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Special thanks to the two Zelda Wikipedia websites for having some specific game trivia available. That helped out with the planning for a few of these achievements. A few of the used pictures were also initially posted on those two sites.

Editor's Note: Wow! This is amazing! These would make great achievements for a Wii U remake. Great work Ferret!

Despite the concept of an achievement list, the actual planning of one is not as simple as you might think. After the brainstormed list of challenges and criteria has finally been decided upon, there should also be some referential titles and carefully worded descriptions, although the exact process does not need to be consistent for every single video game. Point amounts should also be fairly assigned so as to prevent imbalance in challenges versus rewards. Done correctly, the concept of achievements can extend the play time of a game in an enjoyable manner that encourages additional exploration of the game's limits.

For this blog post, I decided to create and write out an achievements list for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, since it just happens to be one of my favorite video games ever. I used the Xbox Live method for scoring, having the virtual point totals add up to a thousand in total. For this particular game, the achievement names mostly contain references to moments in Majora's Mask. The descriptions are written in such a way as to encourage exploration and experimentation within the game's world, such as wanting to study a character's individual schedule, or to simply provide some hints for the next section of the main story. Point amounts are based on multiple factors, including depth of the criteria and the needed prerequisites amongst other things.

I also included some detailed guides for each achievement; so as to let people know how exactly one would go about unlocking each of these achievements. Feel free to leave any feedback you may have down below. Maybe you could also share a few of your own achievement ideas. Thanks again for reading my post!

Story Achievements

These achievements are mostly impossible to miss assuming that glitches are not utilized.

The First Cycle

1. Please Hear My Plea (5) – Restore the first of the Great Fairies

This one is story related. In order to get this achievement, you would need to find the missing stray fairy in Clock Town and return it to the stray fairy. Doing so also unlocks the magic meter.

2. Time is Not Eternal (5) – Collect some tears from the destructive moon

This one is story related. One of your last tasks before reaching the Skull Kid in the first time cycle is to acquire the Moon Tear while at the observatory. The item is also needed to reach the clock tower.

3. Reverse the Curse (15) – Find a cure to your initial transformation

This one is story related. After finally recovering your ocarina from the Skull Kid, start a new time cycle and earn the Song of Healing from the mask salesman. This is also how you acquire the Deku Mask.

Southern Swamp / Woodfall

4. Red Witch Blue Witch (5) – Heal the injured witch in the Lost Woods

This one is story related. In order to make your way to the Deku Palace, you need to go on a boat ride that will kill the big octopuses blocking your path. To do this, it is necessary to rescue the injured witch who's in charge of the cruises. An empty bottle is also acquired during this quest.

5. Foolish Monkey (5) – Learn the awakening call to the forest temple

This one is story related. Once you finally make your way to the imprisoned monkey, the furry mammal will teach you the song that grants you access to the game's first major dungeon.

6. Genie in a Bottle (15) – Rescue and return the kidnapped Deku Princess

This one is story related. After defeating the boss of the Woodfall Temple, the Deku Princess must be escorted back to her father at the Deku Palace. This will also save the monkey from his fate.

Northern Mountains / Snowhead

7. Heal My Sorrows (5) – Help the famous Goron warrior rest in peace

This one is story related. Once you acquire the Lens of Truth near the Goron Village, you will be able to follow the spirit of Darmani back to his grave. Heal him with the Song of Healing and you will also receive the Goron Mask.

8. Middle of the Blizzard (5) – Silence the source of the deadly ice winds

This one is story related. In order to enter the Snowhead Temple, it is necessary to move the invisible giant Goron who is asleep in front of it using the Goron Lullaby while masked as a Goron.

9. No More Illusions (15) – Allow spring to finally return to the mountains

This one is story related. Defeat the boss of the Snowhead Temple and this achievement will unlock. The environmental transition is also necessary for access to a variety of side quests.

Milk Road / Great Bay

10. Grasshopper (5) – Reunite with your missing horse companion

This one is story related. After acquiring the license to purchase Powder Kegs as a Goron, you will be able to access the Romani Ranch during the first day after doing certain actions. You can discover the song to call your horse to you during this time after completing a training task assigned by the ranch girl.

11. Not Fooled (5) – Defeat the Gerudo Thief two times in the pirate fortress

This one is story related. While collecting the kidnapped eggs from the fortress of the pirates, you will have to defeat the Gerudo Thief four times. The achievement requires only two defeats.

12. New Wave (5) – Rescue the missing fish eggs and help them hatch

This one is story related. After successfully rescuing all of the eggs and bringing them to the Zora laboratory, you will learn the song needed to restore Lula's voice and access the third main temple of the game.

13. Rehearsal of the Wind Fish (15) – Perform a band rehearsal with the rest of the Zora crew

This one is story related. Once you complete the Great Bay Temple and defeat its boss, you can return to the Zora Cape and join in a band rehearsal with Mikai's various band mates.

Ikana Valley / Ikana Kingdom

14. Heal Their Spirits (5) – Prove your ability to heal corrupt spirits

This one is story related. First, you need to win the Garo's Mask from the Gorman Brothers, which can only be done after rescuing your horse. After that, you need to wear the mask near the bottom cliff of the Ikana Canyon. Doing this also grants you access to several side quest segments.

15. Leave It (5) – Fulfill the demands of Gibdos to find a reflector of light

This one is story related. First, you need to acquire the Gibdo Mask which is done by healing Pamela's cursed father. Second, you need to use the mask and various items to make it to the end of the dungeon beneath the well. This will also result in you acquiring the mirror shield, which in turn will unlock the achievement.

16. Vanished from our Hearts (5) – Learn the song that recreates your shell appearance

This one is story related. After making your way through the bottom of the well, accessing the center of the Ikana Castle, and defeating the king and his minions, you will learn the Elegy of Emptiness. The song is needed to access the fourth main temple of the game and complete certain puzzles.

17. Healed their Spirits (15) – Conquer the highest temple in the entire land of Termina

This one is story related. After finally completing both halves of the Stone Tower Temple and defeating the boss, this achievement will unlock. This will also heal some troubled spirits in the land.

Clock Tower / The Moon

18. Call Us (5) – On the eve of the carnival, summon protectors to prevent an apocalypse

This one is story related. Once you have finally saved all four of the masked giants from their imprisonments, head to the top of the clock tower later late into the third night and summon them with the Oath to Order.

19. Dawn of a New Day (50) – Defeat the true source of evil and save the land of Termina

This one is story related. Beat all three forms of the final boss and the achievement will unlock.

20. The End (5) – Watch the entire credits until the ending comes to a halt

This one is story related. Once you beat the final boss of the game, watch the entirety of the narrative's ending until after the hero of time leaves his mark on the Lost Woods.

Notebook Challenges

The title refers to the fact that each of these achievements involves characters from the notebook. However, the actual criteria for each achievement may go outside of what is normally required for mask completion.

21. Society of Justice (10) – Gain access to the secret observatory in three different ways

In order to unlock this achievement, the player needs to access the observatory in three different ways throughout the game. The first way is impossible to miss; simply complete the hide and seek challenge during the first cycle of the game. The second way is to enter the club by confirming the entry code during a cycle without having completed the hide and seek challenge during that same time cycle. The third way is to enter the observatory without using the code at all; this is done by taking advantage of a Deku flower positioned in the east of Termina Field.

22. It Would Make You Unhappy (20) – Discover a hidden conversation between Anju and her mother

The player needs to have acquired the room key in order for this achievement to be acquired, which can be deceptively done by confirming a reservation with Anju between 2:00 PM and 3:45 PM on the first day. Once this is done, then while the player stays inside his inn room, he can spy on a conversation between the two characters by examining a hole in the wall around 9:30 PM during the second night.

23. An Unkept Promise (20) – Help Kafei recover his ceremony mask... without helping his fiancée beforehand

For this achievement to unlock, the player needs to help Kafei successfully recover the Sun Mask from the thief's hideout. The area can be accessed around 7:00 PM on the final night assuming that certain events (such as helping the bomb lady) were not done beforehand. But here's the tragic catch... the player needs to do this without Anju keeping her promise to stay at the inn. This means either not delivering the Pendant of Memories to Anju on the second day, or simply not speaking with Anju during that time cycle to begin with.

24. Seller of Stolen Goods (10) – Purchase something from the Curiosity Shop that was stolen

There are two ways to unlock this achievement. The first way is to let Sakon rob the bomb lady around midnight of the first night and get away with his crime. A second way it to let the Takkuri bird in the Termina Field steal either your sword or an empty bottle. Whatever you decide to do, you can purchase the stolen goods by bringing enough rupees to the shop late at night.

25. Respect Your Elders (10) – Recover the old lady's stolen bomb bag from the thief three times

Around midnight on the first night of a time cycle, a thief named Sakon will try to rob the old lady of her explosive goods. You can recover these goods by attacking the thief with your sword as he tries to run away with them. This must be done three times throughout the course of the game. Whatever you do though, do not shoot the thief with an arrow.

26. Little Hero (20) – Complete Romani's training course in less than 45 seconds

When you meet Romani on the first day of a new cycle, you must complete a training course that involves shooting a certain number of balloons while on horseback. If you can do this in a smaller amount of time, more specifically in less than 45 seconds, then you will unlock this achievement.

27. Mark of Adulthood (30) – Protect Cremia's carriage without a single milk bottle being destroyed

After the player successfully assists Romani in warding off an alien invasion on the first night, her older sister Cremia will offer Link a carriage ride on the second night of that time cycle. The player finds himself having to defend milk bottles from a group of bandits by pushing them back with arrows. In order unlock the achievement, this must be done without having a single milk bottle be destroyed. One way to do this is to wear the Circus Leader's Mask before starting the side quest, as this will stop the bandits from attacking the carriage. However, said mask can only be acquired after gaining access to the milk bar.

28. A Late Evacuation (30) – Help sway the mayor's decision on town evacuation during the last possible hour that it can be done

The player needs to have first acquired the Couple's Mask from the Anju-Kafei quest in order to do this. Wearing the mask at the mayor's office ordinarily leads the mayor to make a decision regarding public town evacuation, and this resolves the verbal conflicts between believers and deniers. In order to unlock this achievement, this persuasion must be done during the last possible hour, which is between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM on the third night.

29. The Indigo-Go's (30) – In one time cycle, help Japas propose a song to the bandleader, complete a song rehearsal with the entire band at once, and help Toto sound test the Ballad of the Wind Fish.

This achievement requires multiple side quests to be completed during one time cycle. A certain side quest which ordinarily rewards you with a piece of heart must be completed, a Zora band rehearsal needs to be completed (requires the Great Bay's temple boss to first be defeated), and the requirements which are done to acquire the Circus Leader's Mask must be met. The first event must be completed before the temple is finished.

30. Magic Mushroom (20) – Acquire a blue potion using standard ingredients

The Mask of Scents is required to unlock this achievement. To create a blue potion from scratch, you need to use the mask in the Stock Pot Inn's larger hotel room near Gorman's old clothing. You can use an empty bottle to hold some mushrooms located near the clothes, and if you take that to the witches' potion shop, they'll use the ingredients to create blue potions. The first blue potion for a time cycle will be available for free.

31. The Highest Priority (30) – Stop the postman's counter at exactly twenty seconds

During certain parts of the time cycle, Link can play a mini-game with the postman that involves stopping an invisible timer at exactly ten seconds. Doing this will reward the player with a piece of heart, but stopping it at exactly twenty seconds will result in an achievement. This can be made easier to do by wearing the bunny hood, which makes the clock visible and less strict.

32. Melting Pot of Dance (10) – Dance while wearing Kamaro's Mask in five different regions

You can acquire Kamaro's Mask by healing the troubled dance spirit, who is located in Termina Field northwest of Clock Town, around midnight. Wear the mask and use its musical ability in at least five separate regions. These regions could involve Clock Town, the Milk Road, the Deku Palace, the Ikana Graveyard, and many more examples. Basically, just use it in five unique loaded areas.

33. An Important Request (20) – Help the hand in the toilet with his problem using something besides a land deed

You can meet the mysterious hand in the toilet at the Stock Pot Inn around midnight each night. For whatever reason, he requests a piece of paper and normally returns a piece of heart in exchange. Since the land deeds do not count for this achievement, you must either give him Anju's Letter to Kafei, or Kafei's Letter to Mama. Either way, these are both important side quest items, so you will need to use the Song of Time to repeat their respective quests.

34. Mistaken Identity (10) – Be mistaken for Mayor Dotour by the grandmother

Anju's grandmother will often mistake Link as Tortus, a now deceased character who was Anju's father. There actually is quite a bit of backstory that can be explored around the characters, but something that isn't as known is that the grandmother can mistake the player as the town's mayor. To unlock this achievement, you need to speak to the grandmother while wearing Kafei's Mask.

35. Impressive as a Stone (30) – Within a half hour of a new time cycle, help Shiro the missing soldier be seen

In order to acquire the Stone Mask in the game, it is necessary to purchase a red potion, locate an invisible soldier in the Ikana Valley using the Lens of Truth, and then give him said potion. This achievement involves the same process, but it must be done within half an hour of starting a new time cycle.

Other Achievements

These are fifteen more achievements. Two of these achievements are secret achievements, meaning that they do not become visible to the player until after they're already unlocked.

36. Cold Blooded Murder (25) – Kill another human character while in Clock Town

The description is intended to be vague, as there is only one case where you can actually do this. When Sakon the thief tries to run away with a stolen bomb bag around midnight of the first night, you can actually murder him by shooting an arrow at the carried bomb bag while he runs around. The result will be incredibly dark, but you will unlock this achievement.

37. Sheen of Our Tails (50) – Successfully ace Keaton's quiz five different times

To unlock this achievement, you need to have the Keaton Mask and summon the mysterious fox. He gives the player quizzes on random facts of the game, and if you successfully complete them five times throughout the course of the game, then this achievement will be yours.

38. The Furry Photo (25) – Turn in a photo of a tailed mammal for the photo contest

This achievement is intended to be a puzzle. In the Southern Swamp, there is a photograph contest which gives you rewards for good pictures. For this achievement, you need to take a picture of the imprisoned monkey in the Deku Palace. Alternatively, you can photograph one of his friends while you complete the main story.

39. Lens of Illusion (25) – During winter season, climb the ladders to Darmani's shrine without using the lens of truth

There is a path that leads up to Darmani's shrine entrance that normally needs the Lens of Truth to climb up. While it is harder, it is possible to make it to the top without using the lens to begin with. This must be done while it is still winter in the northern mountain regions.

40. Murky Waters (25) – Make your way to the sea snakes without the assistance of the seahorse

The seahorse is very helpful in that it helps lead the way to the sea snake den in the Great Bay. However, this achievement requires you to swim from the entrance of Pinnacle Rock to the pit of sea snakes without the assistance of such a fish.

41. The Law Of Us Garo (25) – Defeat ten different ninjas of the Garo clan

While wearing the Garo's Mask in the Ikana region, you can summon hidden ninjas to do battle with you. Be victorious and you will gain some insight into their clan. Defeat ten different ninjas and you will unlock this achievement as well.

42. Creative Solver (35) – Complete an entire dungeon without ever having to use a sword

The player needs to go through one of the four main temples without ever using their sword. Transformation masks and inventory items can still be used in order to accomplish this task. Boss warps are not allowed.

43. [SECRET] Time Has Started Over (10) – Travel back in time a certain number of times

This achievement is meant to be a secret achievement, meaning that its title and description will not be visible to the player until it is unlocked. Throughout the course of the game, it will be necessary to use the song of time at least a few times. For this achievement, you need to do it ten times throughout the course of the game.

44. Playing Chicken (10) – Play the song of time during the last ten seconds of a time cycle

This is a very intense and also somewhat unsettling achievement. Play the song of time when there are ten or less seconds left before the apocalypse and you will be rewarded with this achievement... if you can handle the pressure that is.

45. Beaver Believer (25) – Collect all of the empty bottles in the game

There are six bottles you can collect in Majora's Mask. One is from a story quest, one is from winning a Goron race, one is a reward for holding back an alien invasion, one is won from a beaver challenge, one is earned from the Anju-Kafei quest, and one involves a ghost scavenger hunt on the third night. You must collect all of them.

46. Mask Collector (50) – Collect every single mask in the entire game

This achievement is pretty self-explanatory. You need to collect every mask in the game, including the Fierce Deity Mask at the very of the game. Having all of the masks is also necessary in order to achieve the best possible ending in Majora's Mask.

47. No Longer A Stray (50) – Achieve awards from all five of the Great Fairies throughout the course of the game

For this achievement, you need to collect the stray fairies from each temple (or town) and bring them back to their respective fountains. Doing so will also unlock an enhanced sword technique, an extended magic meter, a longer health bar, and the Great Fairy Sword. This achievement does not have to be done in a single time cycle.

48. World Savior (100) – Complete all four of the main dungeons in a single time cycle... without warping straight to the boss

This achievement is designed to be a challenge. The inverted song of time can be utilized, past dungeon items do not need to be re-collected, and you do not need to do any side quests leading up the actual temples themselves. But they must all be completed in a single time cycle, and using the boss warps do not count.

49. 48 Hours Remain (40) – While still cursed as a Deku, access the door to the clock tower before the dawn of the second day

During the first time cycle of the game, the time is actually accelerated to approximately five thirds of its normal speed, making this achievement slightly trickier than it might appear. This must be completed during the first time cycle of the game, meaning you will have to start another file to give it another attempt.

50. [SECRET] You've Met With A Terrible Fate (5) – Witness the apocalypse

This achievement is meant to be a secret achievement, meaning that its title and description will not be visible to the player until it is unlocked. This can be obtained normally through extreme error, or intentionally by using the song of double time and letting the cycle time run out.

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