"The Mafia is Due in Mapleberry" (The Story to SA Mafia Round XXIII)

Posted on September 3, 2012 - 8:33pm by SpoonMan Abrams X


Coming off the conclusion of the recent round of ScrewAttack Mafia, I have a little tale to tell...

The following is the story to "The Mafia is Due in Mapleberry", as written by myself and fellow g1 and co-host of the round, Atomic Tomato. As is per usual of Mafia games, the story unfolds and is told by the actions and flow of the game and decision of it's players; it progresses through the gameplay.

So now, read on, and learn of the fate of the town of Mappleberry...

Chapter 1

Welcome to Mapleberry


It had been the 150th Annual Town Fair. Things were wrapping up as everyone was heading home from the festivities. Despite current reports from around the globe, the community didn't give into the misgivings. Reports of other beings living among them, from the stars? Preposterous! Those things didn't happen, and they sure as wouldn't happen in good ol' Mapleberry... or would they?


“We are nearing our destination planet of Earth, Commander Zoidburg”

“Excellent,” replied the Alien Commander, “Is the jamming apparatus ready and operational, Kotos?”

The other alien nodded. “Yes, sir, Commander. Kaang is putting the final touches on it as we speak.”

“Then have the rest of the crew prepare for our landing. When we make contact, we cannot waste any time getting assimilated into the Human's community, in order for us to achieve maximum functioning efficiency.”

Kotos saluted and left the bridge. Zoidburg turned to his pilot.

“Are the coordinates locked in, Blorgax?”

“They are sir. We will be landing in the town of Mapleberry, Pennsylvania, USA. We have entered the atmosphere and will be landing in 20 minutes.”

“Good to hear, be sure to join us when...”


Red lights flashed, as the monitors began to scramble, and the ship began to quake and groan from the turbulence.

“What is going on?!” Commander Zoidburg.

The pilot scrambled over the controls as he attempted to stabilize the ship, but to no avail. “I have no idea, sir! I have lost control of the ship! We are going to crash!”


It lit up the night sky, a burning streak of orange and red. It looked like a shooting star, and those watching it stared in awe, until they realized something was wrong. It was getting closer. And closer...

A sudden impact with a large crash and explosion of debris. The resulting shock wave breaking all the windows within a few hundred feet, overturning parked cars, decimating the town square, but luckily no one got hurt. Nothing was left except a huge, smoking crater, and “It”...


The residents quickly gathered, inspecting the large, disk-shaped metallic craft in the aftermath... but that was all that was left. No bodies or evidence there of remained. What could've happened? Why did they come? What did they want with the town?! Panic began to spread as a search party formed; they couldn't have gotten far. Unbeknown to them, however, 'They' were already among them, posing as their family, friends, and neighbors... and no one was prepared for what they were going to bring... or what others among them had in mind....


Chapter 2

It begins to set in...


The Search Party reconvened in the Town Square several hours later, as the darkness began to overtake the day.

“Nothing in the north of town,” first spoke Johnny Farrar, “Not a single thing looked out of place or suspicious. It's getting hard to search without any lights.”

Woodyman nodded in agreement, “Same thing for the south town. What about east and west?”

The other groups shook their heads, and everyone turned in unison as Smoke climbed out of the wreckage and spoke.

“There's no bodies of ANYTHING, let alone traces, left in this... “craft”. If there was something here, it ain't here anymore.”

The crowd murmured amongst themselves and a chuckle from the back brought them to their attention.

“It's not like you're going to find “THEM”... unless they want to be found...” snickered Naito, one of the resident recluses of the town. Everyone else just stared at him quizzically.

Ben Be Jamin was the first to speak. “What do you mean by that, friend?” The general consensus nodded in agreement, and continued to stare.

Naito began to laugh even more. “You don't get it, do you?” he continued, “They've been among us all along, you fools!”

A few of the group whispered to each other, as others began looking at one another. Smoke shook his head, “You've been reading one too many of them comic books, boy.”

“No, no,” spoke Dragonlord, “Let him speak. Tell us more kid.”

Naito continued on, with a smirk on his face. “Well, that's what they do. They send a craft to investigate. A small team, meant to infiltrate the town, as one of us!”

More of the group murmured to those next to them, while others began to back away. Durga stepped up “I think I've heard about enough. What sort of crazy theory is this?! It's just ludicrous.”

Lilbill replied “It may be crazy, but what else do we have?” He walked up to the front and grabbed Naito by the collar, “Maybe this kid knows more then he's letting on!”

Woodyman stepped up and grabbed Bill on the shoulder, “Now hold up, friend. Let's not get carried away here! Let's not become a senseless mob and start tearing each other apart!”

Naito struggled against Bill's grip. “You shouldn't be looking at me anyway, you should be looking at that guy!” he said, as he pointed down the street, at the one building, where the second story that had lights coming out of it. Bill dropped Naito and the party moved towards the building.


Inside was Doc Lime, Quietly taking inventory in his office. He was startled to turn around to the sound of the door opening and see the massive mob standing behind him.

“W-what's going on, fellas?” he stammered as he met their angry gaze.

“I don't know friend, maybe you should tell us!” demanded Bill, as most of the rest of the group spoke and nodded in agreement. “Why weren't you outside with us in the search party?”

Woodyman stepped in front of them. “Now what did I just say to you all!?” He turned towards Lime “I don't know if you aware, Doc, but there was an accident outside.”

Lime looked absolutely shocked. “Oh my goodness! Is everyone alright?! Is someone hurt? If there is take me to them!”

“No one is hurt, everyone is fine, Doc.” continued Woodyman, “but it was a UFO that crashed, and when it did, all the power went out-”

“Except for your place!” shouted Bill, “and we we're wondering about that!”

Lime backed up slowly “I-I didn't realize anything was wrong, I was listening to my radio, but then it went out. I thought maybe the power went out. My lights are on their own generator, as is many other things in my office, like the-”

“I think I've heard enough.” exclaimed Bill, as he pushed past Woodyman and grabbed Lime “I think you need to come with us, Doctor...”

“Bill! What are you doing!” Woodyman yelled, as he attempted to separate the struggling Bill and Lime.


Bill pushed Lime so hard that he fell over into Woodyman, and Lime was tossed backwards. The good Doctor crashed through a nearby window, and fell through it, landing head first on the street below. There he lay, in a crumpled and cut up heap, bleeding out into the road, as the lights in his office suddenly went out.


Chapter 3

Nightly Rendevous


The mob quickly separated from each other after Dr. Lime's accident, reluctant to trust each other in the wake of what happened, except for a few of the individuals.


The two smaller of the group walked up to the taller one and saluted.

“Romanalunder and Blorgax reposting for duty, Commander.”

Commander Zoidburg nodded, then cautiously looked around. “Where are Kaang and Kotos, and for that matter Steve?”

Blorgax shrugged. “Well sir, I have no idea about Kaang and Kotos, but you know how much of a terraphile Steve is. He's probably off wandering around looking at all the “sights”. You know how anxious he was to even take part in this mission.

Zoidburg sighed, as Romanalunder spoke up. “Why again is he called Steve?”



Smoke had been part of the law enforcement of Mapleberry for 25 years now, and Sheriff for the last 10. He'd dealt with domestic disputes, drunken brawls, even the occasional death and everything in between. He though he had seen it all. Sadly such was not the case anymore.

Regardless he still had a duty to service this town, which had been his home for so long. He was off to talk to one of the newcomers to the town, by the name of Ben Be Jamin. He personally didn't think he was a bad egg, but with recent events, he thought he should check on them, just to be safe.

Unfortunately for him, he wouldn't get that far.


Smoke turned the corner and found himself face to face with someone in a dark overcoat, their face shrouded in shadow, though there was something peculiar about them. Their eyes almost were glassy, and almost seemed to glow.

Smoke's hand instinctively went to his revolver at his side, as he spoke to the mysterious stranger in front of him.

“Is there something I can help you with, partner?”

The stranger smiled. His teeth were golden, and sharp. “Why yes, Sheriff. You see, me and my friend here need to talk to you.”

Smoke caught the reflection in the stranger's eyes a moment too late. As he drew his weapon and swung around, there was a bright green flash. Smoke staggered back, as he looked down, and saw the giant hole in his chest.

“You extraterrestrial bastards!” he coughed, his last words as he fell face first onto the sidewalk.

Kotos smiled as Kaang walked up to him. “You did always have impeccable timing, my friend.”

Kaang bowed. “Ah, but my dear Kotos, it wouldn't have been nearly as fun without you.”

Kotos bowed in return and looked down at the Sheriff's corpse. “Do you think we should do something about the flesh bag here?”

Kaang revealed his own “toothy” smile as he turned a dial on his blaster, and pointed it at the body.

“I have just the thing!” he replied, as the weapon whined and began to glow and shiver. Moments later another bright green flash engulfed the body of Smoke, leaving naught behind but his badge and a shadow on the cement.


Mr. West, aka Steve, felt like a juvenile that had just gotten his favorite toy for holiday. He pranced about, looking at all the fun things in the shop windows. Earthlings were such interesting creatures, he thought to himself. Perhaps the commander would let him take a few of these things home with him after their mission.

West suddenly stopped short, as he noticed a strange man in a long white coat standing next to him, eating what looked to be some sort of sweet. The man turned to him and gave a cheerful smile.

“Hallo, mein freund.” the man spoke, as he held out his hand, containing another one of the sweets. “Vud du care to hast ein candy?”

West quickly reached for the sweet, but stopped short, feeling an instinct of mistrust towards the man in the coat, and looked up at him cautiously.

“Ah, but es ist just vor du, sweet und delicious!” he said, smiling, as he ate another one in his other hand. “Perfect little size, du can pop in your mouth, no?”

West shook his head, looked up and nodded at the man. He quickly snatched the candy, and popped it in his mouth.

“Vundebar~” sang the man, as he watched West eat the candy, his cheerful smile turning into a devious grin.

West closed his eyes, enjoying the sweet treat…until suddenly it started to burn. He grabbed his throat and dropped to his knees. He couldn't speak or even breathe, as he looked up at the strange man in the white coat.

The man continued to smile devilishly at West, and his eyes glistened in excitement. “Vell, I hat no idea I vud find von of you so eashily.” he said, as he pulled out a scalpel, and slowly walked towards West. “But I von't shquander das gift, vor I hast a use vor du... or vather, parts of du...”


Chapter 4

Not So Happy Birthday


With the news of the Sheriff being murdered in the night fresh on their minds, the rest of the town was tense. Everyone had their own suspicions, but no one dared to act on them, for fear of being the next victim.

Finally having enough, Durga stood up and addressed the group.

“We're accomplishing nothing just sitting around here, glaring at each other!” he spoke, as the attention of everyone turned towards him. “We need to do something! Take matters into our own hands! These Alien scum won't keep me down, and I hope you all feel the same!”

A majority of the group stood up as well, nodding and speaking in agreement. Slingshot, however, stood up himself.

“That's fine and dandy and all, but where do you suggest we begin? These Aliens have been good at covering their tracks. How do you suggest we find them?”

Fox was the next one to speak. “What about that guy, m3sach? He hasn't been very helpful at all since this ordeal began. In fact, I don't think he's here right now.”

They all looked around themselves, realizing he was indeed missing. They all began to murmur amongst themselves.

Slingshot again spoke up, “I don't think that's the best choice, if today is what I think it is he might be-”

Flashpenny interrupted him. “Well, if he isn't going to at least help us himself, then we should go MAKE him help, or be rid of him!”

The majority shouted in agreement, as they all made their way to find the lurker.

m3sach was sitting in his home, lighting candles on a small cake he had just made himself, with a couple bottles of beer sitting buy. Even with what was going on, didn't mean he couldn't enjoy his...

There was suddenly a very loud knocking on his door. He went to open the door, and found the Mob standing there.

“Is this some sort of surprise?!” He quickly asked, looking around at all of them.

“No, m3sach, we need you to come with us and tell us a few things.”

m3sach stepped back in alarm. They had come for him! “Leave me alone, you Alien bastards! Leave me alone!” he cried, as he tried to turn and run.

“Wait!” Slingshot yelled at him, as Durga tried to grab his arm. m3sach pulled it away as he ran back through his house, rounding his table with the cake on it. It was there he lost his balance, and crashed through the table. The rest of the group quickly caught up and looked down in horror.

m3sach laid in the remains of table, impaled through the chest by a knife. The same knife he was just going to cut his cake with moments before.

“This is the worst birthday ever.” he whispered, before he slumped over dead.


Chapter 5

Talking to Death


Woodyman and Durga had been out scouring the streets, looking for something, anything that looked suspicious. The two of them had separated, each covering a different portion of town. So far it had been quiet, with naught but the distant rumble of thunder.


Woodyman looked up at the quickly darkening sky, deciding that it wouldn't be wise to continue searching amidst the approaching storm. He went to make his way back to the rendezvous, knowing Durga would likely be doing the same. He had known Durga for years, having been neighbors and close friends, so he knew that he would be thinking the same thing.

As Woody walked his way briskly through the streets, he stopped when he heard a man calling out, yelling someone's name, though he didn't quite hear who. He made his way towards the voice and found a man yelling in the middle of the road. As Woody approached, the man ran up to him.

“Excuse me friend, but have you seen my Adrianne? I can't seem to find her anywhere!” he said frantically, grabbing onto Woodyman's shirt. “I've been calling for her all this time! I hope nothing has happened to her!”

“Calm down, friend,” replied Woodyman, as he grabbed the man's hand and pulled it from his collar. “I'll help you look for her, just calm...”

Woodyman stopped short, and looked at their hands. The stranger's skin felt abnormally cold to the touch, and as he looked up, he noticed how glassy their eye's looked. As their gazes met, the stranger's eyes glowed with a green tint.

“Who, or what are you?” he asked, as he backed away from the “man”, the fear growing in the pit of his stomach.

Zoidburg flashed a sharp, toothy smile. “Bee-yoo-tiful, human. Though all your kind are scum, you seem especially clever. Why don't you come back over here and we can talk for a while. I promise I won't split you in two... yet.”

Woodyman quickly pulled out a handgun he had on himself for protection. Before he could aim it, an arm seemed to stretch out of nowhere, grabbing it from behind him. He turned to see that he was surrounded on all sides in this narrow street, as a couple more of them came out, their glowing green eyes all trained on him.

“Your time is done, human.” said Romanalunder, as they continued up from behind, “Now just be nice and quiet and we'll make this quick...”

They all pounced, as Woody's body and muffled screams we're drowned out by the chaos. Durga was frozen in horror, as he had just emerged from a nearby alley. As he came to his sense and drew his weapon, another came up from behind, grabbed him while placing a cloth over his mouth. Durga only managed to struggle for a few brief seconds before unconsciousness washed over him...



When Durga came too, he found himself chained to a table, unable to move his arms or legs. He turned his head to the side, only to quickly gasp and turn away again. On the table next to him was he dismembered body of creature, it's long, pale limbs detached from its open torso, though placed in proper order.

Suddenly the table he was on tipped forward, and brought him face to face with a strange man, wearing a long, white coat.

“Mein Vater vas a shimple man.” he spoke, as he turned away from Durga to inspect a table of various sharp looking tools and other implements. “In das town, he vas a fisherman, where I vas born. He lifed to shail das shea.”

“Our haus vas Yellow, vhere ve lifed. It vas hish vavorite color.” he continued, as he picked up a nearby handsaw. “I ushed to help him fillet das fish. It vas much fun. Cutting apart ein creature, to get vour ushe out of dem. I vud shometimes try to put dem back togesher again.”

Durga was immensely creeped out by the strange man, though he felt compelled to ask one question. “Why are you telling me all this?”

The man smiled. “Becaushe,” he replied, as he stepped toward Durga the saw whired to life and the blade began to spin. “I shtill like to do that.” The table snapped back down, as the man began to cackle, leaning over Durga, as he began to scream in pain.


Chapter 6


Of Walruses and Men


The mob gathered outside of Flashpenny's bright yellow house, yelling and demanding he show himself.

“We know you’re in there, Flash! Come on out!” called Mash, as someone from behind him threw a brick, crashing through the picture window.

Finally, Flash emerged from the house, standing in the doorway, shotgun in hand.

“What the hell is wrong with you?! Have you lost your goddamned minds?!”

“We know your scum,” replied Bill, “it's quite obvious just by looking at you right now!”

Flashpenny cocked his head to one side. “What sort of evidence do you have? I've done nothing to any of you.”

The group looked at each other, some murmuring among themselves. Thudnerplant finally spoke up, “Well, your house is yellow...”

“... What does that have to do with anything?!” Flashpenny threw up his arms in surrender. “You're mad, all of you!” He pointed his own weapon at himself. “This is worse than Operation Walrus, all those years ago...”

Those gathered looked on in horror. “Wait what are you doing? We just want to talk to you!” cried Slingshot, as he took a step forward.

“I'm done with this game. You know what?” Flash said, as he cocked his gun, “Maybe you should all look amongst yourselves! Perhaps then you'll find the true scum, those who manipulate you all from within!”

With those final words, Flash pulled the trigger, leaving his own red stain on the bright yellow siding.


Chapter 7

Home Invasion


Thunderplant came home after a hard day working out in the fields. Even with all the paranoia going on, there was still work to do, people still had to eat. He was ready to kick back and relax for the day, he decided. He opened his door...

Too bad there wouldn't be any relaxing for him.

There were 5 of them total. All sitting around his house. One was sitting at the table reading the latest newspaper, headline “They Are Among Us!” Two were sitting watching the television. The last 2 were directly across from him, standing in the kitchen, holding what appeared to be...

“Coffee?” Thunderplant asked, looking confused at the mysterious home invaders. They all turned and smiled at him, sharing the same sharp teeth and glassy eyes flashing briefly.

“Indeed,” replied Kaang, as he took a sip, and immediately spat it back out. “Aw, heck, this is disgusting!”

“I told you that you probably wouldn't like it, Kaang,” Kotos replied, taking a sip himself. “I personally don't find it THAT horrible, the beverages on Saturn, howeve-”

“What in the Lord's name are you doing in my house?” said Thunderplant, as he stepped back towards his door and a desk nearby.”

“You left your door unlocked, so we invited ourselves in,” Kaang responded, sniffing and wrinkling his nose at the coffee still in the mug. “We figured you wouldn't mind.”

Thunderplant bumped back into the desk. He quickly opened the front drawer and pulled out a pistol that he had kept in there. He pointed it at Kotos, who was standing closest, while keeping an eye on the rest of them, whose eyes all began to simultaneously emit a green glow.

“Well I do mind, and frankly don't like Extraterrestrial scum like yourselves.” he continued, while cocking the chamber of the gun. “I hope y'all do yourselves a favor and leave.”

All of them chuckled together. Kotos raised his arms and shrugged. Looking straight at Thunderplant, stepping towards him, his expression darkening and turning serious, “Then why don't you come at me already, then?”

Thunderplant yelled and fired the weapon at Kotos' head... or at least what would have been. Instead the alien dropped down, sprawling out with a stance of some sort of animal, and pounced on the human, leaving him no time to react. Thunderplant's screams quickly subsided, as bits of him smeared all over the walls, the alien still tearing into the remains.

He then stopped when they heard yelling from outside, and the sound of running feet. The door swung open, but no trace of them or the others remained, except the smears of Thunderplant on the floor and walls.


On the opposite side of town, Mashfan made his way home through the dark streets. Working late nights was taxing, but the money was good. Generally he didn't mind it, but with recent happenings, he didn't dare linger long.

As he passed by an alley way, he heard a strange voice call to him, almost singing;

“Eshcuse me, young man, but if du vud come to mein laboratory, I vill gif du strudel~”

Mash turned, towards the voice, confused, only to be met with a clubbing over the head, and instantly he fell into to the darkness...


Later he awoke, being revived by a strange, sickly sweet aroma from under his chin, he looked up to see the Mad Scientist standing over him.

“Hallo, mein freund, mein name ist Doctor Atomic.” he said, smiling in a deluded sort of way. “Velcome to mein laboratory”

Mash spat at the Doctor's face. Dr. Atomic jerked his face up, wiping the spittle from off his face, looking at it for a moment, until returning his gaze back on Mash.

“Du hast shpunk, no doubt, much much then mein lasht two shubjects,” he laughed, as he poked Mash in the eye, flicked his nose, and slapped him on the cheek, “I vill shertainly enjoy vorking on du, yesh, fery much sho...”

Mash glanced over, recognizing the remains of Durga, and what looked to be something else just beyond him, its pale complexion hardly human.

“Du enjoy vat du shee?” the Dr. Atomic spoke, “Do vill be joining them... right now...”

The Doctor laughed maniacally, as a guillotine fell from the darkness above, separating Mash's head from the rest of his body.


Chapter 8

Welcome to the Laboratory


Bobbo sat at the bar, enjoying a drink, when a group of people suddenly entered the bar.

Slingshot pointed at Bobbo, “The jig is up, Herr Doctor, we know what you have been up to these past few nights.”

Bobbo took one last sip, and set down the beverage, and turned towards his accuser and the rest of mob, with a devious smile that caused a few of them to step back from him in discomfort.”

“I alvays knew it vud only be a matter of time before I vud be found out,” he slowly spoke, as he stood up and examined all of their faces. “Du hast done vell, very vell indeed...”

Not intimidated, Slingshot stepped up meet Dr. Bobbo Atomic face-to-face. “You need to come with us, “freund”... We won't let you kill anymore tonight!”

Bobbo let out boisterous laugh, so blood-curdling that even Slingshot backed up a bit. “Du bist so shure that no vone elshe vill die tonight, are du?” He continued to laugh, “Mein plan hast only just begun...”

With that, Dr. Atomic swung around, and with a crack, was enveloped by a think wall of smoke. Slingshot and the others ran forward, stumbling around, looking for the Scientist, until the smoke cleared.

“Where did that cackling psychopath go?!” cried Bill, “There was nowhere else to go?!”

Slingshot stopped. “I think I may have an idea.” The rest of group turned towards him, and he continued, “Isn't his old Laboratory on the South-Eastern edge of town?”

Blazerxz reactively slapped his own face with his hand. “And why didn't anyone think of looking into the crazy old cook, who lived  on the edge of town and NEVER talked to anyone, before this?!”

No one else had a reply.


Bobbo walked through the corridors of his Laboratory briskly. He needed to activate the final phase before it was too late...

He stopped short as he came face to face with Commander Zoidburg.

“Good Evening, mein Doctor,” he said, as his glassy eyes flashed, smiling a that not even a mother could love. “We have been expecting you.”

Two more came from behind the Doctor and each grabbed an arm on either side, and pulled him forward. Bobbo glanced around and noticed two more of them standing on either end of the lab, rummaging through boxes and cabinets, tossing everything asunder.

Bobbo turned his head back towards the Alien and returned his smile. “Indeed, mein freund, das shame could be shaid to du as vell. Vut bringsh du to mein Laboratory at this hour?”

Zoidburg's expression turned dark, as his eyes began to glow ferociously as he stepped toward the Doctor.

“You know why we are here, Dr. Atomic. You have it, and we want it.” he said, as he continued to sneer at the Doctor. “It would also be nice if you could deactivate the beacon that is keeping our ship docked here.”

Bobbo laughed, as he shrugged off Kaang and Kotos, scouring at them. “Mein research? Vell, mosht of es ist heir,” he replied, motioning to the four tables in front of him. “Du can clearly shee das ist right here.”

Zoidburg examined the tables, looking down the line, hesitating for a moment when he saw Steve. “Nein, Doctor, we want that which is far more valuable...”

“Du und him both.” Dr. Atomic interrupted, “Even if I could, es ist not even here. Do think I vud keep shomething ash valuable as DAS, here?!” He turned and looked back at Zoidburg, before walking past the four tables, three of them containing remains of “Steve” West, Durga, and Mash, and the fourth...

“But of course,” replied Zoidburg, as he walked up to the fourth table, and carefully touched what lay upon it. “In that case, you will have to help us.”

Bobbo reached into his pocket and pulled some keys and a card-like device of sorts, and tossed them at Zoidburg, who quickly caught them. “Das ist all das help I can give... Di vill hast to find him on your own.” He sighed, as he turned walked back over to one of his shelfs, staring at what seemed to be a brain floating inside of a large jar. “Now, if du vill eshcuse me... I hast vork to do...”

Commander Zoidburg chuckled as he handed the objects over too Blorgax. “Of course Doctor... however...” He ran his hand across what lay on the table, “This seems to be one instance where we can't just ‘leave you be.’”

Bobbo stopped in alarm, as he quickly turned around to face the Alien, a previously concealed pistol drawn. He was however much too slow, as a green flash fired by Romanalunder from across the room struck one of his legs, vaporising it. He stumbled, and grabbed the shelf for support, as Zoidburg ripped up the table and launched it at the Doctor, crushing his lower half and pinning him to the wall, causing him to also drop his weapon.

“I'm sorry Doctor,” Zoidburg spoke, as he strode up to the helpless Dr. Bobbo Atomic, “but this seems to be a ‘project’ we simply cannot allow you to finish, especially as what it has cost up, personally.” Zoidburg gave one last glance to Steve, as he turned back towards the Doctor. “I'm sure you can understand.”

Bobbo continued to struggle, but looked up and still managed his devious smile, “But of courshe, mein freund. I vud eshpect nothing lessh...”

The Commander returned his own grin, as the rest of the Aliens placed “charges” around the Laboratory. “Indeed. Good bye, Herr Doctor,” he replied, as he turned, and they all left through the darkness of the lab.


The charges began to spark and whir, everything around them began to catch on fire. Still, Bobbo struggled. He was not trying to push the table away, or even pull himself out. He was reaching for it; his creation he had worked so long and hard on making. Meanwhile, he was rummaging through his jacket for something else...

As he finally pulled something small and metallic out of his pocket, he had reached his creation, inside of it, and heard something click on.

Bobbo smiled broadly, “Vundebar~”.


As the mob approached, the roof of the building sudden exploded, causing them to stop in their tracks. They watched in awe as flames billowed from the building, out of control. A team of firefighters appeared, but were unable to stop the flames, until little was left besides the rubble. Even after, they searched for traces of Dr. Atomic, but the fire engulfed all it seemed, and left naught, except for the singed remains of his white coat...


Chapter 9

Lasting Legacy


MexicanAnime was drained from the previous day's events. He wasn't sure what to think anymore. He just wanted to get home, and start again tomorrow, seeing if he could sort out this mess. Sure, it seemed like Doctor Atomic was gone, but there were still those scummy Aliens lurking around...

As he approached his house, he noticed a lone person sitting on his steps.

Mex stopped, looking around himself. He was wary of the strange person and what could possibly happen.

Mex cleared his throat. “Hey, friend, is there something I can help you with? Who are you?” he asked.

The stranger sat there for a moment in silence, still leaning his head down, his face obscured by a hat. They then slowly looked up, staring at Mex. Mex realized there was something wrong when he saw the stranger's eyes.

“I don't remember, friend,” replied Blorgax, “but perhaps my partner here could tell you?”

Before he could even think, Mex felt something piece the back of his head, and that was it. Kaang pulled his brain out of the back of his head, and let the body fall to the ground.

“They are completely the best to kill, these humans,” he said, as he was examining Mex's brain. “So fun to watch them die, amazing even! They're made of such squishy meat.”

Blorgax stood up. “Well now that you've had your fun, it's about time to get back to searching. The commander will be wanting a progress report soon.”

“You are, of course, correct my friend,” Kaang replied, nodding in agreement. “We must make haste. We cannot keep our VIP waiting~”

They both turned away from the corpse of Mex, and slunk away into the darkness...


Long since had everyone left the remains of Dr. Atomic's Laboratory, for there was nothing to find... least nothing they COULD find.

'It' finally awakened, finding itself in an unknown room. How did it get here? Where was this anyway?

In fact, what was even its name?

It doubled over in pain... it hurt to even think, to wonder these things... but then it didn't even have too.


It stood up. It knew what it had to do. Was there even a choice? No, no there wasn't. The only option was clear.

“Strike back at those who harmed your master. Kill them all.”

It suddenly noticed a beeping in the corner. It turned to see another one of the Master's earlier creations; a robot servant, with the name “Google” etched across its chest. When the bot's optics met It's gaze, the bot moved forward, and spoke;

“Engage emergency unlocking procedures?”

When the bot spoke, It was overcome with a rage. It did not care for the robot's words, they were unimportant. Useless. It lashed out at Google, ripping half of the bot apart with just one swipe. The robot sparked from its bare wires, and trembled momentarily.

“Emergency unlocking procedure, activate...”

With it's final words, Google's “eyes” faded, the machines power, subsiding. As it fell over to the ground, a useless heap of metal, the wall behind “It” opened up, revealing the outside world.

The Monster stumbled out into the night, looking around at it's surroundings. From atop this point, it could see the remains of its Master's house, and beyond that... Mapleberry.

It knew what it had to do.


Chapter 10

The Final Straw?


The rest of the remaining civilians stood divided, unsure of who among them could be scum.

“What about that Naito kid?!” one of them spoke, “He has been quite since that first day, and he's the one that started all this!”

“Nonsense,” replied another, “He's just a kid. Besides, there's been others that have talked as little! What about that Dragonlord or 2200!”

Yet another spoke up, “Who says it has to be someone that's been quiet? Perhaps they have the right idea. What about one of those people that have been talking this entire time? I think they've been talking too much!”

“Why does it have to be either of those? What about someone that we know has been here but seemingly hasn't contributed? Folks like DarkRecon or that DRQ fellow!” someone else interjected.

The debate continued for quite a while, until finally Bill got sick enough, he stepped forward. “ENOUGH!” he cried, looking around at the rest of the group as they stopped and stared at him. “What did Woodyman tell all of us? We shouldn't be tearing each other apart. Now look what’s happened! He was right, and you all know it.”

Several nodded in agreement, while a few hung down their heads while he continued. “Now I know I may not be the best one to be bringing this up, but I plan to atone for that. While we keep scrutinizing each other, there has been one this entire time pulling the strings.” Bill pointed at Slingshot, “and it has been YOU Slingshot!”

Some of the people gasped, but everyone turned to look at him. Those standing near Sling backed up several steps. Slingshot, however, just simply stood in place, unmoving, looking at the ground. Everything seemed to stand still.

Then suddenly, Slingshot looked up, his eyes emitting a strange, eerie glow.

“I guess it was only a matter of time, eh?” he said, smiling revealing a set of very sharp, jagged teeth. “You've done well, Bill, but unfortunately for you, we no longer have any use for you.”


Slingshot laughed, as he pulled out a strange looking gun, whirring and glowing with a familiar green shade. He aimed it at Bill, and with a loud crack and flash, Bill was thrown backward. He landed several feet back, a large hole directly though his chest. Where he was standing, a revolver fell, barrel smoking. Meanwhile, Slingshot stood for a moment, as he reached up and touched his own forehead. A deep green liquid, what could presumably be the Alien's blood, covered his hand, as it continued to drop down his face. Slingshot laughed, an evil blood curdling laugh, until he finally fell backwards, dead as well. Everyone else continued to stand in shock over what just transpired.


Chapter 11

Painting the Town


The next morning the town awoke to what may have been the most horrific sights yet.

They found two halves of single person. His torso had been mutilated, sliced and tore up, to the point that whatever shirt he had been wearing was no longer identifiable. Bits of flesh and blood were sprayed all around it, in a massive radius where it sat in the middle of the street. Some of it was also old and dried, as if someone had spent their doing the deed.

Unfortunately it didn’t end there, as that was only the torso. The rest of his body parts were strewn further down the street, a long bloody streak that stretched on forever, with some there were completely unaccounted for. Every few hundred yards was a random limb, or organ, haphazardly lying about, but eventually it ended. A top a barber's pole, the head of the victim was perched, identified to be none other then Blazerxz. While this was the most recognizable bit, other parts would turn up later, ending up nearly as far, but a few shy, of 10 miles away from the scene of the incident.


Everyone stood around in horror, nearly unable to comprehend what had happened.

DarkRecon looked on the travesty, and shook his head. “Who would do such a thing?” he asked, as Ben Be Jamin came out, only too immediately vomit into a near by bush.

“I don’t know,” replied JohnnyFarrar, “but we definitely know they aren’t human…”


Chapter 12

In Which Stuff Happens


After the gruesome sight they saw in the morning, most of the remaining townspeople had retreated to the relative safety of their individual houses. Terrified that they may meet the same horrible fate as Blazer, they hastily used whatever materials they could find and constructed barricades blocking every window and door in their home.


There they sat, some clutching whatever weapon they could find and shakily pointing it towards their door, anxiously waiting for some kind of alien or monster to come bursting through at any moment, while others simply prayed that this horrific nightmare could finally be over. The streets of Mapleberry, once filled with the joyous laughter of friends and family, were now filled with nothing but an eerie, tension-filled silence.


That silence, however, was broken when a man standing in the middle of the town began yelling into a megaphone. “You’re all cowards! Every single one of you! As if boarding yourselves up in houses will solve anything! The only way we’re gonna beat these things is if we work together!”

As they heard these words, some of the people began peeking out of their houses to see that DarkRecon was the one yelling. Ben Be Jamin was the first one to approach him.

“What the hell is it you expect us to do right now?” Ben asked. “Most of us are dead, and we can’t trust anyone else because we can’t be sure if they’re even human!”

Most of the townspeople had gathered around DarkRecon by now.

“Ben’s got a point, you know,” BrandonL337 chimed in, “We can’t be sure who to trust right now, so it’s best if we all just stay alone and-”

DarkRecon cut him off before he could finish, “Can’t you see that’s exactly what they want?! Staying by ourselves just makes it easier for them to kill us one by one. Our only hope right now lies in unity. Besides, I for one want to get revenge on that son of a bitch that mutilated Blazer”

“I suppose that makes some sense that we should stick together” replied Bradon, “But I’ll be keeping a very close eye on you, on all of you in fact.”

The rest of the group nodded in agreement. “Good” DarkRecon asserted, “The first thing we should do is gather up anyone that may still be in their houses. Who all’s not here right now?”

Naito spoke up first. “Well, Fanboy and DRQ are the only ones I can think of. Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve seen DRQ at all in a couple of days.”

DarkRecon thought for a moment. “Hmm, that certainly is odd.” He finally said, looking around at the group. “Well, Fanboy’s house is right over across from where we are right now. I think we should check there first.”


The rest agreed as they all went over to Fanboy’s house, but before anyone could knock or ring the doorbell, Fanboy came bursting out of the door waving a revolver at the group.

“There’s no way of tellin’ which of you ain’t what you seem to be!” he shouted, “The only way to make sure is to kill all of you.” He looked around at all of them gathered. “I think I’ll start with you,” he declared, as he pointed the gun at Fox.

“H-hey now, pal. There’s no need for that thing... we can talk about this!” stammered Fox.

Fanboy had obviously been driven insane by paranoia, and wouldn’t listen to reason. He was just about to pull the trigger, as JohnnyFarrar leapt at the madman, tackling him and diverting his aim last second, the shot whizzing past Fox's head, who had managed to duck out of the way. Johnny then grabbed the gun from Fanboy and bashed him in the head with it, knocking him out cold.

“What should we do with him?” asked Johnny.

“Eh, we should just tie him up for now, or something.” Recon replied.

“Don’t worry about it” added Fox, “Johnny and I will take care of him. You guys go check out DRQ’s place."


When the rest of the groups arrived at DRQ’s residence, they immediately noticed an odd smell emanating from inside the house. The door was left wide open. DarkRecon, 2200, and BrandonL337 slowly entered the house, urging the rest of the group to stay outside in case anything went wrong.

As 2200 started calling DRQ’s name, a large monstrous figure came from around the corner. The Monster smashed its fist into 2200’s head, knocking him down and across the floor.

“You!” cried Recon, “you’re going to pay for what you did to Blazer, you freak of nature!”

As DarkRecon grappled with the monster, BrandonL337 quickly grabbed a kitchen knife that was lying on the ground and plunged it into the back of the monster’s head. The monster thrashed about for a few moments, throwing Brandon off as Recon dove out of the way, and finally slumped to the ground, dead.

“Thanks for the save, Brandon” Recon said, as he sunk against the nearby wall.

“No problem, but we should really check if 2200 is okay.” replied Brandon, as he turned to find 2200.

“Hey guys, I think I’ll be okay” 2200 assured as he picked himself up, surprising both Brandon and DarkRecon, “I’m just glad that bastard’s finally dead.”


Chapter 13

End Goal


“I told you I found it,” Romanalunder scoffed, as Kaang and Kotos looked on upon a rather seedy looking warehouse, tucked away on the edge of town.

“About time you did, Romana,” replied Blorgax, as he emerged from a nearby alley. “Can we get in?”

Kotos glanced at the door, grabbing and jiggled the chain lock that was wrapped around the handle. He then pulled out some sort of scanning device and began waving it around the door jam. “There appears to be no security system attached to here.” he finally said after a few moments of silence. “Are you absolutely SURE this is the place?”

Kaang stepped forward, pulling out his gun. “Only one way to-”

“2200! Hey you guys!” a voice from behind them called out, causing them all to jump in alarm and swing around. They all instantly recognized a waving Dragonlord.

Dragonlord quickly ran up to them. “Fox, Brandon, and Johnny also? What are you guys doing out here so late?” He asked, turning his attention on the strange looking gun in Johnny's hands as it clicked and began to glow & whir to life. “Johnny what is that thing you have in your... your...”

Dragonlord trailed off and grew silent, as he looked up into their faces, noticing their eyes begin to glow and skin grow pale. He took a few steps back.

“Who or what in the world are yo-”

Dragon didn't get to finish his sentence, as Johnny quickly aimed the weapon at him and ended it in a bright green flash of light.

Johnny turned towards 2200. “You need to be more careful about being followed,” he scolded, “Go back down the Alleyway and make sure no one else is coming.” 2200 nodded and made to move, as Johnny looked over at Brandon. “Quickly you must chec-”

“STOP.” interrupted Fox, as he lifted his scanner up staring at it intently. “No need. There are no more human life forms here.”

Brandon sighed in relief. “That's good, that scanner comes in really handy... wait,” he said, sharing a look of surprise with 2200 and Johnny.

“There is something else here?!” exclaimed 2200, quickly pulling out his own weapon. “It better not be another damned monster, I swear if there is...”

“No,” Fox calmly replied, finally lowering his scanner as he addressed the rest of them. “Not monster either. That would still register as mostly human anyway.” He pointed down at the ground, towards the base of the warehouse they were standing by. “It's something else down there.” He glanced at the scanner again. “Now it's gone.”

2200 glanced at the warehouse. “Maybe we can find something in there then?”

“Well then what are we waiting for?” Johnny aimed his gun at the locked door and fired.


After a few hours, they all gathered inside of the main storage facility in the middle of the building.

“There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING here!” cried Brandon, “Absolutely zero anything! All the desks and filing cabinets are empty!”

2200 nodded in agreement. “Even the crates and boxes have nothing,” he added, looking around at Johnny and Brandon. “Something is amiss.”

“Agreed. Not even any passages or anything leading underground.” Johnny replied, turning towards Fox. “Anything?”

Fox started at the scanner in frustration, before lowering it again. “Maybe it was a misreading, I could've sworn I saw...”

Suddenly Fox's scanner started blaring and flashing, and all their weapons began to activate. The lights in the Warehouse came to life.” Johnny, 2200 and Brandon all pulled their weapons up to ready as Fox brought the scanner back up.

“I'm detecting multiple life forms, and massive energy spikes, and...” the look of surprise on Fox's face was unmistakable. “readings from dimensional fluxes, directly below.”

Johnny threw his hands up in frustration. “Then how in the name of Stellaron VI are we supposed to get down there?” he yelled, stamping his foot on the floor. It suddenly began to shake violently.

They all quickly grabbed the nearby shelves for support, as the floor began to sink into the ground. They continued to sink lower and lower, the shaft growing darker as “floor” above them closed up. It was pitch black for a moment until lights on the walls of the shaft lit up, various white and indigo lights, continuing down the shaft with them, until...


The walls opened up as the life continued down. Spread out for what seemed seemingly miles around them, we're an assortment of laboratory equipment, large vacuum tubes, and various other electronics and machinery. Various “workers” were scattered about, all wearing the identical overalls and masks, entirely black except for white metallic bands around their sleeves.

The lift suddenly hit bottom, and all of them turned around in unison, as they all set eyes on a pair of giant, glossy black monoliths that seemed to be the center. They too were wrapped in metallic bands that went entirely around their bases.

“Welcome, my Alien friends,” spoke a strange man in a long black overcoat, causing the alien team to turn back around and face him. “Congratulations on having finally made it here.”

All four of the aliens grabbed their guns, and aimed them at the man. Johnny was the first to speak, “Why did you make it so hard to get here?” his gun clicked as it began to whir to life, the others behind him doing the same. “Why did you send that damn Doctor AGAINST us?!”

The man simply continued to approach the team. “You may want to reconsider coming any closer?” Fox said, standing just to the right of Johnny.

The man laughed. “You expect your toys to be able to harm me?” he grabbed the end of Johnny's gun and pulled it down. His hand sizzled, but as he let got here looked to be no damage what so ever to it.

The rest of them apprehensively lowered their weapons, as Johnny spoke again to the man. “Fair enough. Tell us where our “prize” is then”

The man waved his hand, and two more men in the same overalls and masks as the rest brought over a large chest, glossy & black like the monoliths behind them.

“Everything your superiors will need is in there. All the research, necessary materials, all of it. Everything that the good Doctor Atomic worked on,” he said while motioning towards the chest. He then pointed at Fox's pocket. “You will also need that key card to open it. Keep track of it, otherwise it will be impossible to open.”

Johnny nodded, looking at the chest, then turned back to the man. “Aren't you forgetting something?” he asked, staring at the stranger.

The man pondered for a moment, then smiled and nodded to Johnny. “Ah yes, how rude of me.” he said, turning around and motioning at the opposite end of the life they were standing on. A metallic tower suddenly began to rise out of the ground, a lines of bright blue lights all the way to its peak, where a set of dishes rotated. “I would be more than willing help, however...” he said to Johnny, looking up with a suddenly serious look on his face. “Something you need to do for US as well...”

Johnny sighed, as he turned his head towards Fox and nodded, who pulled out a small silver cylinder, green button shining atop of it. He pressed the green button and it clicked and beeped, the light turning red.

“Thank you” said the man, nodding at Fox, and turning back to Johnny. “Now we can finish the final phases of our plan.”

Johnny looked quizzically at the man. “Such as?”

The man gestured towards the Monoliths behind them. “Those will give us the ability to travel where we want, NEED to go.”

Johnny continued to look at the man, slightly confused. “You mean teleportation?”

The man smiled “Something like that, but even greater.” He replied, as a voice over a loud speaker came on.

“Attention associates, please activate all necessary monolith receivers, we are commencing transport.”

The aliens looked around as all the workers began to activate the bands they all wore, as the two men that brought the chest earlier walked up to each monolith and activated the bands on those as well.

“Well friends, this is where I bid you adieu.” He said, as bowed to the four of them, “but before we leave, those two keys you also have, those when turned simultaneously on the beacon control will release the lock on your ship. However, it will also activate timers we have on several nuclear weapons placed around the town.”

They all looked shocked as 2200 stepped forward and spoke. “What the hell? How are we supposed to get out?!”

The man laughed. “Do not worry,” he replied, smiling at all their ferocious faces, teeth bared and eyes lit. “The timer is set for an hour, plenty of time to return to your ship and fly out of here. We obviously can't leave anything behind here, you understand.”

“What about you and your men?” inquired Brandon. The man laughed some more.

“I told you, our plan is under way. Our “ride”, so to speak, has been here this entire time.”

Suddenly they noticed a bright glow from behind them, as the Monoliths were lit with a bright purple light, a contrast to their previous color, humming with power.

“Take care.” said the man, as there was a bright flash, blinding the aliens for a moment. The light cleared and suddenly the four of them were alone, naught left but the sea of random electronics and tubes, all silent and still. Even the monoliths were gone. The only thing still working was the tower beacon across from them, still lit blue.

“That was mildly impressive.” noted Fox, as 2200 and Brandon nodded in agreement.

Johnny shook his head. “No time for pondering.” he said, as he turned towards the team. “Let's just get off this god forsaken rock and get home.”


The town was quiet, not a thing stirring. No one was out this night, huddled with their friends and loved ones, in quiet fear and anticipation of those that still walked among them.

Suddenly, a loud roaring permeated through the town. The ground trembled violently. Everyone renaming was roused from their houses, trying to escape as some of them collapsed.

“What the hell is going on?” cried Ben, as he stumbled through the street, ground shaking violently, moving towards DarkRecon.

“I have no idea!” Recon cried, as they looked around, panicking. Suddenly the rumbling stopped, and the roar subsided. “Is it over?”

“LOOK!” cried Naito, as he pointed up into the sky. A large metallic disk-shaped craft rose into the air, it's ridge lighted up with a plethora of different colors. It seemed to hover there for a moment, until it suddenly shot off into the sky, leaving only a streak which quickly subsided.

The towns people rejoiced! The aliens had left! They were finally safe...

Without warning, the sky lit up. Several mushroom clouds visible all over the town, but only for a moment, as the force of the shock waves and heat from the bombs engulfed everything for many miles around. The town of Mapleberry was nothing but empty wasteland...


The man in the black coat stood as he watched monitor, displaying an outer space view of the Earth, focused on the United States. He smiled as a bright flash lit up in its North East, and then turned his attention to another man in a wheel chair, sitting directly behind him.

“I know that you wish to have been able to exact some revenge on those alien scum, Doctor, but you know that the rules won't allow it.” he spoke, as he turned back toward the monitor. “Even if we tried, you know how ornery they can get...”

“Indeed, indeed,” spoke the man in the wheel chair, “es ist a real shame, aber Ich musht reshpect das termsh of mein agreement.” He looked up and winked at the man in the overcoat. “Perhapsh shome oder time, nein?”

The man smiled. “Indeed, Doctor Atomic, indeed...”




Thanks for reading! I hope this was as much fun to read through as it was to write! A big thanks to Atomic Tomato for being a great co-host and helping with me make these stories awesome (as well as writing Chapter 12 when I was unable too). Also a special thanks to Shiznita for helping me revise & edit these before I posted these up on this blog, and all the players this round for participating and being all around awesome!


If you loved it, hated it, or just feel like commenting, feel free to do so, or join us in the forums to participate in the next awesome round of ScrewAttack Mafia! Until next time!


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