Majora's Mask: A Super History Lesson (Mikau & and Zora Link)

Posted on June 16, 2013 - 10:01pm by Takahashi2212

Been on a hiatus, but I'm back (once again) to kick ass and take names. Next on our history class list the Mikau, so without further ado, let's get started.

Before Majora's Mask
Mikau was the guitarist for the hit band "The Indigo-gos."  Everything seems fine, that is until the Gerudo Pirates steal his love interest, Lulu's, eggs. (This world's Ruto, which thinking about the fact that Mikau becomes Link, makes a lot of sense.) This causes Lulu to lose her voice, meaning the band can't play at the Carnival of Time. (Not like they'd WANT to, but what they don't know will kill them.) Evan (The pianist, far right in picture) charges Mikau with the task of retrieving the seven stolen eggs from the Gerudos, but not before telling him where to stock up on empty bottles.Mikau travels to the Waterall Rapids to challenge the Beaver Bros. to a race, but ultimately loses. Angry, he rushes in to the Pirate Fortress, hoping to at least with one egg. He is ultimately beaten, and left adrift, almost dead due to the injuries he's sustained. This is when our plucky hero, Link, just having beaten the Snowhead Temple, sees him in the water.
During Majora's Mask
Link swims out to get the dying Mikau. He tells Link how he regrets not getting the eggs, and plays his final song, in which he pleads for Link to do the job for him. Link then proceeds to play the Song of Healing. This cleanses his soul of regret, and seals it within the Zora Mask, able to keep the promise he made to Lulu. Link then makes a grave for the artist.
(The next part I'll be telling you what Link does as Mikau. Considering it's his soul, I consider it still him.)
Link taking the Zora Mask, invades the fortress, and after careful Solid Snake like sneaking (read: Shooting guards in the face with arrows) he finds all 4 eggs. WAIT. 4 eggs? Weren't there seven? Well it turns out the Gerudos lost the oher three to some eels at Pinnacle Rock, so you've got to get them. After getting the glowing seahorse from the perv who wants a picture of a Gerudo (really?) We let the seahorse loose (Don't think about that) and follow it to Pinnacle Rock. You retrieve the eggs, and give take them to the Marine Research Lab. There they hatch and teach you a new song; the New Wave Bossa Nova. He plays it to Lulu and she retrieves her voice. Your guitar wakes a turtle who allows you entrance to the Fuck-you-I'm-even-worse than-the-Water-Temple Bay Temple.
After the Great Bay, nothing more mandatory is done with Mikau.
During the credits we see the Indigo-gos with Lulu having her voice, and Link on guitar (Did I mention their manager is King Zora). They're playing a Song called the Ballad of the Wind Fish. (and no, it's not THAT Ballad of the Wind Fish.)
Manga Interpretation
Besides Link being some sort of Olympic swimmer, other differences exist in this version. The Indigo-gos are referred to as "Dal Blue." Another thing is we see Mikau get thrown off the ship, instead of just being told about it.
Also there is only one egg instead of the seven. Link does not infiltrate the pirate fortress, but rather fights them on the boat we see them throw Mikau off of.
He also fights Gyorg here. Other than these minor differences, the plot and characters are exactly the same. Link is seen emoting more, but only because here he can talk.
After Majora's Mask
It can be assumed after Majora's Mask, and giving the MM to the Happy Mask Salesman, he kept the other 28 masks for himself. He kept them until he died having deep regrets. So deep that not even the Song of Healing could fix it. He regretted not passing on his teachings, and died. He then became the Hero's Shade of Twilight Princess, ending the tale of Mikau.
Sorry I haven't as frequently as I should've. Hopefully I will be able to now. Expect more content in the future. As always, if you liked click that litte subscribe button, and leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

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