes some true skill to keep your hair perfect like that during battle, let alone style it. It also takes some real balls to wear it like that before Cloud made it a thing for FF characters ;). Also, if this reason is bad for you, remember, this is #10.

Number 9: He broke out of Jail

Yes in the begining of the game, you are arrested for kidnapping the princess. Of cource if you stayed their it wouldn't be much of a game, so, he breaks out, with some help of cource but that's besides the point ;). Also after he escapes the jail, to get escape fully, he battles an autonomous dragon-like robot so that's pretty cool.

Number 8: He Has Groupies

Yes Crono has people that follow him, which act as your squad mates in battle. He doesn't just get normal people though which makes it a reason on this list, he gets a frog-knight, a demon king, a robot, and others.

Number 7: He is a Mute

Yes Crono does ot talk the whole game, and in my opinion, that makes characters really cool. I mean think about it, how long has it been since you haven't talked for a day, let alone while trying to save the earth.

Number 6: He Doesn't Care About Technology

This one may sound odd but let me explain, Crono goes nearly 1000 years into the futrue reletivly near the game, so that means you have a pretty  mediocre sword compared to what's left later in the game. He doesn't care, he'll take any enemy down even if it's a futuristc bug type thing, ghost, or a robot. That's why this in Number 6.

Number 5: He Marries the Princess

Now granted this was included in the Playstation and DS versions of this game, but in my opinion, it still counts. I mean this is pretty good for Crono, I mean getting married to the princess basically means you get a hot wife and inherit the kingon after your father in law dies. That's pretty sweat. 

Number 4: He can use Lightining 

I don't think I need to explain this one much but, come on, he can use lightning, LIGHTNING!

Number 3: He Travels Through Time

Now this has always been a cool concept for me in a story. I like it when you get to see the world change in an instant but in real time for every one else it could be 1000 years in the future or the past. This is especially cool for Crono in his case since he lives in the year 1000 A.D, granted he didn't invent the idea or machine that could do it, it just makes him seem so cool that he is leading a mission to save the world while traveling through time and he lives in the year 1000 A.D, now I don't know about you, but to me that makes him seem awesome.

Number 2: He Defeated Lavos

Now for those of you who don't know what Lavos is, well, it is a huge alien parasite that basically sucks the energy out of the planet to copy itself and then puts  the "host planet" ,as I liked to call it, into a post-apocolyptic state. He is also huge and immensly powerful, now Crono and his friends were bale to do this but, this makes Crono more awesome because of the next reason which I had to make number 1.

Number 1: His Selflessness

There are two parts to this, the first one being that he sacrifices himself in the battle with Lavos to save his friends. The second being a little more obscure, he saves the world, now think about it, the world isn't destroyed until 1999 and he lives in the year 1000. He won't be around for it yet he still feels like he has an obligation to save it, even though the destruction of Earth won't effect him at all. After you hear that, that makes the first part make he seem even more selfless as he sacrifices himself to do so, now after he learned of the day of Lavos, he could have just went back home and said, "I don't want to do this as this doesn't affect me." well not said more of thunk it sence I mentioned he is mute earlier. Yet he sacrifices himself to save countless lives, for something that wouldn't affect him, now I don't know about you but I find that very interesting and that is what makes Crono so awesome.

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments who I should do next, but for now, that's why Crono deserves "Mad Respect".

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